Pope pledges to remember Jews killed in Holocaust
Aviad Glickman
Published: 11.05.09, 19:01
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1. Rabbi Lau,I read Jewish Population tday should be round 30M
Alan ,   SA   (05.11.09)
2. what?
Lisa   (05.11.09)
no direct reference to anti-semitism? At Yad Vashem? Honestly- this IS the place- for murdered Jews- it is not for murdered Roma, Christians- and millions of other people- it is for Jews only- so if the Pope goes there he speaks to the Jews- . The reactions of people is totally amazing: no compassion- empathy- lack of condolences- ? Some people are good at gushy reactions- some people keep their pain inside- if the pope had been very verbal and gushy- he would have been criticized too for being insincere- seems whatever he is doing he gets crucified. While I am no fan of the pope's I find this whole visit a total waste- mostly because whatever he is doing is stomped into the ground and trampled on- the only benefit probably is the papers selling more copies...
3. He is a German who was in Hitler's Youth, if you expect hi
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (05.11.09)
him to be sympathetic to Jews, you are expecting too much. Look at the history of the popes protecting child molesting priests. If they don't care about their own children, how can you expect them to care about Jews?
4. What jews want to hear
Pal Pal ,   The M E   (05.11.09)
Jews just want to hear that they are victims. Good on the Pope for his speech! Rabbi Lau needs to take his medicine again!
5. What use is a pope?
NilsG ,   Helsingborg, Sweden   (05.11.09)
A religion without a pope is like a fish without a bicycle.
6. Pope at Yad Vashem
JK ,   New York, America   (05.11.09)
A member of Hitler Youth who grants sainthood to a person who allowed for the destruction of European Jewery, and is open to holocaust denial, has some nerve going to Yad Vahsem and acting the way he did. I am sure that anything that he saw, he already does not remember and any information that was given to him went through one ear and out the other. The Catholic Church should be ashamed of themselves, they should be embarrassed that they have such an uncompassionate and immoral leader, and the entire Christian World should be embarrassed by his acts. May the memories of the Six Million always be remembered for a blessing
7. Why take any foreign dignitary to Yad Vashem
Al   (05.11.09)
Why does the State of Israel feel that foreign diginaries even want to go there. Geez you might as well invite "I need a dinner jacket" over as well. Israel is a hell of alot more than the holocaust. Its about living breathing Jews with pride, an army with Jewish learning and spirit. Start being a proud nation and stop woshipping the dead. Stop making a schmatta out of yourselves. The entire world bloody well knows they have been killing us forever. When they land in israel and see the trees, the cities, the vineyards it gets their goat. Let them choke with envy..You be a proud people. The dead are dead, make sure you dont become the next holocaust.
8. I personally think Israel wasted their money
Lioness ,   Israel   (05.11.09)
on security for the Pope and red carpet treatment. It is not too late to tell him to pop off.
9. #2 good revenge idea
observer   (05.11.09)
Producing movies defaming Jesus and his followers is not Jew-hatred. Rather, it is Christians getting what they deserve for 2,000 years of Jewish “persecution”.
10. #2, the curse of being a public figure....
Aaron ,   SF, USA   (05.11.09)
....means getting criticized by at least some people no matter what you do or how well you do it. You'll notice that this article didn't only focus on the criticism, but mentioned Shalev's and Peres' positivity and optimism for his visit as well.
11. Genug!
Laurence ,   Tustin, CA USA   (05.11.09)
Bastante! Enough! The Pope paid a respectful visit to Yad Vashem. If you want him to follow an approved script , then why have him there at all? Stop annoying the few friends you have and be thankful.
12. pledges to remember Jews killed in Holocaust
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim,   (05.11.09)
B"H How's about remembering the living Jews and stopping working against them?
13. Laurence:"The few friends we have left"?
Arie ,   BaGolan   (05.11.09)
The Jews NEVER had a friend in the Vatican! REMEMBER THAT because we certainly do! The Vatican is DIRECTLY responsible for the brutal deaths of tens of millions of our people through inquisitions, pogroms, mass burnings, torture and finally the Shoah. A respectful visit? Spare us! Save your self-righteous indignation for the vatican that STILL TO THIS DAY accuses us of killing your jesus! As for "the few friends we still have left," it is obvious where YOUR inclinations are. Why don't you go and try and save some poor altar boy from the grasps of a holy priest and spare us your make-pretend friendship!
14. #2 wrong!
Tahl ,   Ashdod, Israel   (05.11.09)
As the most influential person in the world, as a former Hitler Youth and Wehrmacht member, and as head of the Church which did nothing to help Jews in the Holocaust - the Pope cannot just stay "keep his pain inside" (if he has any). At his status, he has enormous responsibility to openly display regret and guilt over the suffering of the Jews, whose native country, and to a great extent - his Catholic religion, have been responsible for. The whole world is watching him, including nearly a billion followers - following his every word. Any gesture he'll make has enormous effect. And you're wrong saying he'd be criticized for being insincere. Pope John Paul II was very much appreciated for taking responsibility and apologizing in the name of the church. Furthermore, I guess people wouldn't have been so sensitive had this been his only slip-up. However he endorsed a Holocaust-denying bishop, today he warmly embraced a Sheik that called for a war against Israel, and there are further examples. So it appears that his stance in Yad Vashem is symbolic of something systematic. Anyway, unless you're a Catholic yourself, I fail to see why you're defending him and criticising Israel's legtimate reaction.
15. will he discuss the tunnels issue
observer   (05.11.09)
digging tunnels under al-Aqsa is not acceptable.
16. To all who are waiting for an apology.
Astral ,   UK   (05.11.09)
For a Pope who very much practiced Papal infallibility, no other Pope can and will apologize for his action, as he was the infallible emissary of 'Christ' on earth and the 'Infallibility Doctrine' do not permit such.Pius XII was by the doctrine of the Catholic Church 'infallible'. Pope Pius XII, exercised ex cathedra infallibility in 1950 to establish the Marian Dogma of Assumption. To expect an apology from Pope Benedikt XVI is like waiting for the 'coming' of the Lord.He's just not in a position to do so.If he would,he would only do one thing,admit Pius XII was not infallible. I would have thought all those boycotting Chief-Rabbis would have known this.
17. #13 Arie
Laurence ,   Tustin, CA USA   (05.11.09)
You illustrate my point perfectly. And your assumption about my faith shows that ultimately you are nothing more than a name-caller to anyone who disagress with your narrative. Grow up Arie, the world is passing you by.
18. To #11
JB ,   USA   (05.11.09)
Your post is very reminiscent to the attitude of Jews in Europe prior and during the nazi times, when Jews have been singled out for innihilation...I am a child of Holocaust sirvivers and I get very angry, when people or Jews like you continue to appease antisemites and calling them friends. We better have no friends and unite in being proud of who we are, making sure that 6 Million didn't perish in vain, then count "few friends", we supposedly "have"... One of the many lessons of Holocaust are, that If someone acts as a bigot, talks as a bigot etc -be sure he is. And that having Israel as the Jewish State, protecting it and cherish every inch of its sacred land, is our best assurance against another Holocaust...
19. popery
Lenny ,   NC USA   (05.11.09)
This guy is the biggest joke on the planet! I can't forget the event where he stood at the Kotel and "forgave the Jews for killing jesus", wow that can't be topped in my book - what a loser. Thanks, Lenny
20. Oh, isn't that special
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (05.11.09)
21. What can one expect? He's a Nazi.
Alkalai ,   disgust   (05.11.09)
He will always be a Nazi. He comes to Israel to steal our land and artifacts, just like those before him. But then again, what can anyone expect from the head of an evil entity that brought about anti-semitism and the Inquisition? Why even bring such a filthy abomination to a sacred place?
22. Correction to my post - 13
Tahl ,   Ashdod, Israel   (05.11.09)
The part I've written about the Pope's reaction to the Sheik who slammed Israel, was written as a result of an incorrect news report I've heard. Still, there are many other examples showing this Pope is not a friend for the Jewish people.
23. #9 Yes, because obviously Hollywood is a Jewish-controlled
Roman ,   Lod, Israel   (05.11.09)
conspiracy and propaganda haven, and Jews in Christian countries were never mistreated, kept in Ghettos, had their property confiscated en-masse, forcibly converted, massacred, and so on... all Jewish lies, yes? Must be fun in your hate-filled little world - you know, the one only in your head.
24. #17 Lawrence Re:#13 Arie..."name caller"?
Malone ,   Hfx   (05.12.09)
What name did he call you,Lawrence? It sounds like you're the one that doesn't like it when someone disagrees with you.. Follow your own advice and grow up..
25. #14
Bob ,   NYC, USA   (05.12.09)
It's precisely that. And that is why Jews just never "get it". He is suppose to forgive. Even if the person he is forgiving is abhorrent. Stop focusing on retribution and focus on forgiving. If all you ever do is scream "Never again" in everyone's face all the time, it is bound to happen again, at worst. Or at the least, people just stop caring and listening to you.
26. #19
Bob ,   NYC, USA   (05.12.09) did. And he did. Case closed.
27. BRAVO AL (#7)
Ginette ,   Toronto, Canada   (05.12.09)
I am with you Al. You are so right in what you expressed. Even I, the proud Jew that I am, was wondering the same thing...why oh why do they feel the need to take foreign head of states to Yad Vashem? We know it's there; the museum is not going anywhere. Let the people who really are interested go there, see and reflect; not some foreigner who does not give a crap about the Jewish Nation. It's almost a sacrilege to have this kind of people visit Yad Vashem. If anything, maybe they feel a secret pervert joy at witnessing the destruction and suffering of OUR PEOPLE. Instead, let's show off Israel, the real envy of the Middle Eastern countries. Why do you think they (the Arabs) want to destroy us and take it all? In their wildest dreams, they could not achieve the success Israel has achieved in such a short time despite the constant attacks. So I am all for discontinuing those ludicrous visits to Yad Vashem for people who don't need or want or deserve to see this crowning memorial to our martyrs. In the end, we will all answer to only one G-d anyways. Hag Sameah!
28. Rabbi Lau and the Pope
Judy Cohen ,   Toronto, Canada   (05.12.09)
Rabbi Lau,...."which lost a third of its sons (in the Holocaust)". How can a Rabbi of your stature forget to remember and mention the murdered DAUGHTERS too? Or, is this standard practice for the Orthodox Rabbinate and/or the Chair of Yad Vashem? As an Auschwitz survivor and a woman, I strongly protest.
29. #28 Where you there? Do you have a raw recording?
If not, sit down and be quiet, you're only embarrassing yourself.
30. killed??? the natzies turnd jews body fat
ghostq   (05.12.09)
into soap, killed is accidental, we r talking murder 1, he will ruin the catholics reputation, he needs better PR.
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