Spanish judge went too far
Robbie Sabel
Published: 06.05.09, 00:05
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1. Mind your own business,Spain...
Malone ,   Hfx   (05.06.09)
..your history leaves something to be desired...
2. Spain who?
Brad ,   USA   (05.06.09)
Who cares what glorified Spanish lawyers say? Spain, like the rest of Europe, is fast becoming a minnie me, of the third world toilet, middle east. Israel excepted.
3. Spain
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (05.06.09)
According to spain's distorted legal sistem,the assassination of Hitler,Stalin,Mosolini,Franko, Mao,Binladen, Kim il song,would be ilegal.The death of those characters could have saved millions of lives.Churchill planned to kill Hitler,had he done it ,Spain would have put him on trial,the man who saved humanity.What is Spain trying to prove ?.
4. Author is wrong on the most basic point.
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (05.06.09)
He claims that "we already know" that "courts in any country have the authority to indict individuals suspected of war crimes or crimes against humanity." Any legal scholar who hasn't imbibed the mantras of human rights lawyers of the last generation knows this is a legal crock. And it's proving a dangerous crock. It's one thing for countries to bring charges within a recognized and accepted international forum. It's quite another - indeed, it's the height of arrogance - for an individual country to claim "universal jurisdiction" to pass judgement on another. We've seen case after case confirming that such a right invites abuse. This case in Spain is only the latest.
5. This even is an outgrowth of the Unholy Trinity: Classic...
Antisemitism - "Progressive" Anti-Jewish Racism - Islamism. The Unholy Trinity is widespread in Europe, using terms such as Israel and Zionism as substitutes to yesteryear's Jews and Judaism. They Shall not Pass!!!
6. Why worry
Fair   (05.06.09)
Sabel neglects 2 crucial issues: 1-: the issue is not the killing of Shehada, the wanted man, but the decision to go ahead with the bombing even though it was known to those who carried out the bombing that many innocent civilians would most likely also get killed. 2- The fact that Israeli courts (including the Supreme Court) almost never take soldiers to task for abusing Palestinians, and when they do the punishment is much lighter than for anyone else, opens the way for such cases to be dealt with by courts elsewhere - this is international jurisdiction. But if there is no evidence of any crimes there should be no reason to worry.
7. spanish judge
david ,   jerusalem   (05.06.09)
why be surprised...his family legasy is the inquisition
8. Statute of limitations?
Aaron ,   SF, USA   (05.06.09)
I really want to know if this means the Jewish people can bring a class action suit against Spain for the inquisition.
9. Charge Spain with crimes against humanity for giving in to
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (05.06.09)
alqueda after the train bombings.
10. till Spain unwinds 2007 holocaust denial decriminalization
observer   (05.06.09)
11. to #10 lol you said 2007 holocaust,
ghostq   (05.06.09)
funny, but killing 700 terrorists is not holocaust, one day the world will sober up, and I will say I told you so. naturally.
12. why blame the Spanish?
The Spanish are not to blame. The people who brought the charges are Israeli Jews like Betselem who abuse the Spanish legal system to support Hamas.
13. Good News
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (05.06.09)
The good news is that the human rights group Almagor has announced that it will start a suit in Spain to try the NATO countries for the racist genocide they performed in Serbia.
14. The judge didn't go far enough
Jerrold Cohen ,   Seal Beach, USA   (05.06.09)
They murdered 14 people, including 8 children, infants among them, and three women. They wounded over 70 civilians, mostly children and women. This is WORSE than a war crime. THERE WAS NO WAR ON. They murdered and maimed women and children for no reason at all other than laziness. The proper way of dealing with Shehada would have been to send ground forces in to capture him. Every last one of those pilots and their superiors deserves life imprisonment.
15. #12 proof?
Lisa   (05.06.09)
have you proof of this? I was under the impression it was a Palestinian group. There are some accusations here that do not make sense: #10: Spain is denying the holocaust' since when? #9:as for gving in to Al-Qaida: Spain was pressured into joining the war in Irak- like many other countries... the new government was not in favor, so they pulled out after the train bombing- they would have done it anyway.. Canada refused to join that war, and what a mess that was- the US blackmailing the country, threatened and ranted... it was not a pretty picture. remember the hoopla about the French not joining? The American Senate prohibited the use of the name: French fries..... facts!!!!!!!!!!! Spanish judge: corrupt, money hungry- not anti-semitic- forget about the Inquisition- this is ridiculous.
16. Learn from Americans
BB ,   Haifa   (05.06.09)
Spain recently , tried to bring charges against Bush era officals for war crimes. Parts of the American press called to boycott Spain. The Spanish quickly backtracked. Israelis should act in kind.
17. Jerrold Cohen #14
Tahl ,   Ashdod, Israel   (05.07.09)
There are many good reasons why bombing from the air is much more effective than bringing in ground forces as you suggested: 1. This would have required a massive amount of soldiers, to seal off any escape routes, engage in battle with armed terrorists, check for booby-traps, etc. And that could have escalated into a massive and complicated operation. 2. This would take more time, and the element of surprise would be lost - giving Shahade more chances to escape. The bomb from the air came with total surprise, giving him no chance at all. 3. Shahade purposely surrounded himself with human shields. Even if they were tragically killed, next time a terrorist would know that human shields do not give him immunity. This is a very important message we must deliver to these people, who clearly do not share the human values we in the West have. 4. Most importantly: this kind of operation, of combat inside dense residential area, crawling with armed terrorists, roadside bombs, and snipers in every corner - is very risky, and could cost the lives of many of our soldiers. We can't risk that. Yes it is tragic that Palestinian civilians were killed - but it is much more tragic when our soldiers get killed trying to protect our country. 5. The man was a ticking time bomb. If he wasn't terminated ASAP, many Israeli civilians could have found their death. To which you, a devout Israel-hater, would not utter a word of condemnation. And one additional note: the US bombed Iraq from the air, NATO bombed Serbia from the air, in both cases many civilians were killed. The world did not object. Not one American or one NATO official was ever brought to trial. And neither the Iraqis nor the Serbs were "ticking time bombs" planning terrorist attacks in American or European cities. But when Israel protects herself, the world's hypocrisy quickly shows her ugly colors.
18. #14
Ilana   (05.07.09)
You just don't understand the whole picture-what a lost cause when you have tunnel vision thingscan look very different to reality. Ground forces would have had to get by many more civilians in order to do the job. Many soldiers would have gottenkilled as well as civilians. When your kid is the soldier that has to get by terrorists, their civilian supporters behind whom they hide a new picture emerges. Sitting there, where you are, safe and sound, while we are here, paranoid of when and where the next rocket or terror attack will be, while our beloved daughters and sons are in the army, gives you no right to voice an uneducated opinion.
19. Spain's latest in a long line of innovations
T. Traub ,   Phoenix, Arizona USA   (05.07.09)
The Inquisition Ejection of the Jews, 1492 Conquest and destruction of New World civilizations Brutal occupation by conquistadores for 200 years or so Subjugation of Philippines A continuing, sad history of anti-Semitism This is the formerly great Spain, a once brutal empire that today can only bleat about its former glory and feebly attack Jewish targets, a sad legacy of the Inquisition that survives to this day. Given this, who cares what some idiot judge says?
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