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Foreign Ministry to sponsor gay Olympics' delegation
Itamar Eichner
Published: 05.05.09, 19:10
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1. sad
nathan ,   New York   (05.05.09)
There is nothing to be proud about here.
2. to the participants God bless u and have a great time kids!
hetero granny   (05.05.09)
3. #1 Trust me, it's you who's sad...
Nour ,   Palestine   (05.05.09)
Not these gorgeous and proud athletes, who have nothing to be ashamed about.
4. #1 Example of intolerance is sad
Liliane ,   Brighton, SX, UK   (05.05.09)
No #1 your intolerance is sad. Not being gay.
SAM ,   USA   (05.05.09)
I feel like crying
6. Liliane , Brighton, SX, UK
pub ,   USA   (05.06.09)
Why do liberals talk about equality, but only support division? Aren't gays just human beings like the rest of us? Why can't they just compete, or do anything else human beings do, without making sure everyone knows they're gay? Should we have White People only Olympic Teams? Muslim Only Olympics Teams? People Who Hate Broccoli Olympic Teams? I HATE BROCCOLI, DARNIT! AND YOU BETTER ACKNOWLEDGE ME POLITICALLY OR I'LL MAKE ALL SORTS OF LAWS AGAINST MAKING MYSELF SPECIAL! Liberals are dividers. And hypocrites.
7. Why do gays need a separate Olympics?
Gila   (05.06.09)
Not that I'm against gays, I'm myself bisexual, but I really don't see any point in having a gay olympics. Why? What for? Olympics are sports, why to involve sex in olympics?
8. Welcome in Copenhagen
Yoel ,   Copenhagen, Denmark   (05.05.09)
As a Copenhagener I welcome the Israeli delegation to the OutGames and know the city will show its true friendship with all Israelis.
9. ynetnews send your team :)
can i recommend the gayest basketball player?
10. But Lieberman is a facist
zach ,   US   (05.06.09)
For such an ultra-nationalist racist facist, he seems to be doing a lot of progressive things. Maybe we all judged to soon
11. Gay sports
Schmidlap ,   Canada   (05.06.09)
I can't imagine what kind of perverse sporting events these gay "athletes" will participate in.
12. gay games, marches, inequality
Bret ,   Tel-Aviv, Israel   (05.06.09)
Yea and why do those black people need a march? They are so stupid to want their own march and their have their own organization; what do they have to be so special about.
13. Wave goodbye, but pay for flights and hotels?? There are
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (05.06.09)
soup kitchens in Jerusalem and hungry people all over the country, they should come before airline tickets and hotels for anyone, gay or straight. Gay people earn a salary like anyone else, they can pay for a ticket like anyone else.
14. y? what they did to win gov sponsership?
ghostq   (05.06.09)
other straight non main streem sports don't get gov sponsership, or even women sports, don't get sponsership, so y let them get one, they need to back off, I don't think that in the official olympic there is a criteria for sexual preference, so again back off.
15. My new boyfriend is into sports and hopefully we can
Yaakov Sullivan ,   NYC   (05.06.09)
visit and watch the games. My husband used to play soccer in Gaza so we will be happy to support this ubdertaking. Hopefully our 2 sons will come with us too.
16. Unbelievable
Susan ,   Kfar Saba   (05.06.09)
They cut the education budget but pay for this nonsense.
17. yay!
ilan ,   ta   (05.06.09)
great! israel is on track for developing a world class country. as long as israel subsidizes religious people's lives, they should also support other minority groups that need help.
18. to Gila @7
INCognito ,   Brooklyn, NY   (05.07.09)
Why do gays need a separate Olympics? Why do Jews need Maccabiades? What for? Why involve religious or ethnic identity in olympics?
19. ghostq@14
INCognito ,   Brooklyn, NY   (05.07.09)
What did the religious do to win government's sponsorship? Aren't there enough soup kitchens and such for govt to give money too, and for those who sit on their ass all day to actually go work to support their wives and myriad children? Why this preference for slackers?
20. this is hasbarah
INCognito ,   Brooklyn, NY   (05.07.09)
so it pays off itself.
21. to #6
Michael ,   New York   (07.07.09)
Pub, it is you who is the hypocrite. The reason for the so-called division is not self imposed by the gay community, but imposed upon them/us by you and the straight community who continually refuse to recognize that gay people are people who deserve the same legal rights and protection as you. Shame on you for casting aspersions against those who you yourself and your ilk deride.
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