Obama aide: We won't press for peace at all costs
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 30.04.09, 08:42
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1. First thing first: Demand of the Pals. to recognize Israel's
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.30.09)
right to exist - and not only the fact that it does - as the nation-state of the Jewish people. After all, this was the idea behind UNGA Resolution 181 of 1947 that the Arabs have refused to accept, to this very day, and instead have gone to several wars to wipe the Jewish nation-state off the face of earth. No recognition, in other words, no peace, of any kind.
2. meaningless U.S. sound bites
michael   (04.30.09)
It sounds great but 1) U.S. Government has already rewarded Terror by giving $900 million dollars to Hamas. Sen. Kerry receiving a letter from Hamas has bestowed De fact recognition. 2) U.S. has given Iran a reward by speaking to the Iranian government. 3) U.S. will not put a time limit on talks with Iran but is warning Israel on a timeline for peace. 4) U.S. has not publicly demanded the PA remove inciteful and anti semitic teaching iin ots scholls. 5) U.S. has not demanded of the PA to economically provide jobs for a jobless society other than accept its the wall or the checkpoints at the root of the problem. Like I said , nice soundbit from the U.S but otherwise meaningless.
3. obama is the king of duality
ghostq   (04.30.09)
he said nothing, who's innocents, feedom for whom he talk in a vey shady terms, just because it worked in his political career as a senator, during that time he just warmed the bench, did nothing but talk, the palestinians Israely conflict need actions, his carrer is very soon going down, he will have to be more prgmatic in order to sustain his roll as peace maker.
4.  This is just a PR spin
Moshe ,   NY   (04.30.09)
This is just a PR spin by the US. They DO will press for peace at all costs.
5. Summers fanaticizing
observer   (04.30.09)
He used to do so from the renown bully pulpit. in American intellectual life; Harvard University. he was paid millions of dollars the previous year by companies which he now has influence over as a public servant. He earned $5 million from the hedge fund D. E. Shaw, and collected $2.7 million in speaking fees from Wall Street companies that received government bailout money. Obama!, he is part of the problem, not part of the solution.
dude, where are ,   the patriots?   (04.30.09)
Obama is an impostor! A usurper to the Oval Office! The U.S. Constitution means something and the truth will be coming out very, very soon! Obama can't hide the truth forever. He has stopped dozens of lawsuits... but there are FIVE HE CAN'T STOP! The story ot the century is being ignored by the main stream media because it is not politically correct! They don't want it to be true! After Obama has forced Israel to commit two state suicide... Ynet will have wished they exposed the imposter for what he really is!
7. obama is a huge international problem
Chicago   (04.30.09)
Scary individual, bad for US, Israel,the world. Israel must stand firm against any pressure from obama and his shady associates. Hopefully he will be a 1 term prez.
8. Two words for Obama: DUMP ABBAS
Joe ,   Ramat Gan   (04.30.09)
9. #4
israelis are not stupid, sir. they will never agree no matter what the usa does to pressure against their survival and security. if you look at all tghe 61 years of history, you will fond that none, not even one president in the usa ever suceeded to force israel when israel refused to budge.
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