Report: Egypt steps up war on Gaza smuggling
Roee Nahmias
Published: 03.05.09, 10:32
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1. One thing is still missing..
Alex ,   UK   (05.03.09)
Egypt should open border for legal trade and declare duty-free (or partially free) exchange of goods with Gaza. That will show to Gazans an aternative to Hamas. Next anti-terror actions should include combined Israeli and Egyptian ultimatum to Hamas to lay down arms, and eventually an establishment of joint military supervision during transitional period, while waiting for solving related problems (Iran). No matter who rules Gaza in the end if not terrorists anymore. Enough shameful life in Mordor in the Middle East, enough. People deserve better.
2. oh yeah the USA funding
ghostq   (05.03.09)
of militery equipment to Egypt, and they say Israel is usa only lover.
3. to #1 you r naive
ghostq   (05.03.09)
Hamas isn't the only field player you forgot, the islamic jihad, hamas is just one out of couple terrorists groups, your plan wont stop them from smuggling,they r smugling some of their stuff they get for free.
stude ham   (05.03.09)
expect to see huge body counts emerge from this escalating conflict between the egyptian border officers and the fanatic anti-israel terrorist organizations in gaza.
5. #3 explanation
Alex ,   UK   (05.03.09)
My plan certainly includes military defeat of hamas. That I meant by "ultimatum". However, brute force alone isn't enough when confronting grass-roots organization. People should see an alternative to the way of life that jihadis imposed on them. For Gazans today good guys are jihadis (patriots, and at least they manage to get some money from Iran and EU), bad guys Israelis (don't want to die quietly). It would be good if it becomes - good guys Egyptians (provide work and security), bad guys jihadis (criminals, warmongers, Iranian agents and loosers).
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