US aid to Israel to continue despite crisis
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 10.05.09, 07:27
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1. Before the Anti-Israel people throw a hissy fit....
Aaron ,   SF, USA   (05.10.09)
....keep in mind this is an investment that goes back to the American government with interest added. 2.7 Billion is also such a miniscule percentage of Israel's total GDP. The U.S. gives mass amounts of money to Egypt and Jordan(a country that has massacred Palestinians by the thousands) as well as military aid to Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and other middle east countries. While you may criticize the U.S. for supporting Israel because of how they treat the Palestinians, let it be know that some of the concrete used to build the security wall was sold to Israel by Palestinians themselves. 3 Billion dollars a year? that is less than .025% of the whole stimulus bill, so make sure when you cry foul for the U.S. spening taxpayers money on Israel that you give equal time to critique how the government spends the rest of your money in every other single way. For instance, more money is given to the agribusiness because they over-produce corn. OH, did I mention that the investments into Israel in the end benefit America's military production, intelligence, and technology world as well?
2. USA woke up in the middle of the night
ghostq   (05.10.09)
with nightmares after watching the report on syria activities, oh better now than never, other wise, USA would have suspended the fundings to Israel.
3. US aid to Egypt for 2009 halved
observer   (05.10.09)
what is the logic of arrow system. is it suicide type of anti that can defend, but not itself? look at the representative photo; it should be in the range of rockets to be effective; helping other rockets to strike it!
4. Israel is the best U.S. Investment!
Jewish Refugee   (05.10.09)
Does anyone know how much does U.S. spend annually on the U.S. troops stationed in Germany? Or in Italy, Japan, South Korea, and other countries? Well know this that not only it’s dramatically more expensive for U.S. to station them there but by having Israelis to represent U.S. without a U.S. soldier is even better. By using Israeli intelligence and technology is an addition. Unlike Egypt, Jordan, Pakistan, nor Saudi Arabia or other receiver of aid Israel is firm U.S. ally. So please do not mention Israel on the same scale. Israel gives U.S. more than U.S. gives to Israel. For more please visit
5. Military Aid?
Anonymous ,   Anonymous   (05.10.09)
Where did you get the idea that the low-tech second-hand crap the US to "selling" to the Arabs. "Selling" is the keyword here. Not aid. lets not even discuss the prices they are sold out for such empty shells.
6. Hugs and kisses...
Ypip ,   Canada   (05.10.09)
7. the biggest winner from military aid is the US
zionist forever   (05.10.09)
Military aid is not a gift to Israel its an investment in the US arms industry. Even $3 billion is penuts but it does allow the government to subsidise the US arms industry and its like a drug. You give somebody some drugs free first time round they get addicted and have to keep coming back for more to feed their addiction but this time paying their own way. If Israel buys a plane from the US with an arms subsidy if it wants to keep those planes in the air it has to come back to the US and buy spare parts for cash. A condition of military aid is that the majority of all Israels weapons must be bought from the US. We don't have the option of saying we will by $3 billion of our weapons from you and the rest of them we will buy from Europe and military aid can only be used for equipment made in America its only spesific individual deals that allow the US to part fund an Israeli made weapons. Its also Congress that agrees on what is given in military aid and a condition of the aid increase was that financial aid is reduced to almost nothing so the money never really leaves the country it just gets recycled in the US.
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