Iraq refuses to compensate Jews
Doron Peskin
Published: 04.05.09, 07:54
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1. reminds me of the switzerland banks.
ghostq   (05.04.09)
2. Compensation
Arab Jew ,   Israel   (05.04.09)
Well I guess this puts to rest any Palestinian claims for compensation. If you don't call fear of pogroms and public executions not being forced to leave, then I guess those who engaged in a civil war and tryied to kill Jews aren't entitled either.
3. make iraq suffer
vindictive israeli   (05.04.09)
send the mossad to increase the mayhem . let them suffer . let them pay for what they did to us since nebuchadnezar .
4. yes..yes of course...
y.z. ,   yisrael   (05.04.09)
jews also "sold" their property to the germans before "leaving europe'...
5. #2 they suffered from peace 10 more years after last Farhud
observer   (05.04.09)
6. hmmm
hs   (05.04.09)
i guess the jews werent forced to leave in the same way that the palestinians chose to leave in 48?now isnt that ironic?
7. How about create one simple law instead?
David G   (05.04.09)
Instead of pointlessly arguing over if and how much the Iraqi government owes the families of Iraqi Jews how about pass one simple law. Open the doors wide for Palestinians from the West Bank to immigrate and naturalize in Iraq. In the past you kicked people out now let some in, I am sure it will be seen as just compensation.
8. here we go again - jews claim ownership (when it suits)
tony ,   boston, US   (05.04.09)
When accused of owning half the planet and manipulating economies there are cries of anti-semitism, but when an opportunity comes up to claim ownership of something that they can't prove we are expected to believe they DO own 80% of the country - they do like to have there cake and eat it.
9. #8 interesting
Marc   (05.04.09)
you make an interesting argument- 80% seems a rather high percentage- the Nazis probably claimed the same- I am wondering how serious this research is- it certainly sparks some questionable TBs- #1- I wish you would lay off the Swiss- just for once- you seem to bring your anti-Swiss sentiments into every single TB. I wonder if you have personal experience or just listen to old stories. IF you have personal grievance go to the banks, your embassy, the American trust who collected all the money paid out by the Swiss banks to the survivors without proof and papers collectively- to be paid out- maybe THERE is the problem- they have not paid out? Your ranting on TB is not doing any good- you are addressing the wrong people- maybe it makes you feel better- ?however all the people who have nothing to do with this do not feel good- besides- it is off topic in this discussion. We are talking about Iraq, remember?
10. to #8 jews invented cakes as well.
ghostq   (05.04.09)
so of course they will it them. it's theirs.
11. I ment eat them, damn.
ghostq   (05.04.09)
12. And what about Palestinians?
Brad ,   USA   (05.04.09)
It is Israeli government recognized fact that there were expulsions. Can Palestinians get their compensation for the expulsion?
13. The table might turn
Jared ,   Stillwater   (05.04.09)
One day the Jews are going to have to compensate the Palestinians-So if you are a Jew you might want to reconsider asking for compensation!
14. lo #12 for one minute I thought
ghostq   (05.04.09)
you ment explotion like in sucide bombing, and no cause the palis can't prov they owned the land many of them have only rusted key witch don't fit to no door(not much for legal doc that is), most of the refugees were during the british mandat, if someone should compensate the palis is the british people who created gaza and othe refugees camps.
15. hey #8 read this
Mike S ,   USA   (05.04.09)
Let's look at it from a historcial context which much of your pali's fail to even understand. Who was run out of the land first? I also do recall the land being British land at the fall of the Ottoman Empire. So from the looks of things the Pali's have a false claim that land is somehow theirs. Good luck Israel is there to stay forever and Pali's will never re-settle there.
16. That was for #12 my bad [end]
Mike S   (05.04.09)
17. We should start The IraqiJewish Liberation Front
Iraqi Jew ,   London   (05.04.09)
It seems the only thing that works in this world,The UN and its cronies will defend whatever we do and we will not recognise Iraq as a country.
18. #12 and #13
the palestinians were offered lots of compensations by the israeli government...of the monetary kind on several occasions...quite a handsome comoensation at that. THEY REFUSED! THEY WANT ALL OF ISRAEL, WHICH THEY ARE NOT ENTITLED TO. the arabs pre israel's birht had nothing. they were not even land owners. they were surfs working the land for distant landlords of the ottoman empire. if you call mud shacks "possessions", i would doubt that their whole "wealth" is even in the thousands. they produced nothing, invented nothing and enriched nothing until the jews came to this land and made it successful and workable. on the other hand, the jews, living in all arab lands for centuries even before the birth of islam in the arabian penninsula and even prior to christianity were an ancient jewish nation, a tribe of jews with their own identity, language, religion, customs and originality. on top of that they contributed immense culture, riches, businesses, knowledge, etc... to the communities they lived in....when they were allowed to by the muslim rulers. even with the second class and dhimi status they "enjoyed" between arab pogroms and arab mob killings of their jewish people, jews generally were very sucessful in arabian lands and continued to have assets in muslim lands. the wealth, bank accounts, businesses, banks, important positions, homes, communities that were nice,etc... can't even come close to or even be compared to the meagerness of arab possessions in palestine at that time. these arabs were felaheen, surfs, slaves and farmers with no land and no possessions that were used by the ottoman turks as slaves on owned land. the land was not theirs to begin with. once israel was born, the total of arab nations in that region expelled most jews after mobs rioted and killed them, harrassed them, hanged them in public squares, hounded punishment for the birth of israel. so, these jews were given the coup de gras finally and expelled from these countries in which they lived for centuries before islam. all arab governments told them to leave all behind, all bank accounts, all homes, all lands, all jewelry, all furniture, all monies, all cloths, etc.... they gave them what amounted to $10 at the time and kicked them out with only the shirt on their back. later on, when these arab rulers realized that the only place one million of these exiled jews can turn to was israel, they took an ad, a huge ad in american and european papers ASKING THE JEWS TO COME BACK!!!!!! this was done not for the love of jews or their money (because their money was stolen by these arabs). it was done because THE ARAB RULERS REALIZED THAT THE INCOMING ONE MILLION INTO ISRAEL WILL BE A DEMOGRAPHIC DISASTER FOR THE ARAB AGENDA TO DESTROY ISRAEL. these arabs had no intention letting the one million to be kept in israel proper. but, it was too late since most left for israel and were nurtured, rescued and given citizenship in the land of their dreams. something that the arab regimes have never done for the 400,000 palestinian arabs that were caught in the middle of the 1948 war of independence in israel. rather, they put them in concentration camps and indoctrinated them to hate, knowing these palestinians can be used as a future political tool and terrorist proxy against israel. they are still in camps up to today and not a single arab nation is willing to accept or give them a citizenship and a chance. 90% of them still depend on anrwa for all their beggars. not so with the jews from arab lands who have succeeded beyond expectation in israel. 80% of israeli society is the descendants of this jewish population expelled from arab lands. and i believe they are much more entitled to this compensation that any palestinian and with a lot more monetary volume. please read THE FORGOTTEN MILLION or THE FORGOTTEN REFUGEES TO UNDERSTAND WHAT IS GOING ON HERE. vivienne beirut, lebanon
19. #12 - What's in an "expulsion"?
William ,   Israel   (05.04.09)
Well, according to one of the co-leaders who worked with Al-Husseini in the 1940's, mass hysteria was the component that drove the majority of Arabs to run like hell thinking the IDF would slaughter them with dull knives, rape pregnent women, and burn children alive in mosques. None of it was true, of course, but he admitted on BBC in the late 90's it was a farce to push Arab govts to enter the war and did just the opposite. The Israeli govt may have admitted to some expulsions but they were few compared to voluntary emigration. The expulsion were of groups known to harbor and aid Arab irregulars, endangering Israeli security and citizens. During a war, this is not illegal. One would only need to look at Haifa, Jaffa, Lod, Jerusalem, Taibe, Kfar Saba, Umm al Faqm to know IDF didn't carry out expulsions.
20. #13 - re-consider what? Arabs must pay for invovlement
William ,   Israel   (05.04.09)
The world has demanded Israel compensate Palestinians for decades, even their extended families which NO OTHER group has been saddled with before. If justice be done, then let it be done. Pals should be compensated...for property lost. Jews should also be compensated. The point here is this: 1) Jews expelled from Arab countries were neither Zionists nor 5th columns within their host country. It was an act of revenge and racism pure and simple. 2) Pals were directly involved in atrocities against Israel and its citizens. Even after UNR181 which called for Pal return and end of aggression - Pals refused to end the fight and lost the right of return. 3) Most Pals did not even own the land they claim as their own. They were settlers on absentee landlord land, most coming as illegal immigrants in the 1930s. All factual, all provable.
21. #15 - I agree. It's an Arab pride thing, not justice thing
William ,   Israel   (05.04.09)
Arabs have been at odds with the Turks for centuries. Once the Turks were beaten, the Arabs tried to usurp everything for themselves, including the land purchased legally for decades by Jews, and that given to Jews through the Balfour Declaration. According the rules of law, land not privately owned is under the trustee of the State. They can do with it as they wish. The Brits gave it to Jews (and took some of that to give to Arabs who already had Jordan). Listen to the mantra that repeats ad nauseum - "This is Arab land and always will be" "Al-Aqsa is in danger". It speaks of a foundational racism and supremacy - Arabism is #1, once land is Arab is can never be otherwise, and Pals (like other Arabs) want to feel special by ruling over a holy place. If the world just adhered to its own laws...we'd have finished this dilemma decades ago.
22. You can't compare
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (05.04.09)
what Iraqi Jews had to leave behind to what fleeing Arabs lost in 1948/'49. Iraqi Jews were bankers, lawyers, doctors,etc So let's say fair restitution is due on both sides... displaced Arabs' claims pale to that of the Iraqi Jews
23. iraqi jews
harold ,   liverpool, ny, usa   (05.05.09)
not a single jew was forced out of iraq. They all i repeat all left volunteeraly. They travelled by planes to cyprus and from there they travelled to israel by boat. all iraqi jews took their money tailored inside their suits and their children's cloths. it was summer and they all were wearing winter suits and coats to hide their money. in fact all the 100 iraqi notes returned back to iraq with needle holes on them. i know all these stories because i was a student at a jewish high school called shamash high school located on rashid street near the maidan district. most of the registrations to travel to israel and the droping of the iraqi nationallty held in the school's principals office who name is meir. most of my friends immigrated to israel and they told that they do not know what will be their future in israel. This a 100% true statement and i am ready to answer any questions. by the i was living in a jewish district and they all went to israel officially after dropping their iraqi nationality.
24. Vivienne, Beirut, Lebanon
Maureen   (05.04.09)
Vivienne, do we know each other? The name ri ngs a bell and the viv that I know mrried a Lebanese man. Is that you. Remember I was at your wedding in CH
25. #22 bankers, lawyers, doctors left personal skills behind?
observer   (05.04.09)
now, I know why Iraq had Baath and Sadam in subsequent years.
26. There's a much bigger one to settle up
Steve G ,   Kew Gardens NYC   (05.05.09)
There are Jewish people who still have the keys to their houses in Spain when their pals the Catholics expelled them without compensation (and followed up by torture). That one has been hanging since 1492 and still demands a reckoning. At least the Arabs who didn't flee in 1948 became Israeli citizens. in Spain, the Jews became the targets of public burnings and murders. The answer to the descendants of the former Arab residents should be the same as given to the Jews again and again, "Well, that's too bad. History moves on. You lose.".
27. #23
i was also one of these jews who left iraq. the government didn't have to really expell us. they made our life miserable by hanging, blaming us to be spies for israel, stealing our bank accounts when we said we want to be in our country israel. they took everything from my and my parents and kicked me out. my cousin, they murdered for being spy in iraq which he was 100% not a spy. my family left with all monys in the coats, but at border, the iraqi police riped the coats and stole money and asked for all jelwery. maybe you had easeir time, but not most of us. maybe you lucky! moshe daoud lod, israel
28. #24
i have been asked this question by another individual from the usa. no. i am not this person. i am a lebanese arab muslim that was educated, lucky for me! in the usa at a prestigious university back east where i took my masters and phd in arabic studies and middle east and judaism combined. quite an eye opener for a muslim that has lived most of her life in an arab state where we were fed propaganda and lies galore about jews, judaism, the nature of the mid east conflict, arab history in palestine and the jews' place in their home, israel....which is my 100% conviction that according to both quran teaching and the fact that jews preceded christians and muslims in their holy land and in jerusalem, they are, as a nation, entitled to every drop of that territory and have 100% more claim to it than any other. i am glad you knew a vivienne in lebanon. i hope she has similar convictions as i do. vivienne, beirut, lebanon
29. #25
yes, right!!! see what happens to a civilization and a country that gets rid of her jews???? it fails miserably because jews are humanitarians, intelligent, inductrious and ambitious as well as highly educated and extremely successful in any endeavor. yes, none of them remained in iraq and the loosers who kicked them out chose a murderer instead. so, what does that have to do with the jews, tell me and what connection they may have to sadaam hussein? vivienne beirut, lebanon
30. forgotten refugees
truthhurts ,   does it matter?   (05.05.09)
see the documentary 'forgotten refugees'. iraqi jews were forced out of iraq leaving all possesions behind. in fact, passports were stamped 'no return allowed' when they left. talk about ethnic cleansing! this happened throughout the middle east, in egypt, libya, yemen...
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