Palestinians: Settlers cut down our olive trees
Ali Waked
Published: 06.05.09, 12:11
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1. accordig to the pic, the trees can grow back
ghostq   (05.06.09)
they didn't pull them from the roots, the palis as usuall like to portray things worse than the really r.
2. again jewish settlers
Mike Van Harris ,   Antwerp Belgium   (05.06.09)
Again terror from the settlers who are not legal on that land. The time will come when they will be expeled and brought to justice.
3. left wing inciters
I have seen left wing crazies cutting down trees and then pointing a finger. It is forbidden according to Jewish Law to cut down fruit baring trees in the land of Israel. I highly doubt this was perpetrated by Jews. Anyway, the arabs sometimes also prune the trees and then call the press.
4. to #2 don't be such a drama queen,
ghostq   (05.06.09)
you can't arrest entire families, (including the children).
5. Looks like common practice of pruning young olive trees
Genuine Tosefta ,   Tveria   (05.06.09)
The tree shown has a tiny diameter, therefore young and it is common to prune it like this for it to strengthen its roots and keep them in good health for a few years before allowed to fully grow. Th trunk is not cut all the way down as would be the case if someone wanted to do real damage.
6. Olive trees - it's a lie
Keren ,   Tzafon   (05.06.09)
Please stop hauling out pictures of these trees year after year and beating up a story from it from thin air. Last year you even had the howling Palestinian woman hugging one of them. In the rest of the world (including in Israel) the tree owners prune mature trees just like this (ie. almost to stumps) every few years in order to promote growth and olive yield. Nothing about these trees is destroyed.
7. mountain out of nothing
nicole ,   israel   (05.06.09)
this is what my garden looked like after we pruned the trees. not a very even-handed article.
8. 1,3,4,5,6
So, you're all saying the trees were pruned. Fine. So why are Jewish people pruning olive trees owned by Palestinians? Can Palestinians prune olive trees owned by their Jewish neighbours?
9. One sided
Ricardo Macher ,   KarneiShomron-Israel   (05.06.09)
Why are ALL reports by Ali Waked one sided? To take this report seriously I would like first to listen to the other bell! Or is that not possible because the accused are Jews and living where they live they are not etitled to defend themselves?
10. Mike in Antwerp:Your Belgian is showing!
Christopher ,   Boston, MASS   (05.06.09)
We do realize the long history of Antisemtism in Belgium, and that with the IslamoBrits and the Swiss, you are at the forefront of the move to dismantle the Jewish State. But perhaps you should READ the article before you condemn anyone (I realize Antisemites don't believe in that). There is NO first hand information in this article. To put it in legal terms, it is all hearsay. Not one shred of direct evidence as to whether it was ever actually done and if so by whom. BY THE WAY, if you ever go to a young olive grove, you will see young trees pruned much that way to control how they grow. Now go back to your local den and shine up that pretty little swastika you guys hold so dear.
11. You call this "pruned"?
Radka ,   Athens, Greece   (05.06.09)
Please argue all you want about the whodunnit, but do not insult our intelligence with calling this a "pruning". This is how you prune rose bushes and such, not OLIVE trees; it'll take them years to recover.
12. Wow, those settlers are so helpful!
Etoile ,   Montreal, Canada   (05.06.09)
Instead of doing the logical and easiest method to destroy those trees, such as cut the trunk and be done with it, they meticulously cut each and every branch. If I wasn't reading like a sheep to what this article was implying, I would say the settlers were actually pruning the olive trees rather than attempting to destroy them. Quite honestly, how much more pathetic can you get? It is obvious those Palestinians pruned their own trees, which is logical since the branches will grow back heavier and bear more fruits, yet wanted to score some anti-Israel points for the dumb press.
13. Good grief!
Don Kenner ,   Austin Texas USA   (05.06.09)
Did it ever occur to your reporter that Palestinians often lie about such settler attacks? Do you (and the Rabbis for Peace) just take it for granted that the Palestinians always tell the truth? They have been caught filming their own "expropriation" of Jewish agriculture, and when the Jewish land owners run them off they show the video on Youtube describing it as "settlers run us off our land." There are a hundred such Palestinian schemes to dupe the media, including the "murdered" Palestinian who miraculously gets up and walks away when they think the camera's off. You should be more skeptical.
14. ... and the boy cried wolf!
EST ,   Miami USA   (05.06.09)
15. 8
Rosie ,   Israel   (05.07.09)
Maybe Pals pruned them? Didn't it occur to you?
16. 12
Rosie ,   Israel   (05.07.09)
100% correct!!!!
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