Poll: 58% of Israeli Jews back two-state solution
Published: 14.05.09, 08:05
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1. Equine Excreta
Yoni   (05.14.09)
Ynet could get a poll to reveal all Jews polled eat ham and cheese sandwiches also. I doubt if 5% of us would agree to a barbarian menace state able to fire rockets into the Lod airport. Who is Ynet trying to bamboozle here?
2. Secular Jews don't believe G-d gave Israel to the Jews, so
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (05.14.09)
they don't have an attachment to the land. Religious Jews understand what a birthright is and cherish it and don't give it away as if it was cheap junk. Even secular Jews should be able to see the damage from rockets fired into Israel from Jewish land that was given to the terrorists. Maybe the secular Jews don't think a rocket could land in Tel Aviv and kill them. Well if you establish a "palestinian" state, they will get a chance to find out how exciting it is to have a katusha crash trough their roof.
3. what?????????
ghostq   (05.14.09)
last month it was 75%, Ynet r you trying to mess with our heads. some of us got memory you know. in such sort time nothing sagnificant has happened.
4. Then why didn't the 58% vote for Tsipi?
42%   (05.14.09)
and we'd all be getting on with the 3-state solution.
5. Urgent Warning: Doctored Poll
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim,   (05.14.09)
B"H Urgent Warning: Doctored Poll by Ariel Ben Yochanan It is clear that this poll is doctored. The results very much depend on wording and "two state solution" is sterile and sounds beautiful. Nevertheless it is orwellian language, coined by public relations experts. First of all it contains the word "solution" and we all want solutions to our problems, aren’t we? Especially we want to “resolve” the PA problem. Then it contains the word "state" and we all associate "state" with security and strength. "Two" is double the wished for security and double the imaginary strength. That one of the proposed states aims to be a nazi style Judenrhein, “free” of Jews, is not mentioned. What this terminology does not say is the forced deportation and ethnic cleansing of Jews from Judea and Samaria on a massive, WWII-like scale, guaranteed resistance, possible civil war and a breakdown of Israeli society for generations: the end of Israel as we know it. What the two state solution expression doesn't say is kassams and grads and who knows whats falling on the whole length of coast-line, from Ashdod to Haifa on a daily basis, as we've already seen in the Gaza-belt. Children peeing in bed and underperforming in school, empty incoming ElAl planes falling on the Ben Gurion tarmac. So, Israel would be forced into a series of cast-lead type operations, exasperating international relations and further enstrangering the comfortably-living diaspora. Forget about Aliyah, waves of emigration would follow at a panic rate. All in all, the “two states solution” is a good and indeed secure recipe for Israel's complete and final destruction within five years of implementation, G-d forbid.
6. Polls taken in Tel-Aviv mean NOTHING!
TelAviv=EXTREME LEFT   (05.14.09)
7. Two State solution is a meaningless slogan
dmgold ,   pardes Channa Israel   (05.14.09)
I support a two stae solution BUUUUT!!!! What was the question??? Do you support a two stae solution with a return of Pali refugees to pre 67 Israel, Jerusalem as the Pali capital, expulsion of all jews from all ares captured in 1967 back into pre 67 Israel and NO RECOGNITION OF ISRAEL AS A JEWISH STATE BY THE ARAB STATES. WAS THIS YOUR QUESTION IF NOT YOU DO NOT HAVE ANY ANSWERS
8. The "two state " solution
DT ,   TA   (05.14.09)
I back a two state solution as long as the Palestinian state is somewhere in Afghanistan or Iran after Iran has been dealt with
9. 58 % are against a 2 state solution
Alon Frank ,   Beth Shemesh, Israel   (05.14.09)
Why are the leftist media trying to misled the people? They are brainwashing the real jews who are against a 2 state solution. We have seen already what a 2 state solution will do to us. Just more deaths and attacks. SHAME ON YOU YNET !!!
10. 58% have no clue
ben Ish   (05.14.09)
Palestinian IS NOT A RACE. It is not a culture. It is not a "people" or "nation" or ANYTHING of the sort. STOP CHOOSING STUPIDITY. The word is nothing more than an organizational grouping of Arab. JORDAN is where they go.
11. oh, wait.
ben Ish   (05.14.09)
As expected, support for the two-state principle was significantly higher among Israel's Arab population. WHATS THAT NUMBER, EH? The article has 16 statistics (17 if you count moe) but no statistic for that one? uhh... 100% ... but we don't to wake anyone up, right?
12. The poll has a 400.5% margin of error
Yisraeli   (05.14.09)
13. NOT ME!!!!!!!
Adam   (05.14.09)
14. poll on 2 states
moron ,   galut   (05.14.09)
how many favor jordan and israel as the 2 states and oppose 3 states?
15. Headline: 58% Of Israelis Need To Have Their Heads Examined!
Ken Quinn ,   Amsterdam   (05.14.09)
Plus or minus 4.5% as the margin of error.
16. Where would the Palestinian State be?
redbourn ,   tel aviv   (05.14.09)
Without knowing where the State would be, it wouldn't be possible to answer the question, "are you in favor of a two state solution?". Would it be in the West Bank? Would it be in Jordan? Would Gaza be a part of it? Either lightweight journalism or a very lightweight opinion poll. Mike
17. birthright??
Samuel ,   Springfield, VA USA   (05.14.09)
Poor Yoni North Korean rockets will soon be able to reach your home in LA. Did you oppose the Bushies making deals with North Korea to stop this? Secular or not the world makes deals.
18. The Palestinian State?
Samuel ,   springfield, VA, USA   (05.14.09)
Mike Where will it be? Here's a solution. You guys take all you want, under whatever historical claim you want to use, then build your high walls around it and your anti-missile bubble, make it as Jewish-pure as possible (and maybe even democratic), and tell the rest of the world you don't need friends - and relax/enjoy your new ghetto. But please then stop asking for donations, stop selling bonds, stop asking for trade preferences, stop asking for or stealing high tech materiel, etc - go alone and see if that works.
19. No. 2 Bunny
NYC Girl   (05.14.09)
I think you'll find there are many Israelis who don't even believe in God but feel a very strong attachment to the land. In fact, they're the ones who prove it every day by putting their lives on the line to protect Israel.
20. To the 58%(!?) of ignorant Israeli Jews.
FO ,   Belgium   (05.14.09)
CATEGORICAL YES to a TWO STATE solution, BUT... in full respect of the League of Nations resolutions called the "Mandate for Palestine", resolutions UNALTERED IN INTERNATIONAL LAW and valid to this day, due to Article 80 of the UNITED NATIONS CHARTER. The Mandate for Palestine granted the Jews the IRREVOCABLE RIGHT to settle anywhere in Palestine, the area between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River, including the Golan Heights. The League of Nations agreed upon the Memorandum of the British delegate, to put the Eastern part of Palestine, the area between the Jordan River and the Desert of Arabia (75% of total Palestinian territory) under exclusive British rule and closed to Jewish immigration. This territory became later the State called Jordan, with a Arab Palestinian majority of 75%. The actual conflict can only be solved in a settlement between the two countries existing on the former territory of the "Mandate for Palestine". Indeed a TWO STATE SOLUTION.
21. Who cares majority?Only a Zionist Minority decides
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (05.14.09)
But not you if you assume yourself zionist, They are an elite zionist clique usually having body deformities like Ben Gurion, and some other famous zionist leaders. A special race looking down on all self assumed zionists. THEY ARE ENEMY OF ALL NATIONS including jews. They do not pay one cent to your thoughts, they just MANAGE and Manipulate you.
22. to #21 mabye in the arab world minority
ghostq   (05.14.09)
have determind, but in democracy is the majority that count. and Israel is a jewish stat lol you don't know the History of Sladin who enable jews to return to Israel in the year 1125 AC. jews always were in Israel, they have the full right to have their own state much like the 50+ muslems states.
23. How many Palestinians back Jewish+Pal states?
Sam ,   Canada   (05.14.09)
I think we knew already that there is great opinion and division over two states among Jews Most of those Jews accepting 2 states accept the principle but not just any 2 states. Now, how many Palestinians accept 2 states without a right of return of Palestinians to Israel proper?It seems most of the people pushing for 2 states prefer ignoring the question.
24. Most of those calling themselves Jews aren't really Jews
Shaul ,   Tel Aviv, ISRAEL   (05.14.09)
according to the true and original definition. Jacob was remaned Israel because HaShem considered him upright and righteous in the eyes of G-d and man. Very few Jews fall into that category today. And then we have the arev rav....
even 0,000000000000000001 % is enough for me to take them as jews. hey ! I dont want to have a few 100 enemies. I want much :)
26. Shaul #24
Avi-former Sruggie ,   Israel   (05.14.09)
It is sad how anywhere, in any occasion, in any religion, there's always somebody capable of using the sacred texts for insult, discrimination, segregation and division. As an ex-National Religious I support the two-state solution as my part of Tikkun Olam. Be well...
27. How did they ask the question?
Paul ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.14.09)
If they asked an honest question, 'should Israel accept a 2-state solution that will 100% be run by moderate Arabs that oppose Jewish sovereignty in the area'. The survey would have yielded a totally didn't result. Abbas himself who is asking for an Arab Palestinian Islamic state has refused to name the other state.
28. It is logical.
John ,   Europe   (05.14.09)
Most of these "religious" are actually olim with very dubious moral background: they were less than unmoral in their domicile countries, but were all for sudden remembered that they are Jews and that they deserve to be treated as "holy". So they run to Israel and are very big nationalists, but on the other hand do not have second thoughts about cheating their wives, husbands, exploiting other people etc. It is also logical that most of the older people are pro2states: 1) they are the true Zionists, people who came to dessert to make it paradise and they figured out that it is impossible to cast out the Palestinians 2) They are not religiously indoctrinated that you must have Davidian state before anything happens. They lived before borders of 1967 and then there were no "These are the holy borders". I am glad that most of Israelis are still sane and rational.
29. Options Limited
cas reader   (05.14.09)
We can debate for another 1000 years whether there should be an independent Palestinian State or not. It will be of no use because the fact is that a Palestinian State will become a reality whether we, as Jews, like it or not. There is no other option for Israel unless it is prepared to start ww3.
30. Yet another Fake Poll from the Tsfoni Leftist Barnja
Tomer ,   Herzeliyya   (05.14.09)
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