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Chief Rabbinate: Holy Land assets cannot be turned over to Vatican
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 06.05.09, 21:30
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1. Good for our leaders. I may not agree with every last thing
Jae ,   Lynn US   (05.06.09)
but I am proud to call them my people's rabbis . Kole HaHazak!
2. haha
ben ,   nyc   (05.06.09)
at least our rabbis have balls and culd tell da pope to screw himself...Thank God the government has no say in this, especially the leftt...
3. Chief Rabbinate: Holy Land Assets
Edgy ,   Cedarhurst, New York   (05.06.09)
Has the Rabbinate's Holy Sites Commission considered requesting that the pope return the jewish artifacts reported to be held at the vatican? If not; why not?
4. Doesn't Seem Right To Me ..
Christy ,   Boston, US   (05.06.09)
that the Vatican, or whoever, expects land to be handed over.
5. Vatican control?
Friend of Israel ,   USA   (05.06.09)
May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob prevent anyone in Israel from turning over "Jewish" land or anything to the Vatican.
6. About Time I Heard Something Assertive on This Issue
Joshua ,   New Brunswick, NJ   (05.06.09)
The Vatican does not need to control these sites, and would only help to set precedent that Jewish authorities don't need to control holy sites. Vatican sovereignty within Israel is not an issue right now and handing over any holy sites would only make it one. The Vatican can live with the relationship it has right now with Israel. The Vatican should be talking to Jewish leaders about encouraging religious observance in the Western world, not trying to undermine Jewish sovereignty over holy places just because the Vatican wants them.
7. Jesus would be pissed off (BIG TIME)
Jimmy ,   Arizona   (05.07.09)
Can someone notify this idiot leader of the Vatican that Yeshua bar Yosef a.k.a. Jesus was a religious Jewish Rabbi. Jesus would be pissed off if Israel gave away any part of its land. The Lord gave the Land of Israel to the Jewish people and it must stay in Jewish hands. Jesus and his entire family were born Jewish, lived as Jews and died as Jews.
8. For once !!!
Ben ,   Monroe USA   (05.07.09)
The rabbinate is 1000% correct. NOTHING in Israel will be turned over to another nation for any reason. As far as Catholicism apologizing for teaching lies and hatred for 2000 years, don't hold your breath. That would mean Catholicism admitting to her own that her teachings re JC are based on lies. That won't happen as there is too much money involved in religion.
9. Traitors stop given this tiny land to our real enemy
e.m.Jordan is Palest ,   s.f   (05.06.09)
Catholic Church despite they believe Jesse was Jew and he was born in that land but still they dose not recognize that the State of Israel is Jewish State, what is a difference between Catholics and religion of Islam whom believe Israel is not Jewish land ? Beside Israel has been conquered by the both religions and in reality the Catholics were whom have killed the millions Jews, if our traitors government will handed over those Holy Land assets to Vatican than the Arabs will have good reason for their claims to our land too.
10. Vatican and Catholic Holy Places
Emell ,   Israel   (05.06.09)
When the Vatican gives back all the books belonging to the Jews that they keep locked up in there archives and maybe itemes from the Temple - then maybe we will consider their one-sided request
Michael ,   Jerusalem   (05.06.09)
no land to give to christians
12. Eretz Israel is the homeland of the Jewish people and the...
Avigdor ,   Rosh Pinah, Israel   (05.07.09)
...Vatican should have no part in it. The Christians are welcome to our country and they have total freedom of worship, but ownership of the country is that of its people, the Jewish people through the nation-state of the Jewish people, Israel.
13. It is Time The Vatican Recognize
Maansingh ,   The Netherlands   (05.06.09)
Quote :”.. the Vatican (has not) recognize(d) the Land of Israel as the Jews' historic and national homeland, ..” They hasn’t ??? Have they (i.e. the Vatican) not read the Bible, in particular the Old Testament. What Book have they (i.e. the Vatican) been reading for the past 2,000 years ? IT is time the Vatican recognize the Land of Israel, which includes Judea & Samaria, as the Jews’ historic and national homeland.
14. American King-Crane,1919: impossible in Jews' hands
observer   (05.07.09)
The holy places are not only not sacred to Jews, but abhorrent to them.
15. He meant he is going to return 2nd Temple Artifacts
Lemmings Hotline ,   sd usa   (05.06.09)
such as the Menora, showbreads table and such
16. the vatican
Ilana   (05.07.09)
has our things hidden there in their underground rooms and vaults! Give us back our Menorah! Perhaps even our aaron hakodesh
17. the vatican is a disgrace
observer   (05.06.09)
shame on you for even trying!
18. brilliant yiddishe kopf......
shadoil79 ,   Jerusalem   (05.06.09)
Rabbi Kook's comparison to Washington DC/native American is hilariously TRUE! Good article. Finally.
19. Rome alone....
Aaron ,   SF, USA   (05.06.09)
Killed approximately 1.1 Million Jews around the years of 70 A.D. Oh....and THEY also killed Jesus. They destroyed out temple, and renamed our land in order to offend us. Today we fight with enemies who go by a name derived from the false name given to Judea. We owe the Vatican ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. NOTHING. NOTHING. NOTHING. NOTHING. NOTHING. NOTHING. NOTHING. NOTHING. NOTHING. NOTHING. NOTHING. NOTHING. NOTHING. NOTHING. They, however, owe us more than they would ever admit.
20. vatican should return Temple items (arch of Titus anyone?)
JudeaJudenJew ,   Jordanis78%Palestine   (05.07.09)
That, and all other jewish items that were stolen or pillaged by the Pope's church, and its predecesor the Roamn Empire, for 2000 years.
21. Vatican; Do you call Jesus a settler? He too lived in "west
JudeanJudenJew ,   Jordanis78%Palestine   (05.07.09)
bank" (Bethlehem) as did the millions of Jews before him for 1,500 years and after him. Point is this is Judea (after which Jews are culled Juden or Jew for short) and Samaria . It is arab occupied. Arabs are from Arabia not here, Jews are from Judea. Arabs have 25 countries to go to;Israel has 1 tiny country the size of connecticut.
22. land give-a- ways
Ellen ,   Israel/USA   (05.07.09)
May G-d save Israel from stupidity. The stereotype is that Jews are smart. And here we have a Jewish government ready to give away Jewish land to the Catholic Church. That should finalize the inaccuracy of any stereotypes. Seriously, first the Russian Compound, then Catholic sites, then what--Moslim Sites, don't forget the German Colony Greek Orthodox Church, etc. etc. --Line will form at the right for life preservers and oars and we are forced to float in the Sea--unless Hamas bombs us first from Gaza--in which case....
23. Vatican, Try this...
Edgy ,   Cedarhurst, NY   (05.07.09)
First obtain title to a single former church in Saudi Arabia. But that would never happen. Nor would the vatican even dare ask Saudi Arabia to return a single grain of sand for fear of endangering catholics in arab countries. However, the vatican and catholic church are emboldened to ask Israel to cede sovereign territory because the quisling government does not treat such demands with the contempt they deserve.
24. Not about Halacha!
Arie ,   BaGolan   (05.07.09)
Thisis about sovereignty!!! NO OTHER PLACE IN THE WORLD does the Vatican have the audacity to demand sites be turned over to them to control. Yet, here in Israel, in a State of the Jews, tens of millions of whom died at the vatican's hands, tens of millions of who were subjected to papal abuse and torture since the 4th century, they demand sovereignty over OUR territory. The vatican absolves those that deny the Shoah, beatify those involved, beatify the queen of spain whose legacy of Jew-abuse continues in spain to this day, and still heralds the belief that the Jews killed their alleged christ by allowing prayers in their churches to that effect. If any member of the Israeli government is in fact engaged in negotiations of this sort, then treason becomes the only definition - treason no less than if they sold state secrets
25. Russians, Palestinians, Vatican demanding land, Who's next?
Kenneth ,   Miami   (05.07.09)
Putin demanded that Olmert transfer some church property in Jerusalem to the Russian government. Palestinians want a piece of Israel. The Vatican wants a piece of Israel. Who's next? The Persians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Greek, British? When does this end? Israel needs to defiantly say no to everybody.
26. So after all the giveaways, what's left for the Jews?
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (05.07.09)
Much of Jerusalem's land is owned by the Greek Orthodox - including that on which the Knesset sits. Israel turned over property to the Russians, and is prepared to turn over more to the Palestinians. And now they're considering turning over more (and not just in Jerusalem) to the Vatican. By the time they're done answering foreign claims, how much of the city will still belong to the Jews? Of one thing I'm certain. Anything turned over to the Vatican will raise the ire of other Christian groups who might claim those same properties. Seriously, if these are "Christian" sites, who says they belong to the Church of Rome?
ABRAHAM ben JACOB ,   CANADA   (05.07.09)
28. Go away pope...your religion is in Rome
BJL ,   usa   (05.07.09)
Leave the Jewish land to the Jews. This is an outrage.
29. To Aaron#19. I Second Your TB.
Maansingh ,   The Netherlands   (05.07.09)
30. ??
Nati ,   Rehovot   (05.07.09)
The Vatican ? Oh yeah, didn't they lose any real power a few centuries ago? Why are people still acknowledging that these wackos exist? Who's next, Santa's going to start demanding access to all the chimneys in Israel.
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