A sign of things to come?
Ronen Bergman
Published: 06.05.09, 11:11
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1. Nice article, but still doesn't justify why israel is allowe
JayZ ,   Jerusalem   (05.06.09)
d to go on with their nuclear facilities for whatever purposes without signing any committment, while countries like north korea, and iran are not allowed. In the West norh korea and iran are regarded as terrorist countries, while israel is not some might debate, yet this is double standard. You cannot achieve trust from the third world people that regard the west as the axis of evil and even the devil himself, while promoting double standards. All countries, from whatever camp they belong to, must sign papers that limit the nuclear technology to the sole civil use that benefits humanity, and promots peace. This includes north korea, iran, pakistan...but also very well includes israel.
2. I wouln't worry since the
ghostq   (05.06.09)
USA cannot make Israel to give up its nuke, there is no international law or american financial intrest to be in the area really USA tax payer wont even allow it, Israel didn't sign NTP so no worry, the main concern is for the atitude toward Israel, USA will turn its back to Israel, in time of stress you find out who r your reall friends, bill clinton won't be the only one to say good bye friend Israel will have to say it. and the Usa will lose contact with the last western country in the middle east.
3. Obama trying to castrate Israel
Dan ,   Titusville, FL USA   (05.06.09)
If Obama can make Israel weak then he can impose his peace plan upon Israel. Obama wants Palestinians to have the right of return and there be NO Jewish identity in Israel. Obama is a closet Muslim.
4. let the muslim US prez bark! ignore the jerk/US
ex US   (05.06.09)
5. Global/Regional Nuclear Safety
PunditRich ,   Wisconsin, USA   (05.06.09)
The other important reason for the NPT is to help ensure global and regional safety, as there are similar international agencies for, as an example, air travel. Israel is a country the size of NYC and her nuclear facilities are already aged far beyond normal technical standards and practices. This should concern everyone including Israel.
6. #1: "double standard" your argument
Steve   (05.06.09)
It has long been my view, weapons of mass destruction are not moral. That having been said, now that the genie is out of the bottle, now that the bad guys have weapons of mass destruction - nuclear, biological, chemical weapons - peace-loving nations like Israel have no choice but to possess these terrible weapons. If you cannot distinguish between Iran and Israel you are either ill-informed or you are basically a moron. Which is it?
7. #6
Wanda ,   Montreal   (05.06.09)
One of the systemic problems in your reply to #1 is that you insist on reverting the argument to moralist terms... which is most easily mistaken for rhetoric. 'bad guys' and 'peace-loving...Israel' are the two points i take umbrage with. factually, Israel has loved peace less than most any country in the world ever since its inception, starting more wars and conflicts than have been able to be recorded (due to media complicity). So far its response has been to blame everyone else instead of examining its own methods, or even that only through war and conquest has it been able to achieve its national goals. That's willful ignorance, no? Bringing us to 'bad guys'... 'bad guys'? Skeletor and Lex Luther have nukes? The tacit meaning is that if they are 'bad guys' then you are one of the 'good guys'. And in that relationship, 'good guys', depend on 'bad guys' in order to be good... otherwise, it's all relative and reducible to a difference of opinion.
8. Double standard?
Samuel ,   springfield, VA USA   (05.06.09)
The groundwork for action against Israel's nuke status actually started with a DARPA acknowledgement that Israel does have the capacity. This was done under Bush, not Obama. That said, the current Administration has many buttons to push including cutbacks in FMF, refusal to re-stock the multi-million dollar prepo stocks in Israel, amending export regs to allow a shift in the "qualitative mil edge" etc. Don't get too cute brethren.
9. #7 there is nothing relative about
ronen ,   israel   (05.06.09)
good and bad. your only neighbor is the usa hence canada's army still rides deer. but if you lived a year where we live than maybe you would talk differently. apart from that israel never started a single war. and as for achieving national goals by violence- well your country was made by conquest which was brought upon poor people who could do nothing to defend themselves. first the indians and than another war on americans so as to not give them independence. so you have little to be proud of. i would give much so that israel and canada would switch places and my only neighbor would be the USA. than im sure you and them would live peacefully and harmoniously
10. Our nukes are more important than a relationship
jason white ,   afula,israel   (05.06.09)
with the muslim president. So the hell with b.o. and his witch clinton! Those two have to remember that with one exception in the congress,all the senators and congress people are either Christian or Jewish. They will back Israel and not the moslim bro. Finally, we will build better weapons and weapons systems by ourselves and sell to our friends without worrying about the U.S. protesting the sales.
11. # 7
Ben ,   Monroe USA   (05.06.09)
Wanda facts???? Your post is so full of BE ESS as to be laughable. Israel has been threatened for extinction from the day she proclaimed her nationhood. Nothing has changed since then. Unfortunately you are no different from all other anti-semites who accept blindly all the hatred thrown about by the arab world.
12.  Myopic Agenda's Have No Filter
david   (05.06.09)
it will continue to push into area's it doesn't understand pressuring it's closest 'allies' to fall in line or else. "If it were me, I'd settle for "or else" because the alternative has already proven inapplicable, why adhere to the definition of insanity by replicating failure for the sake of an exclusive ideology who's practicality extends no further then academia?"
avi   (05.06.09)
This one is a first !!! Hope Ynet will publish me. Yes, this is the first time I read a published article that says boldly Germany and Japan could be TOMORROW Military Nuclear Powers !!! Yes my friends, the ones that were supposed to be the losers of WW2 are not only economically the winners but could be tomorrow the first to renew their fight to lead the world as they did 70 years ago. This should be said within the actual race to a world domination and the fall of America after that of Russia. The imperial powers are not dead but asleep and waiting that meanwhile their religious and economical arms do all they can to enslave people worldwide theough inequality and depravation. One should read from Joseph Ehrlich 'Recapturing America' to fully grasp it. (http://www.senderberl.com/recapturing/america/chapter1.htm)
14. #9 Israel Started Every War Except Yom Kippor
World Citizen ,   the world   (05.06.09)
That includes the 1948 War to colonize Palestine , the 1956 incident to seize the Suez Canal. the Six Day War, the first and second Lebanon invasions, and Operation Cast Lead (yes Israel broke the ceasefire on November 4). Go read the histories of these conflict put out by your own historians. People like you have been spouting these lies for so long you're starting to believe them yourselves.
15. Repeating mistakes
Marucho ,   Bs.Aires-Argentina   (05.06.09)
U.S. will never learn from its mistakes. In 1979 they let go the Sha┬┤s hand leaving the field open for the ayatollahs and their coming-soon-A-bomb. In the meantime they permitted Pakistan to get its A-bomb, the predecessor of the coming-soon-iranian A-bomb. The U.S. never thanked enough Israel for bombing the nuclear iraki plant in 1980. What would have happened to Desert Storm operation if Irak had the A-bomb? And the U.S. should never forget that those who made the Twin Towers and the Pentagon Building disappear were not jews or israelis. Instead, the U.S. and its population should always remember the palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank jumping and screaming joyfully while watching in T.V. americans burning and jumping out of the Twin Towers. Americans should not have such a weak memory, because they will keep making the same mistakes they made in the past.
16. #7
17. Obama
Gary Glaser ,   Hutchinson, MN   (05.06.09)
There seems to be some ultra-liberal who watch Ynetnews. I wonder what they're going to be doing some morning when they wake up to no Obama.
18. To all those who say Israel doesn't start wars/conflicts...
Wanda ,   Montreal   (05.07.09)
barring Gaza (which aside from siege, economic sanctions, and regular incursions, last of which was on Nov. 4th... all acts of war), um, Lebanon 2006? Also in 1982. Bombing Osirik 1981 (technically NUCLEAR war). Prime Minister Menachem Begin gave admission to the wars of 1956 and 1967... it's all there people, you can lead a horse to water... and you guys need to drink to clear the vitriol from your throats. AND to #9, you dare to bring up our history? well you're absolutely right. it's terrible. we're still reeling from it. what's your point? you admit parallels?
19. To: World Citizen at No. 14
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (05.07.09)
Wrong. The fledgling State of Israel was attacked by five Arab countries the day after the declaration of statehood. 1956 was a tripartite war -- the British and the French were threatened by Nasser's takeover of the Suez Canal. Besides, Israel did withdraw from the Sinai following that war. On May 25, 1967, Nasser blockaded the Straits of Tiran. Under international admiralty law and practice, blocking a nation's access to international shipping lanes constitutes an act of war. Israel started the shooting war on June 5, but only after every diplomatic effort to relieve the blockade failed. Besides which, Israel did return Sinai to Egypt for peace -- albeit a cold peace. Egypt didn't want Gaza back; that's where all those nasty Palestinians lived. Also in the Six-Day War, Jordan attacked Israel; Israel was not the aggressor. In fact, they warned Jordan to stay out of the fray. Equally in that war, Syrian started shelling the kibbutzim in the north; that was the casus belli -- act of belligerence -- that elicited the retaliatory strike by Israel. The first and second Lebanese invasions are deemed retaliatory. Don't fire missiles into someone else's country, and you won't be invaded. The same holds true for the Gaza operations. Eight years of missiles were enough. Again, here, too, Israel's actions were retaliatory. The only people who have started to believe their own lies are the Palestinians. They've been perfecting the art for sixty-one years, and that is why they cannot move forward.
20. #17 - Gary please read a book get some
AY_Lamb ,   USA   (05.07.09)
basic info before commenting ok? There are those like me that proudly profess our liberalism (like the founders of the United States). Mainly however this is the Ynet inglit site and not the Ivrit site and since most American xitian fundamentalist are obsessed with their skewed and distorted interpretation of the "old testament" the vast preponderance posting here are ultra-conservative neo-fascist - witnessers and proselytizers that favor an aryan xitian american hegemony and a submissive subservient population that doesn't fit that criteria. This site has become a repository of their anger rage and contempt since little bush left office and time magazine ran a front page story on the decline and fall of xitian america; "soul harvest" on here has been almost non stop with almost endless supply of bigotry and contempt directed towards Arabs, Muslims and Blacks,
21. the A-BOMB was invented by 2 american jews so only israel
mira ,   israel   (05.07.09)
and the usa should have the right to keep it.
22. npt?
tom ,   toronto, canada   (05.11.09)
what's the quid pro quo for israel to sign the npt? does israel need or want international assistance to develop a nuclear programme? does israel have any plans to build nuclear power plants with that assistance? israel's sworn enemies have signed the npt and then flouted its terms - so what's in it for israel? libya, iraq, and iran have all had their turns at defying the iaea and its inspectors, followed by "revelations" of prohibited nuclear activities. so why should israel bother signing on to such an enormous sham? better yet, what's in it for america? why is washington so interested in tying israel's hands behind her back? why does the white house want to push israel under the bus? now that the npt is obsolete and useless, why is washington so eager to help the arabs use it as a propaganda weapon?
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