Peres to tell Obama Israel seeks peace
Roni Sofer
Published: 30.04.09, 07:25
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1. obama not realize by
ghostq   (04.30.09)
thougher stance toward Israel, he makes Israel closer to russia.
2. 1.ROFLMAO Russia blames Israel for the Georgian war
lydia ,   Brisbane   (04.30.09)
After whispering sweet inducement in Shavaaskilli's ear your military advisers bolted home and left him to face Putin advancing army. Putin smacked him down and made his feelings know that Israel was behind the fiasco. Olmert dashed off to Russia to give Putin back the Russian Park in Jerusalem as a Peace offering.
3. russia always changes her mind
ghostq   (04.30.09)
just offer her money and she will basicly forget about the Georgian war, she just in spit towards USA will take more part in the middle east including the influence in Israel.
4. #2 Who do we blame for your ignorance?
freejay ,   Israel   (04.30.09)
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