Paternal grandmother: Rose said 'mommy doesn't love me'
Vered Luvitch
Published: 17.05.09, 13:29
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1. This is so horrible! How can fate be so cruel to
Vardina   (05.17.09)
a helopless infant! How can human beings be such monsters!
2. what a sick, perverted, immoral muderous family
poor little girl. at least she wont have to worry about them being in heaven with her when they die. may they agonize in pugatory for all eternity
3. This is just another one of thise cases
Joe ,   Ohio, USA   (05.17.09)
that make me ashamed to admit these people also belong to the same human race as the rest of us
4. The poor little child! Why does God give beautiful children
:(( ,   usa   (05.17.09)
to such unworthy, undeserving parents? When I think of the many families in which this little girl could have gotten the love she needed and deserved, it really makes me want to cry. So very sad...
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