MK: Expansion of settlement 'slap in Obama's face'
Efrat Weiss
Published: 18.05.09, 08:26
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1. Peace Now
Ricardo Macher ,   KarneiShomron-Israel   (05.18.09)
So we cannot deport these people because we are "democratic", is it so hard to neutralize them by just ignoring them? I mean not a single iota published nowhere, no radio interviews, nothing, do as they don't exist! Actually they exist just because of the Israeli press.
2. Yariv Oppenheimer
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (05.18.09)
Wasn't it Yariv Oppenheimer who supported Hamas and opposed Israel during the "Cast Lead" operation? Wasn't Yariv Oppenheimer the one who called for an early end to "Cast Lead", which prevented Gilad Shalit from being released?
3. A slap in his face? We need to kick is butt!
4. ooo.... nasty.... settlements!
Rolando   (05.18.09)
Those settlements are so evil - Jews building villages in their own land - it's a nightmare I tell you - and so unfair, as Arabs haven't built a new town anywhere since 1371.
5. oppenheimer is a traitor and needs to be put in jail
deported or taken out. hope he is preparing for his long stint in HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6. Peace Now continues to marginalize itself
JPS ,   Efrat   (05.18.09)
If Peace Now members actually believed in real peace, they'd call for Oppenheimer's resignation and do some major restructuring of their ideology. However, Peace Now, like Meretz, continues to ideologize itself into the graveyard of has-been movements. Despite clear changes to the reality of the situation between the Israelis and the Palestinians, PN and Meretz continue to advocate the failed Oslo process - rejected by not just a clear majority of the country, but almost an absolute majority. The idea that the immediate withdrawal from Judea and Samaria will bring peace is not accepted by anybody these days except for PN and Meretz and the Palestinians. Following Peace Now's position that Israel should not militarily defend itself against Palestinian rocket attacks, they really don't have much support. Notice they don't bother to organize any more pro-withdrawal rallies, since Israelis see clear evidence of Palestinian commitment to aggression and terrorism, and not to peace. The biggest sign of all that PN is a failure, is the total lack of a Palestinian Peace Now that would show Israelis that there is a peace movement on the other side. Just as Meretz is fading into the history books, Peace Now has alienated the Israeli public and is committing suicide by being not for peace, but for capitulation. The Gaza experiment showed that capitulation only brings more violence.
7. Facts and acts on *THE* ground.
Gideon Reader   (05.18.09)
Or how an Alpha male tells a Beta male to get stuffed. and we dont mean chalupchkas.
8. Yariv Oppenheimer
JG ,   Modiin   (05.18.09)
...If it (he) looks like a monkey and acts like a monkey....
9. Yishar koach, PN!
Avi-former Sruggie ,   Israel   (05.18.09)
10. keep slapping...
adam ,   usa   (05.18.09)
I really hope Netanyahu slaps Obama in the face with the importance of Israeli security. Obama doesn't even understand American security, being that he has already sympathized with terrorists. Obama will do anything to undermine Israel's security to establish "peace" that simply cannot exist until the Palestinians reject the use of violence and actually try to work to make peace, why? Because he is a complete idiot who's mind is filled with hype and lies. Maybe Netanyahu can "slap" some sense into him during this visit.
11. Yishar koach, PN!
Avi-former Sruggie ,   Israel   (05.18.09)
Our state accepts huge support from the US, assures commitment to peace, promises to respect agreements, smiles in the face, shakes hand - and for what? Lies, lies and more lies. I remember the times when I saw the Arab politicians as the biggest liars in ME. Gone are those days since our beloved politicians do exactly the same.
12. Spit in the face is more like it
Giora Me'ir ,   USA   (05.18.09)
Breathtaking arrogance and disrespect. I'm sure the message is received. The question is what will Obama do about it. And is he tough enough.
13. coincidental = NOT REALLY! PLANNED by AppeasersNow!
The left is the enmy   (05.18.09)
14. Y. Oppenheimer's top 10 complaints about this "settlement"
Not Y. Oppenheimer ,   Israel   (05.18.09)
10. Why wasn't Meretz consulted about this? After all they received so much support in the last elections! 9. Why should the Jews be permitted to expand this settlement? The Arabs don't have anywhere to live in the Middle East. 8. Sticks and Stones (and Rockets) may break people's bones, but settlements will never harm me. 7. Why do this when we are visiting the US? After all they freed Pollard as Clinton promised. 6. Why am I the only one who thinks the Uganda Plan is still a better plan? 5. What happened to Dror Etkes - wasn't he supposed to be bringing me my fabricated data? 4. C'mon guys, what would you rather have - Gilad Shalit returned by serious peaceseekers or a militant Arab State overlooking Jerusalem? 3. I love the Israeli press. Because I criticize the right wing incessantly, they'll quote me about anything. 2. Why does Israel still pay that runaway spy Bishara's pension - he is a traitor. Wait scratch that - I'm a bit delirious from my beautiful tiyul in the Golan today. 1. Where is the rest of my funding, my European friends? Stop making excuses about the recession!
15. The hell with b.o.! We do not take orders
jason white ,   afula,israel   (05.18.09)
from muslims! piss now should be outlawed as a terrorist organization.Their leaders jailed for life and have their financial sources investigated.
16. Does anyone really think Israel could "co-ordinate" this?
rebecca ,   modiin   (05.18.09)
Please! Be grateful Netanyahu might actually get to meet Obma as planned. This is a country where red tape and attitude means nothing ever happens at the right time. Oppenheimer - you're delusional, in more ways than this.
17. .....Communist Party Now Secretary-General Oppenheimer......
Genuine Tosefta ,   Tveria   (05.19.09)
old fools never die but are recycled into even more foolish ones
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