Iraq wants Israel to pay for bombing reactor
Doron Peskin
Published: 10.05.09, 13:48
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1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! really good stuff!
2. Iraq should pay for the military costs of America delivering
Rivkah   (05.10.09)
them from an insane murderous evil dictator. The American people have done enough and countries assisted by the USA even back to World War I and World War II and Korea and Viet Nam have not paid for that assistance. Europe still owes war debts from World War I America needs, now. So many countries have rewarded America evil for good by not paying debts, I hope the Lord holds them all accountable for paying seven fold back. The Bible says thieves must repay what is stolen seven fold. The thieves of Iraq and Afganistan and Europe and Asia need to pay what then owe back to America seven fold.
3. LMFAO someone needs more green so badly,
ghostq   (05.10.09)
that willing to do anything. the idiot just admited the justify cause of the attack, unothorize nuclear station. and Sadam denied it so decisively.
4. "good arabs vs bad arabs"
jjb ,   belgium   (05.10.09)
it just shows: it doesn't matter if there "good" or "bad". The arab and muslim leaderships will always seek, in whatever way possible, the destruction of the state of Israel and the jews
5. in exchange they can pay for jewish property and scud damage
zionist forever   (05.10.09)
How about this as a compromise. Israel pays for the damage for the nuclear reactor. Iraq pays for al the jewish property that the Iraqi president admits they owe and Iraq can pay for the damages done to Israel in 1991 when they fired scuds at Israel. The damage those rockets did cost alot more than a nuclear reactor. Whilst they are at it they can pay Jordan for damage done to them for scuds that went astray and landed there instead of Israel. I also hope that Kuwait is going to be compensated for Iraqs decision to invade maybe even compensate the US for the money spent to get them out of Kuwait, that ran into the billions.
6. No problem! Iraq then has to pay for the 1991 War against us
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (05.10.09)
... for killing of civilians, destruction of civilian property, direct and indirect damages the Israeli industry and commerce suffered as a result of those attacks. Add to that the suffering of the civilian population, the cost of the strike incurred by the IAF (which was mandated by the genocide threats against Israel) and only THEN, deduct the cost of the destroyed reactor. I bet that Iraq will have to pay a BIG DIFFERENCE! So my suggestion to Iraq - shut-up and be content that we did not sue you earlier!
7. Wow, this is just too rich!
Etoile ,   Montreal, Canada   (05.10.09)
But hey, I am willing to play this game if you are. Why don't the Iraqis use the GDP surplus of the country to pay back the American blood and treasure that was spilled to liberate their sorry asses. Oh, but I'm not finished just yet... Then they will have time to pay for the damage Americans had to endure in 1991 in order to stop Sadaam from invading Kuwait, compensate Kuwait for the damage of his invasion and compensate Israel for the economic and social damage from all those Scud missiles that were fired indiscriminately into civillian areas. Not to mention compensation for all those Kurds that Sadaam butchered. Then you will just have to give compensation to all those foreigners who built the infrastructure for your oil drilling and refining operations, since that was the deal before you decided to nationalize it. I ask you honestly, is going back on a deal and resorting to thievery, is that the most honorable thing to do? Then on top of it all, there is the compensation you owe to the Iraqi Jews. So, how much was the Osirak nuclear reactor again?
8. Iraq has to pay for fostering terrorism by paying a Palist
Frank ,   USA   (05.10.09)
family of a terrorist $25K. Many innocent people were slaughtered as a result of the pro-terrorist Iraqi policy.
9. Iraq must pay for expelling the Jewish citizens of Iraq
Dan ,   USA   (05.10.09)
10. We'll get right on that, Habibi
William ,   Israel   (05.10.09)
Right after you compensate Kuwait, Iran, and Kurds for the years of war and abuse. My guess is - there isn't enough oil on the planet to help you pay off your debt to society. Including the one owed to Israel to keep your dictator from making the biggest mistake in the history of the Arabs. Consider yourselves lucky to even be existing today.
11. "Suing them is no recognition of Israel"
William ,   Israel   (05.10.09)
They will take Israel, herein known as "the mystery State" shown by a giant question mark and Star of David, to court to sue for the loss of their WMD facilities. Only after the show will the mystery players unveil themselves. How comical - is this the Ed Sullivan Show?
12. Thanks #6
Korem ,   New York, USA   (05.10.09)
It seems the Iraqi Parliament forgot what Iraq did to Israel in 1991.
13. You know what? some of the older Iraqis
AY_Lamb ,   USA   (05.10.09)
consistently make this assertion that isn't ever taken seriously by anyone but me apparently. They claim that the Govt of Israel shut off the flow of oil from Arab countries to the refinery at Haifa in the 70's. Now, the only provocative element to this is the question - what could possibly be gained from an action such as this? It seems so illogical, I mean unless Israel had an alternative source of oil or they were afraid that Iraq or others would charge so much for the oil that the price alone would cripple the Israeli economy?? I mean I don't know maybe it is just BS but, I have heard this claim so consistently that is hard to dismiss as nonsense. No matter I draw inspiration from it, I like to imagine a Government in Israel so competent and so strong that they feel totally comfortable to abandon a very addicting commodity for righteous principles.
14. Lol
Anna ,   Be'er Sheva, Israel   (05.10.09)
15. compensation
lolz ,   londonz   (05.10.09)
1. Jews who left Iraq for Israel when the Jewish state was created did so willingly, and at times were even helped by the Israeli security establishment to do so. They were not forced out of the country. 2. Iraq still opposes America's occupation, and now some of you suggest that Iraq pay for all America did to their country? Iraq lost fortunes in terms of human losses (millions due to sanctions and war caused by the west, for a dictator the west proped up and then removed). 3. w.e.
16. Iraq attacked Israel with SCUDs
Zvi   (05.11.09)
Will it compensate Israel for that?
17. FYI Iraq did pay for SCUD damages
Whut ,   Monterey, CA   (05.11.09)
The money was passed through the UN to pay for damages as the result of SCUDs. Be careful what you wish for....
18. Iraq attacked Israel in 48, 67 etc & never signed a peace
John Phee ,   Sydney AUSTRALIA   (05.11.09)
Iraq has been a beligerant in a number of wars with Israel. It has also not signed peace treaty with Israel & so I believe that legally a state of war exists between the two. Israel is legally allowed to attacked military installations. Clearly an atomic reactor that is believed to be prepairing to produce atomic weapons is a military installation. The attack was therefore legal & no compensation payable.
19. #15, jews persecuted in Iraq, many killed
Seisen ,   NY, NY   (05.11.09)
LOLZ, you have no idea what you are talking about. Anti-jewish riots, confiscation of property, racist laws and the like were all part of life for Jews in many Arab countries after 1948. Israel facilitated the evacuation of 800,000 Jews from Arab lands. See for a little bit of info on Iraq. This isn't controversial stuff, very well documented if you take even one minuted to review the history.
20. #17 - FYI that money was appropriated by the US
AY_Lamb ,   USA   (05.11.09)
to sustain and maintain the no fly zones. Be careful what you wish for.
21. such diverse opinion
will ,   dallas tx usa   (05.11.09)
This whole thing is laughable... that's true. Iraq's leaders are stealing billions from the Iraqi people and the US as well. They're merely a consortium of Sheiks w/ business as usual on their minds. Ther reason the green zone has to be so heavily fortified and protected is because these greedy politicians who pretty much elected themselves in the grand Bush/Cheney tradition are bleeding the country dry. Add that to the crooked American corporations raping the country of it's natural resources and you have a lot of hungry homeless poverty struck people. If the money that the leaders of Iraq are syphoning off would be used for public works and support of the populace Iraq would be a thriving nation, but instead greed and selfishness rule the day there, like in every moslem country. Nothing new really. #2 you sound like a genuine nut case. There is legitimate debt owed for the wars you mention due to promisary agreements for material and equipment during the lend/lease programs etc and during reconstruction, but in a lot of cases whatever political party was in power at the time of a debt decree pretty much made up their own figures to placate the citizenry knowing full well this would never be repaid. Personally I would repay most of the middle east with plutonium... that stuff is worth a fortune they tell me.
22. 13 AY Lamb: Under the Shah of Iran, there was a pipeline
Rivkah   (05.11.09)
for oil to Israel that was shut down when the Ayatollah took over. It was shut down by Iran, not Israel. Now there is a pipeline from Iraq to Israel. I have not read about it being shut down.
23. to #15 than y jews today in Iraq r alowed
ghostq   (05.11.09)
to live onlt in two cities and not other places in Iraq(bagdad and the kurd area) as they please, some one here is racist. and when they do move to other contries they have to do it secretly.,7340,L-3394705,00.html
24. Iraq wants Israel to pay for bombing reactor
Tareq ,   Kuwait   (05.11.09)
And for me as a Kuwaiti , I want Iraq to pay for all damages done to my country due to the invasion, pay the loans that Kuwit gave them , pay compensations for the Kuwaiti families that lost their children because of the invation. Bring back my two cousins bodies since they have been taken from Kuwait in 1990 and saddam Hussain killed them only because they refused the invasion and also the 600 hunderd missing Kuwaities.
25. Rivkah
jman ,   jerusalem   (05.11.09)
Don't know which bible you are quoting, but the Torah say two fold.
26. 25 jman, Jerusalem: Exodus 22:7 refers to paying
Rivkah   (05.11.09)
two-fold (double) if a man stores his money or stuff at a neighbor's house where it is stolen. If the thief is found, he has to repay double. King Solomon was harsher on thieves with a seven-fold judgment, but he was not God. The Exodus 22:7 double repayment is God's instruction to Moses, so carries greater weight or authority. Solomon was wrong about a number of things, like the dead sleeping in the grave. It is true the physical body sleeps, but the spirit goes back to the Lord and the soul goes to a place of comfort or torment awaiting resurrection. I do quote Solomon at times, but quoting from Moses is more valuable and authoritative. Proverbs 6:30&31 say, " Men do not despise a thief, if he steal to satisfy his soul when he is hungry; But if he be found, he shall restore sevenfold..." The different repayments refer to different situations, too. The two fold repayment is if your money or stuff is stolen from a neighbor's house where it was stored. The seven fold repayment is if the thief directly steals from you and is caught or found. The reference is the Authorized King James Bible because it is keyed to concordances to look up verses by words in the verses.
27. By all means lets have reparations
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (05.11.09)
Iraq attacked Israel, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iran, the Kurds, not to mention the land of the Jews stolen by the Iraqis. The list is very extensive. I'll bet it would entail the entire oil supply of the country to pay those reparations. So by all means let's visit this is detail.
28. iraq compensation
joseph wall ,   louisville,kentucky   (05.11.09)
There should be a settling of all legitimate claims between Israel and Iraq so that there is at least the possibility of some sort of normal relations between the two countries. It would be extremely importand to Israel if the Iraqi government would recognize they have an obligation to their former citizens forced out of Iraq . It would be a powerful signal to the Arab world that Jewish people suffered during the establishmet of Israel. A neutral commission should be established with the consent of both States to settle these claims.
29. Repay American citizens
Claudia ,   Tampa FL USA   (05.12.09)
for riding Iraq of their murderous dictator. I could not have cared less that Iraqi's didn't have the guts to do it themselves. They wcould have rotted under his rule, and frankly I'll bet once we are gone they will be taken over by Iran or some mad mullah, there are dozens available.
30. No.
Ypip ,   Canada   (05.12.09)
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