US official: Israel can't isolate Iranian problem
Published: 04.05.09, 13:51
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1. Indeed; that would be reckless
Red Temple ,   White Mtns.   (05.04.09)
To rely purely on the formulas of trading land for peace and promising a Palestinian state fails to grasp...the deeper issues...
2. true muslems want beyond 67 borders.
ghostq   (05.04.09)
it won't end there, what the americans don't see is that even after agreement between the palis and Israel iran will continu to make trobles it won't accept any agrement in the pretence of unfair deal to the palis. the americans r 2 blind to see the obvious outcome, iran want to be the main influence in the region. and I as always will tell everyone my favorit line " I toooooold you sooooooo".
3. Region as a whole
Frank ,   Canada   (05.04.09)
Obama is a perfect idiot. The point is not to know if the region is a whole but to prevent Iran from becoming nuclear and to stop Arab terror. This won't be achieved by and idiotic concepts.
4. Sad reality
eh-oop ,   UK   (05.04.09)
"Trying to isolate each problem does not reflect reality." That's the new realism of James Baker and Brzezinski where there's no middle ground between subservience and contempt, where there's no such thing as a moral choice and the first responsibility of the leader of the free world is to forget that responsibility. Perhaps, in that cynical Obama mind, there never was a "free world". A vote for "change", anyone?
5. Obama's concept of the Middle East
Spencer ,   Israel   (05.04.09)
President Obama obviously has no idea of what to do vis a vis the Middle East problems....To carry out his policy reflects that he is out of touch with reality. Each specific problem has to be dealt with seperately. First a foremost, for the good of the whole civilised world Iran has to be stopped. They are the prime supporters of terrorism and their President has stated in no uncertain term that he is bent on the destruction of the Jewish State.
6. To: No. 4
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (05.04.09)
Yeah, I'll vote for change. Here in the United States, we call it "impeachment."
7. regret
nati ,   rehovot   (05.04.09)
I truly regret voting for this man. But, there is no rewind button nor is there a time machine to take me back. Obama is proving himself to be even more delusional than Bush was. And, with Bush one knew that he wouldn't sell the Israelis out. I'm wondering how quickly Obama will do this very thing. Israel may have to stand hard and fast on its own.
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (05.04.09)
By Obama.Taking Iran's Nuclear stand as a priority and trying to sort it out is non-starter.Iran's regional position,its influence and overall relationship with Middle East countries cannot be detached with other regional issues.If certain personalitiesin the region or vested interest in the USA is under the impression Obama or for that matter any other leader will be able to attend to the Iranian issue without co-relating Iran's role in other issues no progress will be achieved in any matter.Let that be a clear message.
9. Why not?
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (05.04.09)
Number one on the agenda with respect to the Middle East is Iran. The rhetoric that has come out of Tehran has been dangerous, to say the least. Iran has meddled in the affairs of the Saudis, the Emirates and -- today -- even Iraq. They have provided arms to Hamas and to HIzbollah. They have lent support to Syria. They are stubborn and defiant with respect to their enrichment program. I would hope that no one in Obama's administration seriously believes that a two-state solution needs to be addressed first (although Netanyahu nailed that door shut by stating that recognition of Israel by its foes and the various Palestinian organizations is a condition precedent to any discussions about a two-state solution). I am liking Bibi's government more and more, and Obama's less and less. It will be an interesting next several months, at any rate.
10. I'll vote him again.
Baboo ,   New York   (05.05.09)
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