Vatican rejects criticism of pope
Ronen Medzini
Published: 12.05.09, 15:28
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1. The Pope
zznhl   (05.12.09)
Whether he was in the german Hitler youth or not is irrelevant. The fact that the Catholic church is existantialy anti-semetic is the real reason that their ultimate representitive shoild not be allowed into Israel.
2. they took it hard with justic
ghostq   (05.12.09)
people just need to let go of the Hitler Jugend acusetion he was a child, let this subject go it's not relevant anymore, he came to show respect to thos who were murderd and people acuse him of something he never did and never participate, so much for tolerance and peacful ways, here is your chance to show the world you r not like the palis, and some religious jewish idiots show you r just the same as the palis.
3. The Pope has no understanding of Jewish Suffering
Dan ,   Titusville, FL USA   (05.12.09)
The Pope apologized to the Muslims but was cold to the Jews as he is either ignorant or unconcerned about Jewish suffering. Not understanding or even acknowledging that wordwide Jewish population has still not yet recovered to pre-WWII levels, and the exitential threat to Israel posed by Iran's nuclear program the Pope showed a lack of respect to Jews everywhere. Lacking any compassion for the core fears of all Jews and kowtowing to the Muslims the Pope enabled increased Islamic radicalism as was seen by the Palestinians Sheik's outburst.
4. #2 ghostq
Lisa   (05.12.09)
I don't always agree with you ghost- but this time I certainly do. This obsession with the past, the pope's and others is getting just a bit too much. it seems like the only topic people are capable of discussing- there is no facts- just fiction. The world is changing, it has changed in the past 60 years- but certain people have not noticed this- they live somewhere in cloud coucou land , they have no idea what is going on in the real world. Insulting everybody is not solving anything- I wonder what it would take to wake up those people and make them realize that they missed a new era?
5. ya, ya, ya - Nobody did nuttin
AY_Lamb ,   USA   (05.12.09)
Just ask Ahmadinejad - he say same thing! What's difference between bush, falwell, ratzinger, and ahmadinejad - three of em speak perfect english and the fourth gotta ranch in crawford TX
6. Vatican spokesman ,
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (05.12.09)
That the Pope was a member of the hitlerjugend is not important anymore , but to tell us , contrary to ALL Ratzinger's biographies that he was not a member , that to be a member was voluntary , is , at least , not serious , but a distortion of facts .
7. #3
harry   (05.12.09)
dan, you clearly didnt read or hear any of the speeches made by him and are determined to criticise him no matter what he says or does. youre living in the past and need to wake up to reality.
8. What does Israel offer........
Astral ,   London,UK   (05.12.09)
What does the State of Israel offer this most prominent german pilgrim,only hate and paranoia. Shalom
"The pope was never in the Hitler Jugend, never never never," the Vatican spokesman said, later reiterating this point four more times during the press conference. Lombardi insisted that members of Hitler Youth were volunteers, The pope did not choose to wear the uniform of the Wehrmacht, Lombardi said, and he should not have to apologize for what was forced upon him. THE OFFICE OF POPE IN THE CATOLIC MURDEROUS CHURCH , THE GREAT HARLOT, WAS NEVER FORCED UPON HIM , THERE HE IS VOLUNARILY - REV.JOHN.CHAP.17.- Orao.
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (05.12.09)
Stop giving all this time and attention to this jerk already. Can't wait for this to be over already and see the door hit his butt on the way out leaving our country. What is this obsession with this pagan leader, who has absolutely nothing to offer. I wish we had a government that with the passing of a law would confiscate all church owned land here and give it to us, the rightful owners of the land of Israel and as a partial pay back for all the murdering, plundering and pogroms they inflicted on us through the ages. Get it through your thick skulls they will never ever accept us , because in their eyes we do not bow down to their perceived idols.
11. #7
Dan ,   Titusville, FL USA   (05.12.09)
It one thing to speak out against anti-Semitism in Israel and quite another to speak out in Germany, France, Austria, England, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan etc...etc... You need to know what you are talking about before your criticize another.
12. What are these critics expecting?
John ,   Cincinnati, USA   (05.12.09)
I don't know what these critics are expecting. Do you expect him to get on his knees and beg for your approval? This is the pope, he is not a congressman who has to answer to AIPAC.
13. To #2 and #4
Steve   (05.12.09)
I am guessing neither of you are particularly religious people and / or you've never read the Bible? Pope Benedict is an historian and a theologian. He is well-aware of the many commandments to "remember" especially given by the prophet Moses in the book of Deuteronomy. People of faith and people of conscience know that we must never forget the past, lest we be doomed to repeat it. Pope Benedict understands this. #4 speaks of a 'new era' and yet the Vatican is just as much committed to Israel's destruction today as it was in the past; perhaps more so. Vatican (this Pope) supports the establishment of a Muslim-terror state in Israel's heartland - one dedicated to Israel's annihilation - in land that God gave to the children of Abraham and Jacob forever by covenant. Pope Benedict knows this. Yet he is defying the word of God. Why is he doing this unless he does not like God or he has no respect for God or His word?
14. welcome to israel
Ari   (05.12.09)
if you can't take the heat...
15. Never in the Jugend?
The White Shadow   (05.12.09)
Liar. It does not take a person of genius intelligence to watch this pope and see his anti-Jewish nature. And I hold for no pity for those Germans who say they were "forced" to participate in the madness that erupted in their country. They had to chance to rise up and defend what was right, and they chose the way of fear and submission.
16. I am Israel
Debbie ,   Israel   (05.12.09)
I wasn't born in Israel, I choose to be part of Israel every day, even when I lived over seas. I am Israel, Israel is me because of that I deserve to stand on this land. I don't think the Pope deserves it. He is not Israel like you or me. Would you let any stranger to get into your house and speak in a way you don't like it? I don't understand what is he doing here? He doesn't represent any of Jesus' energy, I didn't hear him talking about love or real knoledge The white costume doesn't suit his soul.
17. is here for slice of pie before fatah/abbas gets it all?
do you suppose ,   pope wants jerusalem   (05.12.09)
seems like the whole world has its nose stuck up our butts with concern about jerusalem's status and who controls it. why do we have to tolerate the leaders of other states interfering with our lives? if they really are so worried about the pals having a state and a capital thats important then let them share their land and capitals with the pals who came from jordan and egypt originally -----------they did not come from israel so they are not our legitimate problem thank you !
18. Pope is against Nazis unless...
Jonathan Levy ,   United States   (05.13.09)
The Pope is against Nazis unless it costs him some money, see for the Vatican Bank lawsuit to recover concentration camp gold which the Pope's attorneys have been fighting tooth and nail for ten years despite witness testimony as opposed to the Vatican's endless legal maneuvering...
19. #18 Jonathan Levy
Marc   (05.14.09)
let's hear it for the lawyers! Is this another one of those 'proven' stories? And people are still looking for the treasure of the Knights Templar too- , let us know when you find it- goes with all the other 'facts' on TB. US lawyers sue everybody for anything-
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