Barak: Mubarak a stabilizing element
Roni Sofer
Published: 11.05.09, 14:20
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1. deja vue anyone, oh yeah they both
ghostq   (05.11.09)
were in the lead a few years ago. funny how things ture out for the worse, no they can reminisce.
2. Egypt always helped Pals-now Pals brought Iran to Suez Canal
Thanks-a-lot! ,   Alan SA   (05.11.09)
3. Why did Netanyahu go to Sharm el-Sheik to meet Muabarak
Eric ,   Tel Aviv   (05.11.09)
Apparently Liberman was right Muabarak will not come to Israel on official business. Bibi had to go to Sharm el-Sheik to meet him.
4. #3 -Bibi went to Sharm because bathing there is great
Alan ,   SA   (05.11.09)
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