Pope to Noam Shalit: I'll try to help free Gilad
Ronen Medzini
Published: 11.05.09, 19:59
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1. Respect
Pal Pal ,   The M E   (05.11.09)
I hope that they all did the right thing, and bowed down and kissed His Holiness, the Pope's ring. A children's book is all they could afford to give to the Pope already? Oi vay!
2. To the selfish Noam Shalit
while you are asking the Pope to help free your son,why don't you also ask him to help free thousands of Palestinian inculding women,children and Palestinian PM's held in Israeli jails ???? SHAME ON YOU .
3. Wrong.. Our Holy Father is in heaven -
Arthur ,   SF, CA   (05.11.09)
He is the one we bow to. That impostor is nothing more that a (con) man (ex-nazi) of blood and flesh
4. Pope- will you also try to help free Palestinian women and
children held in Israeli jails ??? will you try to help free Palestinian PM's held in Israeli jails ??? Hypocrisy at it's best.!!
5. Pal Pal...
Aaron ,   SF, USA   (05.11.09)
I can't imagine a majority of the leaders in the middle east actually kissed his ring. "A children's book is all they could afford to give to the Pope already?" Why do we need to give the pope anything at all? He has Israel's hospitality, that should be enough.
6. Riding with Mary
Ypip ,   Canada   (05.12.09)
7. How kind for His Excellency Pope Benedict XVI to try to help
Rivkah   (05.12.09)
with the release of Gilad Shalit and to meet with his parents. What a grevious ordeal this has been for them.
8. Shalit is priceless token of failed deterrence
observer   (05.12.09)
9. oh no noam shalit use chritianity for personal
ghostq   (05.12.09)
distress, with all the sorrow this will not do, don't politicize the faith system, it can backfire once any deal will go sour, If I was the pope I wouldn't promise him anything.
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