Hamas: 65% of Gazans unemployed
Ali Waked
Published: 30.04.09, 23:26
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1. hamas agenda
Barney ,   USA   (04.30.09)
they are reaping what they sow. dedicated to Israel's destruction they destroy their own people. they hate the Jews more than they love themselves. let them live in poverty and squalor if that is what they choose but don't cry to the world about it.
Yehiel ,   Teaneck, NJ   (05.01.09)
The Gazans brought it upon themselves.
3. Matter of Time
cas reader   (05.01.09)
It would not be a big surprise if the Palestinians in Gaza will eventually revolt against both Hamas and Israel, if not for political, then well for economic reasons.
4. Poor Palestinians
Tom ,   Canada   (05.01.09)
What an outrage. The poor Palestinians have not been allowed to use their welfare. Maybe they need to build and use more bombs and rockets. That seems to be working well for them so far. There is at least one man in Gaza that I respect. Obviously if they can't find concrete they should use something else. He is one that will accomplish something.
5. Gazans still live better, on average, than Egyptians
rnathans00 ,   Washington, USA   (05.01.09)
Palestinians are the most dependent population on the planet. They get more aid per capita than any other people, and Gazans get even more than those on the West Bank. Food, education and health care are all provided, all funded by outsiders (mostly the West). Yeah, too bad the violence coming out of Gaza convinced Israel not to provide jobs for them. Then again, they didn't provide jobs for them from 1948-1967. I suggest they look for work among their Arab brothers.
6. With All The International Aid
karen US/Australia ,   Australia   (05.01.09)
All the money the Falsetines received instead of building themselves up they used it for weapons and their leaders bank accounts. The people discovered even with a nice french sauce guns and bombs don't taste good.
7. Sympathy dries up when there is none zero zip accountability
Jae ,   Lynn US   (05.01.09)
80% elected the TERROR organization. yes, anti semitic readers, terror is when you lob missiles on, and homicide vested racist serial killers at babies, women and children because...theyre Jewish. Thats a terror organization. Its not only if your from Bali, London, NYC, madrid. Its also if youre from Jerusalem. This is a dominant culture that would rather Jewish state die than them have a state. We see it in 1947 rejection of UN resolution. we see it in 60 years of war from half a dozen surrounding arab countries. we see it in PLO created before any bs "west bank" settlement excuse. (Thats "Judea and samaria" by the way, home of the Judeans [Jews]). created b/c they refused any jewish state. The philosophy has stayed the same but tactics have shifted. Thats all. no more no less. arafat said it himself as did abbas and saeb erekat.
8. Life is so hard!
jv   (05.01.09)
Yet the adults are all fat.
9. If they gave back Shallit and kicked out hamass everyone
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (05.01.09)
have a job rebuilding gaza, but are they intelligent enough to do this? Well NO., they would rather live in tents and complain.
10. Pals can't build their nation by destroying Israel
Bennie ,   Jerusalem   (05.01.09)
For decades the Palestinians have been more focused on destroying Israel than building their own nation. If their loved their own people as much as they hate Jews, they would have thriving nation by now.
11. I wonder how many could have benefited from greenhouses...
William ,   Israel   (05.01.09)
and the now defunct Erez Industrial Zone? These could have provided some economic basis but now remain useless mostly because of the Pal terrorists who wanted tension and land for themselves. Tough to understand how one's hatred would allow them to throw away their fastest growing economy just a scant 10 years return for the remote possibility of "killing the Jews" Despite the being the largest recipient of global welfare, it still amazes me how they demand Israel give them jobs...just after declaring their goal to destroy Israel. Time to turn off this broken record.
12. Why is there an emigration blockade in Gaza?
Daniel   (05.01.09)
Can anyone explain why is the Israeli government preventing Arabs from leaving Gaza? Who benefits from keeping the young and the restless cooped up with nothing to do except build bombs and rockets and dig tunnels? Can anyone come up with a good explanation for this Israeli policy? There should be freedom for everyone to emigrate, including PA Arabs. The government should make sure that they can sell their houses and possessions safely and without fear of intimidation from other Arabs. Furthermore, they should be assisted as much as possible, even financially, to make better lives elsewhere.
13. 65% arabs unemployed,what a surprise?
hal tripp ,   la paz.bolivia   (05.01.09)
Gazans were depending on a $4.5 billion package of reconstruction aid recently pledged for the Gaza Strip by international donors in March. welcome to gaza
14. Gee. What a shame.
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (05.01.09)
So what has happened to the 200 billion dollars poured into the Palestine Authority? What has happened to the 240 billion euros poured into the Palestine Authority? Maybe the Palestinians in Gaza need to ask their Hamas leadership that question. The "leadership" all have lavish homes in Europe and VERY hefty offshore bank accounts. Hmmmm. Wonder why ....
15. Heartbreaking!
fertiledirt ,   US   (05.01.09)
Especially knowing how many more of them had jobs when Israelis lived in Gaza! Gazan Israelis employed thousands, the arabs get rid of the Israelis there, and then whine that they destroyed everything the Israelis left behind and can't come up with their own businesses. Ridiculously hilarious!
16. No Work
travis ,   US   (05.01.09)
Go to Kuwait and work
17. Gaza
Joe in LA ,   Los Angeles, USA   (05.01.09)
This would be the perfect time to pull all foreign aid.
18. Gazans unemployed
Bernhard A Kats ,   IL   (05.01.09)
ha ha... they have been unemployed since 1948...
19. bla bla bla
gwenllion ,   guess   (05.01.09)
you all disgust me. you all go on about how little they deserve and yet if you were in their position you know you would be outraged. do you really think that all palestinians are terrorists? are you a joke? you are if you really beleive that!!! i can understand defense and protecting your families...your country, really i can, but to say that they dont deserve what most of you talkbackers get without even the slightest bit of gratitude- you dont even think twice about how good your lives are- and who are actually funding that! ie the tax payers of america- and there are alot of tax payers in america who are living in poverty to protect your country!!!!! really appalls most ppl around the world. it doesnt matter who people are and where theyr are from- some are good some are bad¬ it s simple common sense!!!! doesnt take a genius........ i am not american and i have jewish family and also come from a country that has been persucuted so pls dont start with all the anti semitism crap. did you even know that welsh people were persecuted up until the 60s ? i doubt it. open your minds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! israel and america is not the word, there is alot more going on also"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
20. Professional beggars have no need to work!
freejay ,   Israel   (05.01.09)
21. Can anybody say,"welfare case".
Yosi M. ,   GiloJerusalem Israel   (05.01.09)
Same as anyone in the US, especially in California. Visit Compton, Southcentral, East LA, a bunch of criminals that get free money from the government. Dealing in drugs and weapons is all they do. Some the same? It is. #5 mostly right except that THEY ARE EGYPTIANS!! How many articles have been written in which you find a single sentence hidden in plain sight, that says, and Ahmed went back to Cairo or Alexandria to visit his relatives. All these Egyptians and other came to Aza to look for jobs from Jews, but the diseased part of their brains just had to go and attack Jews at the same time.
22. Employment rate still higher than it was in 1967
Aaron ,   SF, USA   (05.01.09)
Mohammed ,   Mecca, Saudi Arabia   (05.01.09)
"Palestinians" have one of the highest rates of poverty and jobless claims in the world because they were ignorant and combative of Allah's words in the Quran. Allah promised the Jews in the Quran in surah 17 verse 104 that he would gather them amongst various nations and return them to their land of promise (Israel). Surah 6 verse 21 states, "Who doth more wrong than he who inventeth a lie against Allah or rejecteth His signs? But verily the wrong-doers never shall prosper". "Palestinians" went against Allah by inventing this lie of "Palestine" over the holy nation of Israel and rejected Allah’s signs of the return of Israel in the Quran. As a result of Palestinians’ violation of surah 6 verse 21, Allah fulfilled his promise of making certain that "the wrong-doers never shall prosper". Today, "Palestinians" have one of the highest rates of poverty and jobless claims in the world.
24. Implement UNSC Resl'n 242 and incorporate Gaza into Egypt...
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.01.09)
...and matters will be better, much better for all concerned, i.e. Gazans, Israel, Egypt, Arab states, international community. And so long as the international community and the Arab states refuse to take the above step and instead prefer to let the present situation fester, all will continue to pay a price that will only increase with time.
26. we can reach soon 100% if they want
Michael ,   Jerusalem   (05.01.09)
depend on them... if they want to live in poverty. With all the money they receive from foreign countries, they must be really wise to live in such condition.... oh... and don't tell me its because israel, ...I know, its just to make them understand that kepping they stupid vision of destruction will bring them more and more and more.
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (05.01.09)
Hamas and PA have been receiving BILLIONS of $ and EURO in aid from worldwide. With that kind of money and the low wages in Gaza, they could have been living in a real Paradise (not the one with virgin boys and girls!). WHERE IS THE MONEY? I'll tell you where: in FAT bank accounts of the Hamas top echelons. In Hamas terrorists homes and of course invested in buying weapons and sustaining a terror, racism and hatred mechanism against Israel. Hamas is selling a lie and a genocidal dream of destroying Israel and pushing the Jews into the sea, while Israel is flourishing, investing in education, science, technology, agriculture etc. In contrast, Gazans live in poverty, unemployment, clay houses and paying impossible prices on products smuggled by Hamas through tunnels owned and managed by Hamas. Gazans are prisoners of a terrorist organization which sees that nobody lives comfortably. Hamas lives off poverty, ignorance, hatred and racism - it has no interest whatsoever in raising the level of living of the Gaza population, since an educated and well-fed population will mean the destruction of Hamas. Gazans - as WHERE IS THE MONEY and KICK HAMAS OUT. Think what each family can do with $1,000 per week for 5 years! This is the money which has been misused and STOLEN by Hamas, and the theft goes on while you die!
28. #23
osam ,   palestine   (05.01.09)
i would advice mr mohammed who claims that he is from macca to stop the wrong Interpretation of verses of quraan and i doubt that he is amouslm because every mouslem believe that allah gothered jews at the land of palestine to apply his promise to punish jews for disbelieving and the sins and crimes they have committed against muslems Especially palestinians and i would advise you again to stop mocking with allah and his holly book quran
29. Tembels Why You Destroy $20 mil Greenhouses in Gush Katif?
seth ,   Washington, DC   (05.01.09)
30. what about Israel taking aid?
eliezer ,   jerusalem   (05.01.09)
it seems that 98% of yeshiva men live below the poverty line, plus the entire country takes aid from the US of A. that is really terrible too.
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