Eilat Pride Parade met with violence
Ahuva Mamos
Published: 15.05.09, 21:40
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1. Oh Dear.....!
Pal Pal ,   The M E   (05.15.09)
It is time to drag Israel, kicking and screaming, into the 21st century! C'mon Sarah NYC, get the gay jews to be accepted by you, and your government! Just one step at a time, dear............
2. Gay pride!
Pal Pal ,   The M E   (05.15.09)
Livni, Ashkenazi, Bi Bi, Boo Boo, Paris-oops Peres, anyone else?
3. Pal Pal
Michael ,   New York   (05.15.09)
coming from Pal Pal, this is hysterical.... look in the mirror Pal Pal.. what would Hamas do, what would the PA do, what would your benefactors (Saudis and Iran) do? Gays would hang there or get their heads cut off... nice barbaric Islamic justice.
4. I'm sure there are a lot of Palestinian gays also!
Maria ,   MD   (05.15.09)
But they're still in their closets.
5. Pal Pal, Imagine if they held it in Hebron or Shechem?
Darren ,   Oakland, CA   (05.15.09)
There they would have stoned them to death or lynched them on sight. In comparison, what happened in Eilat is light-years beyond the barbarism that exists in our occupied heartland. Don't you think it's time to drag Arab-occupied Judea and Samaria out of the 7th Century? BTW, we were the "Pal Pals" before there was such a thing as a "Pal Pal". Can't you hear Mecca calling her sons home?
6. ...and I live in San Francisco
Amy ,   San Francisco   (05.15.09)
I don't care one or the other way about what consenting adults do in the privacy of their homes. However, I abhor the notion that I am supposed to accept whatever homosexuals push into my face. And by the way, there is nothing to be proud of.......
7. If they presented themselves respectably, nobody would mind.
Tahl ,   Ashdod, Israel   (05.15.09)
If it is so important for gays to have their silly Pride Parades, then they should do it honorably: wear decent, respectable clothes, have a quiet, dignified procession, ditch the balloons and rainbow-colored-flags, and stop provoking with sexual movements or same-sex French kisses all the time. Why can't they march as honorably and respectably as the blacks do, on Martin Luther King day? I see no reason why anyone would be offended if they chose to conduct themselves in this fashion.
8. Boycott the shop!!! It's too disgusting for words!!
straight ,   israel   (05.15.09)
Gays have rights - they have the same rights as every human being in this country.
9. #1
Aaron ,   SF, USA   (05.15.09)
Israeli government accepts them more than any other Middle East country. Aren't they hung in Iran and criminally charged just for being gay in Arab countries?
10. A rather damn good point, #7
Cameron ,   USA   (05.16.09)
The antics one observes in Gay Pride Parades here in the States does their cause no good. Out of control, nasty ehibitionism does not exactly sway reasonable people to support their wider goals. Folks will judge you by how you carry yourself in public. Gay community, you have got to start smoothing yourselves out for PR's sake when you march as a group to make a symbolic statement.
11. Not Haredim This Time!
Yaakov Noach ,   New York, USA   (05.16.09)
...of which there are none in Eilat (seculars take note).
12. Gay love is the purest. I am proud to be a gay and a Muslim
Yaakov Sullivan ,   NYC   (05.16.09)
I hope the next gay parade will be held in Gaza. Many Palestinians are gays in Gaza but unfortunately the are still in closet. There is a famous Muslim cleric there who is gay but he is married with kids. Also Arafat was gay so I hope Palestinians will be much open about it.
13. chosen gays and anti-Semitism
observer   (05.16.09)
the gays should not be oppressed in Israel for they are chosen. Don't you think it is anti-racism to discriminate between Jewish and non-Jewish gays?
14. Another reason to not visit Eilat
Avi ,   Israel   (05.16.09)
What a shame Eilat the vacation town of Israel has been tainted by this ugly incident. Gay tourism adds up to a large amount of money, filling hotels and creating more jobs for local residents. Even more discusting is the fact that the attacks and hatred came from fellow jews, no doubt encouraged by the venomous hate campaign conducted by the Shas party a bunch of so called "religious" MKs led by a cult figure which includes 7 convicted criminals who encourage homophobia and the results of which we have seen in Eilat.
15. # 2 Dead Gay Arafat. Everyone has at least one.
petra ,   uSA   (05.16.09)
and Iran celebrates hanging gays in public... You were saying?
16. Reminds me Amsterdam,1942
Frits ,   Rehovot/Amsterdam   (05.16.09)
Can someone explain me the difference: "No Gays allowed" on a shop window in Elath,2009 "No Jews allowed" on a shop window in Amsterdam,1942
17. #16 how about the "No Jews Allowed" in Austria 2009?
Mahdi ,   Jeddah   (05.16.09)
no need to go all the way back to 1942 actually:
18. Live And Let Live But Don't Force
Lawrence ,   Safed Israel   (05.16.09)
Your lifestyle choices down other peoples' throats.
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