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A visit to Sderot
Stacey Maltin
Published: 03.05.09, 18:56
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1. Awesome Report.
Charlyil ,   Haifa, Israel   (05.03.09)
Now we need your article to be viewed by as many people as possible, thanks to Ynet, im sure thats being taken care of. Thankyou for a good report, keep them coming!
2. Totally, talkback number 1
Gabriel ,   Tel Aviv   (05.03.09)
I totally agree with #1, thanx Stacey for reporting on important issues like this, keep it up!
3. "A Visit To Sderot"
b kaman ,   Richmond Hill, Canad   (05.03.09)
A realistic and very accurate account of what is happening in Sderot. Both my husband just returned from Israel where we visited Sderot for the third in a row. We are raising money for the children of Sderot.
4. bullies
lena ,   jerusalem   (05.04.09)
perhaps if you went to gaza city you would have a different take on who the bully is. it's all a matter of perspective - and yours seems almost deliberately myopic
5. To Stacey
Revital ,   Israel   (05.05.09)
Excellent article. Thanks.
6. articles
ben77 ,   baltimore usa   (05.05.09)
like this one inflame american opinion, it shows we care more about the broken flower vpots in sderot than the hundreds of children killed a few miles away in gaza. very bad idea
7. Not very convincing
Edan ,   Tel Aviv   (09.19.09)
For the simple fact that you dont mention WHY we are fighting. Its not just because we are jews but because we have put ourselves in an uncomfortable position with the occupation. If Israel's leaders would have given more thought after 1967 what to do with the conquered land - Israel might not be recieving missiles from Gaza on a daily basis, even after complete withdrawal. Did you know that the Shiites in Southern Lebanon once actually praised and helped the Israelis? The point is that the political situation is such that any mentioning of "suffering" by the jews, which your article definitely implies, has no weight once taken in the greater political context. The fact of the matter is that you and I have a much more carefree existence in south Tel Aviv than anybody ever had in Gaza. And even though I am regularly called upon for reserve duty (and i never back away from it), I don't feel that my daily life is a struggle to survive. So yes, compared to America we live in a much different reality, but ours is also a much more sympathetic reality then many living just over the famous wall, built to cage people in like wild animals. Our real enemy in Israel is our victim-martyr complex, wich you managed to evoke in your article.
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