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Yesha realty prices on the rise
Efrat Weiss
Published: 18.05.09, 07:59
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1. False info: Eli is MORE expensive then Shilo:):)
svietka ,   Eli, shomron   (05.18.09)
2. Young couples
Yesha person ,   Yesha   (05.18.09)
I live on a settlement and there is no empty housing. This is a very big problem for young couples getting married. The government could at least supply more caravans.
3. Why not move to....
Tuvia Schertzman ,   Betar Ilit   (05.18.09)
Yishuv Maale Amos, plenty of housing, low prices.
Aharon   (05.19.09)
When I drive through the Negev all I see is huge amounts of empty lands with a sprinkle of Arab villages here and there. Why do the settlers think they are doing us a favour by settling outside the green line, where we can't possibly have a majority Jewish population, with the Galilee and the Negev have become largely Arab? Want proof that Israel lost the Six Day War? Take a drive through the Negev.
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