Poll: Israelis positive, optimistic
Published: 29.04.09, 00:31
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1. To Israel:Recall the Jewish Past
Dav Lev ,   Burbank. CAUSA   (04.29.09)
Israeli's have forgotten one salient fact, in 6 years, over 6m Jews were butchered in Europe and Russia, including 1.5m children. They received virtually no help from the world. 600,000 Jews fought Hitler from the Allied countries. Many died on Iwo Jima and Belgium. Some invaded Germany's Rhineland. 500,000 Hungarian Jews perished in 6wks in Auschwitz., over 800, 000 in Treblinka in 1.5years. No one came to their rescue noteworthy. 2,500 Jewish children were put in Catholic homes..(Warsaw), while 1.5m were toasted and gased. Israelis should kiss the holy soil they stand on, for an Israel. This may seem cruel and pityless..but it's true. Finally, we Jews have a way of defending outselves..Let's not be too criticial. I give Israel 100% support these past 61 years.
2. arabs all over...heads up!!!
did you hear what the israeli arabs say????? 94% DO NOT WANT TO LIVE ANYWHERE IN THE ARAB COUNTRIES AROUND ISRAEL. THEY ALL WANT TO LIVE IN ISRAEL!!!!!!! can anyone say apartheid or racist israel anymore????? believe me, the arabs having israeli citizenship are very smart. they know who treats them equally and very well. the jewish nation is exemplary as the only democracy in this god forsaken middle east where muslim countries are totalitarian, t6he citizens have no voice, are poor, demoralized and live in constant fear of the regimes. israel, apartheid????? in your dreams, arabs. israel is the only country given any arab living there as citizen a voice, a place of refuge, a place to call home amongst the jews. what would they have in arab lands? poverty, misery and fear and murder and hangings and torture and decapitation. no wonder 53% of them say their situation is very good. if israel was racist and apartheid, arabs wouldn't have been able to use same restaurants, bathrooms, schools, institutions, universities, etc.... as jews do. they would not be allowed an education, to use "white" bathrooms, to attend "white" schools just like in south africa. arabs are involved in any educational, political and social life in israel. but the world fails to see the truth! ask any arab wether he's like to live in "free" south africa. it would be a big no, no. only israel is the best according to them and they do not wish to move from this jewish "apartheid, racist" state. gee, i wonder why! just take a look at all countries surrounding israel, including iran and iraq as well as s.a., yemen, qatar, etc... who hate the arab palestinians and murder and kicked them out of their countries. israel accepted them, involved them and protected them. but, israel will not protect those arabs that are a threat to her nationally and wish her ill. israel will marginalize these traitors because it is necessary for its national security. those arabs living in israel should count their blessings while looking at their brothers' fate in all surrounding countries....indeed, apartheid and rarcist israel....GIVE ME A BREAK. vivienne beirut, lebanon
3. I have visited Israel twice, honestly, I dont believe this!
Jetset   (04.29.09)
I would say, 40% of jews are satisfied with their status of world paraia, many are applying for the citizenship of their parents.
4. And you do it so well. (smile)
Ypip ,   Canada   (04.29.09)
5. Poll: 100% of this guys
Tamir ,   Los Angeles   (04.29.09)
loves Israel!
6. 3
you visit israil two times only and you can say this? i don't tink so. i tink that you are lier becuse israili arab live better in israil then any of plases in arab cuntry. her we have fredom and edecation. in arab cuntry we have zero. i tink you nevr visit. jus tolk stuped. samer ali hamdan jeruslem
7. 3
i egree wat lady in #2 sayd. arab don like palestianian. the arab put in kamp and leve us in kamp. israil giveus fredom and god live. samer ali hamdan
8. Remember the Future!
Jewish Refugee ,   U.S.A.   (04.29.09)
Please do not be blinded! We still have a lot to do!
9. 94% of Arabs want to live in an Apartheid state?
Tahl ,   Ashdod, Israel   (04.29.09)
Turns out Israel isn't as racist and oppressive to Arabs as the world media says we are.
10. Israel
leila   (04.29.09)
Some arab loves Israel. Mostly the womens arabs- I can't imagine living in arab country-scary!! Jews are care people
11. #3 It just kills you, doesn't it?
Jake   (04.29.09)
To see that Israel is here to stay, and Israelis are happy where they are and aren't going anywhere. Most Israelis are aware that the streets of America are most definitely not paved with gold. Most Israelis do not have parents with EU citizenship, and even for those who do, only a minority have expressed an interest in taking it up. Just face the facts, painful as they may be. Israel is here to stay. Just deal with it.
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