PM approves $12 million transfer to Gaza
Roni Sofer
Published: 07.05.09, 00:40
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1. How do you say "disappointment" in Hebrew?
Max   (05.07.09)
Sounds like "Bibi"?
2. Please use the money WISELYPals : -0 dont give it to Hamas
ben ,   singapore   (05.07.09)
3. If it's not your money then why do you have it?
Dave ,   NYC   (05.07.09)
4. Wondering as to disbursements
Arie ,   BaGolan   (05.07.09)
Given that hamastan uses the bulk of the monies it receives to keep its weapons factories going and paying its islamoterrorists, and that BOTH the carter and clinton "libraries" are financed primarily by terror funds, how much is left for the people of gaza?
5. The Third-World is going to bankrupt our Western World.
pub ,   USA   (05.07.09)
With the help of our "compassionate" leaders. When will they start caring about us?
6. Mistake after mistake
e.m.Jordan is Palest ,   s.f   (05.07.09)
After 6 days war of1967 Moshe Daian allowed 100 thousands of Arabs to returned back to Yehuda and Shomron and East Jerusalem since that time those 100 thousands have generated to million, was not that mistaken that have made by our politicians, feed our enemies and give them chances to fight back against our innocent nation
7. Barak ordered it and the policy is under review
Jeff ,   nyc usa   (05.07.09)
The netanyahu's government policies are all under review and will come out in mid may. Netanyahu is against Barak's policy on this and it will be changed next month.
8. Olmert gave 4 times more to the PA every month
Dan ,   tel aviv israel   (05.07.09)
Big difference
9. Netanyahu is against this and has ordered a reveiw
Seth ,   jerusalem israel   (05.07.09)
Barak is the one who ordered it and this policy is under review with all the other policies and the review will be complete in mid may.
10. Netanyahu is going to reverse barak's policy on this
Simon ,   ashdod israel   (05.07.09)
Next month the policy will be changed. PM's spokesperson said the policy is under review and Netanyahu will bring it before the cabinet to change the policy.
11. Netanyahu's spokesperson said this policy will change
seth ,   jerusalem israel   (05.07.09)
Barak ordered the money transfer and netanyahu has ordered a review and this policy will be brought before the cabinet after the review is done and the policy will be changed. Olmert also every month gave four times as much money.
12. Can someone explain to me
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim,   (05.07.09)
B"H Can someone please explain to me why this is "palestinian money" and if so how come that Israeli PM decides how much to hand over? And how come Israel has the UN funds to pay UNRWA salaries? Why is it impossible for ynetnews to write something clear on this?
13. bibi= olmert
jason white ,   afula,israel   (05.07.09)
No difference. They are the same and bibi will prove to be a disaster also. Time for new people in politics that represent the state of Israel. We need to stop listening to others. We need someone who will tell b.o., clinton, blair and the others to shut up! We are an independent state and whoever helps the palis is our enemy.
14. What are TBers saying here?
Is it that the Defense Minister has more power than the Prime Minister? Or is it that the Prime Minister is the Defense Minister's puppet? Don't these TBers know that Mr. Netanyahu is the Prime Minister and that he has never kept his promises so why exactly should he start now? Don't these TBers realize that Mr. Netanyahu is Israeli and that for any Israeli including the Prime Minister there is nothing more permanent than a temporary decision? When will these TBers realize that Prime Minister Mr. Netanyahu hasn't changed one bit and that if they voted for him they've been had!
15. Better to let Israel cut checks to the individuals. Then
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (05.07.09)
there would be some accountability. Have you thought of this Bibi? I bet not. You could have them show up in person at the fence and see that there is such a person. Fingerprints would be a nice touch.
16. It's true he is an officially a moron.
ghostq   (05.07.09)
some of UNRWA r Hamas men however I think he is doing it to make an international good feedback, he is kissing up9understatment), basically buying the aprovals of Euro and USA.
17. Politicians - all the same?
Steve   (05.07.09)
I supported the Likud during the elections, but I was under the impression that Netanyahu was tough on terrorism. Netanyahu seemed to make it very clear that he was against this kind of thing. Regardless of whether Netanyahu authoritized this, or Barak did, Netanyahu should have put his foot down and said no. Right now I am thinking that Bibi isn't so different to Olmert.
18. feed to destroy ! THE DEEPEST POOREST WAY ?
Atilla Karagözoğlu   (05.07.09)
19. to #18 ducks. and that cause they chose
ghostq   (05.07.09)
terror org for their gov.
20. stop funding terrorists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
petra ,   united States   (05.07.09)
ITS DESTRUCTION   (05.07.09)
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