Labrador most popular dog in Israel
Nurit Felter
Published: 30.04.09, 13:41
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1. Then dont let your v.young kids see
Savta shel Nelson ,   Israel   (04.30.09)
The beautiful film "Marley and Me" as the end is too heartbreaking. They are indeed darling dogs.
2. Discrimination
Dogmaster   (04.30.09)
The PLO (Pug Liberation Organisation) protests against this discrimination against Pugs, Chihuahuas, Shar Peis and other aesthetically challenged dogs. We need love too!
3. Pinchers for Liberation of Parkistan
Princess Barker   (05.01.09)
The Popular Front For the Liberation of Pinchers (PFLP) strongly condems the removal of Pinchers from the top of the list. We will continue barking until we get our rightful bones back and Sacher Park is the capital of our independent state of Parkistan.
4. Guide dog for the blinds?
British Oleh ,   Tel Aviv   (05.01.09)
Venetian or just the regular type?
5. Careful what they eat, it could disturb
Ypip ,   Canada   (05.02.09)
their digestion. I had one once. He was a driftwood log junky. He'd lay of the beach chewing it until it no longer existed in the physical realm. One day, after beach-combing he just let it go!!! - all over the entire kitchen floor! Stick with the snow, They love that too.
6. Boston Terriers are the Best Dogs
Michael Ezrachi ,   St. Louis, USA   (05.02.09)
How come Boston Terriers did not make the list. Bostom Terriers are the best dogs in the world. The y are very good with children and they are loyal family dogs. Boston Terriers are super cool, great to give as a birth day gift, wedding gift or bar mitzvah gift. And they bark in hebrew.
7. so if they live in the holly land
mad dog ,   tel aviv   (05.02.09)
are they holly dogs?
8. they r hyper active,
ghostq   (05.03.09)
need a lot of patience to train them, don't forget to take a good tranquilizer tablet befor you start, however they r angles, it's worthwhile.
9. Canaan dogs
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (05.04.09)
Should have made the list. But that picture of a pinscher: is that really a pinscher? Looks kind of like a chihuahua to me. Pinschers have short ears and are black, I thought.
10. I can't understand
gabriela ben ari ,   jerusalem   (05.09.09)
Why people pay hundreds or thousands of $/NIS por a pedigree dog! So many good sweet mut dogs are "disposed of" wordwide!
11. What about the Shelties in Israel?
Mike ,   Israel   (05.10.09)
OK there are only about 40 Shelties in Israel, but they deserve to be more popular. Find out about them on
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