Netanyahu asks pope to condemn Iran
Ahiya Raved
Published: 14.05.09, 19:34
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1. Everything is alright exept trying to rippen us off.
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (05.14.09)
Go back to vatican,papa, and be happy there.But give us back our treasures STOLLEN BY YOUR CHURCH and let us alone in our land. No Israel's properties to vatican!This land belong to us and church should be very happy that we let them to exist in peace in Israel. We give them one finger and they want the arms ,the body and the soul. PLEASE,JUST PISS OFF!!!!!
2. Bibi 1, Benedict 0
Chrisona ,   Chicago   (05.14.09)
"Netanyahu asks pope to condemn Iran" Great move. Will Benedict comply with his request? If not, he doesn't need to pay a return visit.
3. for if you don't, you will be held accountable
observer   (05.14.09)
4. condemn this phenomenon & other declaration of anti-Semitism
observer   (05.14.09)
That's a wise guy; to say that to Netanyahu in his face means I condemn YOU.
5. Why not Pope sound voice aginst Jewish occupation of Palstn
JoJo ,   USA   (05.14.09)
Now it's the pope's turn to fight Iran for Israel. US done its share in Iraq of fighting for Israel.
6. Pop, don't!; Ya'alon condmned the war on Lebanon
observer   (05.14.09)
and Boogie is now wanted in a half dozen EU countries over role in Qana & Gaza massacre.
7.  Please Bibi stop it and don’t be naïve
e.m.Jordan is Palest ,   s.f   (05.14.09)
The Vatican dose not accepted our existence and still does not recognized that the land is belong to Jews, what do expect from the man that have the same idea like Iranian President Mahmmod Ahmadeynejad? If he will condemn it do you really believe him?
8. 2 Chrisona
Ferd   (05.14.09)
"Will Benedict comply with his request?" Sure, I think, he will. "If not, he doesn't need to pay a return visit." The pope is over 80 and he's got a fulltime job ... Let's see if there would be another visit scheduled in some years...
9. To ,# 5
e.m.Jordan is Palest ,   s.f   (05.14.09)
You are dumb, America did not fight in Iraq for Israel, and America is there for her future interest, in 60 years Iraq couldn’t do any thing against Israel then what was a reason that America has fought for Israel in Iraq?
10. Those who choose to have nothing but hate....
Aaron ,   SF, USA   (05.14.09)
are only damaging their inner spirituality. While the extreme left in America would like to believe their absolute(more than individual policy criticism) condemnation of Israel is for the better......they're on the wrong side of an unholy alliance.
11. Ben XVI is a threat to world peace
Frank ,   Canada   (05.14.09)
His constant support to Arab terror and its redefinition of peace as a surrender to Arabs is a major threat to world peace.
12. #5 JOJO: every one of your posts reveal what a dunce u r
JoJo SUXXXX!!!!! ,   USA   (05.14.09)
Palestinians passed out candy and danced in the streets when they heard that Muslim suicide bombers had murdered 3,000+ American civilians. You and they are vile animals who deserve each other. The US went to war in Iraq because of Muslim terrorism (9/11), not because of Israel, so shut your stupid lying mouth!
13. #9: Bush said 1000 times Iraq war to help Israel's security
JoJo ,   USA   (05.14.09)
and there was WMDs and oil is not paying 10% of US expenses in Iraq. Israel, and only Israel, was the reason for Iraq war exactly as it is trying now to play the same game with Iran, but Americans have no stomach for this crap after the Iraq mess.
14. #12, Israel linked Iraq to 9/11,all US intel agencies didn't
JoJo ,   USA   (05.15.09)
Israel caused the deaths of more than 4250 US troops in Iraq & 25000 severely wounded (going up by the day), not counting the economic cost which ruined the lives of millions of Americans, much, much worse than 9/11.
15. Well said PM
Hans ,   Germany   (05.15.09)
Now let us see if Popes deeds are in line with his words.
16. #12 unfortunately, jojo's right
Wanda ,   Montreal   (05.15.09)
you believe the conspiracy theory of the 19 hijackers? look at the evidence and NONE of it points to what you just stated. it goes directly elsewhere.
17. Condemn Iran?
John ,   Boise, Idaho, USA   (05.15.09)
Why ask the Pope when Iran already has a "self-condemnation" policy invented by Ahmadinejad, the "Mad Nija" himself. I noticed that his name wasn't even mentioned...why is that? Certainly the Iranian people deserve much better and want to get on with their lives and raise their families just like anyone else.
18. EXACTLY: The Past is Past, Will You SPEAK UP in the Present?
David P. ,   Capitola, CA   (05.15.09)
Blaming someone for their actions in the past won't change the deeds, it is what that person does in the present that determines whether or not they would have done differently. Bibi is telling the Pope, he can make up for his apathy by standing up for Jews in the face of those who threaten us again today with existential annihilation.
David P. ,   Capitola, CA   (05.15.09)
we don't ever say the real reason behind our decisions in the USA, most of what is said is meant to misdirect, misguide and prevent the public from asking relevant questions that may in fact dislodge the true reasons. This is why cover stories are put out to confuse the debate, rendering whatever solutions surmised as a result of discussing phony issues, invalid. Go on blaming Israel if it makes you feel better, but you should know that you're categorically wrong.
JoJo SUXX so does ,   a fish called WANDA   (05.15.09)
FACT: Palestinians DID dance in the streets after 9/11. This is WELL DOCUMENTED ON VIDEO. There is no video documentation that I'm aware of that showed Israelis rejoicing over 9/11. Tell me something, Wanda: Where did those hijackers go if not to their 72 virgins, huh? Are they on an extended vacation in Aruba or something? Did the airlines make up their names when they checked in? Did the recordings of the hijackers say "Allahu Akbar" or "Am Yisrael Chai?" Huh? I don't believe in conspiracy theories as a general rule because they never present evidence, just crazy, cockeyed suspicions that people believe without using the facts to challenge their thoughts. So, your half-witted attempts to instill doubt about the true events are NOT GONNA FLY WITH ME. What actual FACTS can you present to me that will convince me that any of your bullshit arguments are worth taking seriously? Save it for your anti-semitic friends; they'll accept any excuse to blame Jews for the evil actions of others because it gives them a thrilling hate-gasm that they just can't seem to resist. Now, you and JOJO can take a hike and piss-off; I'm done with the lot of you.
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