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The bible in comics
Tamar Trabelsi-Hadad
Published: 04.05.09, 11:59
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1. ynet how much money
ghostq   (05.04.09)
you got for this advertising, just wondering since on tv there r bible cartoons from 20 year (or more) ago.
2. when students read very little
ajs ,   ashdod Israel   (05.04.09)
I don't know about secular kids, but my 10 year old son reads between 2-3 religious story books a week, besides from his normal Chumash, Misnah, and Gemora studies. My girls read even more.
3. Bible Comix
Sid slivko ,   Jerusalem   (05.04.09)
Not so farfetched. Steinsaltz used pictures in his Talmud to explain concepts. Yes, it does highlight a literacy issue, but it is a medium with a lot of flexibility and room for expansion. Check out JT Waldman's Megillat Esther
4. Bible Comix
Sid Slivko ,   Jerusalem   (05.04.09)
Think of it as Midrash for the masses.
5. Bible Comix Redux
Solomon ,   Brooklyn   (05.04.09)
Years ago, when I was young, my parents gave me a comics version of the "Old" Testament in English. It was great, and I read it over and over. It's about time someone brought back the idea. (G-d was depicted as a voice bubble emanating from clouds.)
6. Great Idea & It Works Wonders!
Christy ,   Boston, US   (05.04.09)
I was a Sunday School Teacher at a church I attended for many years. I taught grades 3&4. We had a subscription for every child to receive one Bible Stories comic book per week to take home at the end of class. My kids LOVED it. It made the Bible Stories come alive and the stories were told in a way that kept the students' attention. We often talked about what was learned the previous week in their comics and tied it into the Sunday School lesson for the current week.
7. what about the sacred
bruno ,   bouxwiller   (05.05.09)
scriptures? i am alarmed about this easiness towards the Word of God. The Bible as a comic book? A terrible mistake, a transgression. Do these people not realise that the God of Israel is holy?
8. # 7
Ben ,   Monroe USA   (05.11.09)
Your comment leads me to the question, what is the proper language to read the Bible? Actually, the purpose of the Bible is to teach. Whether the pupils learn in Hebrew, English, French, German, Comic books, or pigeon Greek makes no difference. The first time I was in Israel I learned there are certain people in Israel who only speak in Yiddish and pray in Hebrew. They believe that Hebrew is sacred and as such, it is the one and only proper language used when reading the Bible. Of course they also believe that Hashem decreed this. They are entitled to their beliefs.
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