Obama tells Netanyahu US backs two-state solution
Roni Sofer
Published: 18.05.09, 21:05
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1. "Shared meal"
Aaron ,   SF, USA   (05.18.09)
In front of the President and the PM to dine on are the chunks of tiny Israel the Quartet will be giving away.
2. yeap
jerome ,   nice   (05.18.09)
NOW, we are alone and we can only rely on us. Let's do the work......
3. great news: no more blank checks to Israel
Objective reader   (05.18.09)
either implement UN Resolutions and end the illegal occupation of Palestine or you will see a STOP to US AID: 5 billion $ per year of US taxpayers money and a START OF Boycott all over the world. The world, including US, has had enough of zionism-land confiscation, inhuman sieges, bulldozing farms and houses, 12000 kidnapped, including children, handicapped and old people.. Why do you think you are above the Law?
4. Obama this Obama that Ayayay !
AlbertoGA ,   St. George, USA   (05.18.09)
Obama is very generous, no ? Israel is not for sale the guy is insane, yes !
5. Which Palestinian faction
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (05.18.09)
should Israel "negotiate" with? I fear that President Obama does not understand the situation in the Middle East. Not one little bit. Israel needs to stand fast, and to hell with what the United States wants or thinks.
6. Don't trust USA. America giving Iran the time they need.
7. #2 you definitely cant rely on us
Palestinian   (05.18.09)
8. Shocking!USA+Israeli left for 2 states.Israeli right is not!
Sam ,   Canada   (05.18.09)
Hamas wants Israel gone. Fatah is strongly for 2 states and 5 million Palestinians into Israel. Arabs will put on a show of outrage that Israel rejects peace and Israeli right will say that's not true.The mideast is part reality,part theatre.
9. And "YES" to artificial "opportunity"?
Shaul ,   NZ   (05.18.09)
Excuse me, Mr. Obama, and why exactly is this a "historic opportunity" not to be missed? What has changed? The palestinian arabs are just as intransigent as ever, the rest of the world is becoming increasingly so. No one seems to want to do anything about Iran. Repeating the "change" mantra ad infinitum does not make it so. Is this "opportunity" the last one for Israel to commit a suicide before everyone else gangs up on it? Or do you believe yourself to be the messiah, bringing change simply by your presence?
10. Will the Israeli accept the proposal?
Steve6587   (05.18.09)
I don't see a reason why millions of Palestinians should continue to live as refugees in other countries, while other (Jews) enjoy living in Palestine, the home land of Palestinians for thousands of years. If the Israelis accept the two state solutions then, more than 72% of historic Palestine that was stolen by the Jewish gangs in 1948 with the help of the British, will be recognized by the same people who lost that land as an Israeli land and the Israeli should be, if they were wise, more than happy to accept the two state proposal, but will they? Let’s wait and see
11. #8-'He cannot hear you. He's nothing
Ypip ,   Canada   (05.18.09)
but a piece of stone with the head of a bird.'
12. To: No. 3
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (05.19.09)
Nothing objective about you, sweetie. What "illegal occupation?" Israel acquired territory while fighting defensive wars. That is a fully legal acquisition under the Hague Second and Third Conventions. Five billion in aid? You must be on drugs. First of all, most of American aid to Israel takes the form of joint venture investment capital and military credits. Without the military credits, half of the people employed in the American defense industry would lose their jobs. The Palestinians are the single largest recipient of United States and European Union aid. With absolutely nothing to show for it. Learn the facts before you start spouting your venomous hatred for Israel and Jews.
13. Objective reader (05.18.09)
held ,   israel   (05.19.09)
Objective reader the so called palestines have a stste it is called transjordan israel is not and occupaer all that land is the land of israel not the arabs like you and this good arab obama
14. neck ties
observer   (05.18.09)
Obama is gray, as usual, that's why Bibi is in the blues.
15. Enough! Did Sara get to meet Michelle or not?
that my friends is the real story here.
16. Obama backs 2 States
Oskar Prager ,   Petach Tikva   (05.18.09)
In reply to #3 - Objective Reader. You really should think before you write a lot of rubbish. Do you honestly think that the US aid to Israel actually reaches Israel in Dollars and Cents ? You are wrong ! Every cent of US aid has to be spent in the USA, e.g buying US made planes, uniforms for the Israeli arm y even the boots the solders wear are made in the USA. So are the shells, the bullets, etc. etc. Thus if Israel does not get aid, none of these items would be bought from US manufacturers which in turn would cause additional financial worries to the USA, cause more unemployment, etc. So my dear chap, think hard before you write drivel.
17. google ad
Dave ,   RI   (05.18.09)
IsYnet News aware of the pro-palestinian video on their website by the American Friends Service Committee?
18. Try to be objective, reader (#3)
Dave ,   RI   (05.18.09)
Arafat was offered a state and he went to war instead. Was Jordan's occupation of the west bank illegal? What about when it was part of the Mandate for Palestine? Or prior to that, the Ottoman Empire? Since the land belonged to no sovereign nation it is racist to say that only arabs have the right to build there.
19. ATTN: "Objective" reader.
Aaron ,   SF, USA   (05.18.09)
1) The occupation is not illegal. The occupation resulted directly from Arab aggression against Israel. According to the international courts, land won in a defensive war is rightfully under control of the defending country to use however they please in compliance with international law. Settlement types A, B, C, and D are legal and are to be parts of negotiations to ensure a just and lasting peace. 2) The U.S. aid to Israel actually comes back to Americans in full with interest added. It does not disappear into Israel as people would like to assume. P.S. it is 2.7 billion, not 5 billion annually. 3) Israel produces 93% of their own food. By all means, boycott. Israel would prove how independent it really is, and the world would go bankrupt because they could no longer import all the technology Israel produces. 4) Land confiscation? See my first point, you ignoramous. 5) 12,000 kidnapped? Those are prisoners. They were caught smuggling weapons and/or attempting attacks. Surely any country catching people smuggling weapons into their sovereign nations would imprison them, yes? 6) Bulldozing farms and houses? But what if they were built without permits? Tel Aviv does the same thing to their buildings, regardless of the inhabitants/land lords. European countries have the same policy as well. 7) Above the law? Israel actually punishes it's people who decide to do wrong. Unlike the anarchy on the other side of the fence.
20. P.S. "Objective reader"
Aaron ,   SF, USA   (05.18.09)
You tell Israel to implement UN Resolutions, but how many Arab countries have recognized the UN votes that make Israel a sovereign nation?!??!?!?! Isn't that the utmost hypocrisy? Yelling at us to follow UN Resolutions while ignoring the fundamental one that makes us a legal nation????
21. #8 How many oppourtunities have the Palestinians missed?
Aaron ,   SF, USA   (05.18.09)
8. 8 times Arab Palestinians have been offered their own state that would have put an end to all the conflict. They turned them all down.
22. No deadline with Iran?
Aaron ,   SF, USA   (05.18.09) what's going to happen after they have the bomb? This is precisely why Israel did not sign the NPT. It knows how useless it is at actually preventing lunatics from making one.
stude ham   (05.18.09)
2-state = euphemism for territorial grabs from israel by the goyim with nothing in return. BO can flap his obnoxious lips in the breeze. until there are no enemies surrounding israel there are no grounds for shrinking israel.
24. Great #3 Subjective Jerk, now we can do whatever we want,
Genuine Tosefta ,   Tveria   (05.19.09)
even hook up with Russia and China and America will be left with no reliable friends in the Middle East, you cannot rely on unstable Arbs that get offended at any hint that they have to become democratic and respectful of human rights.
25. #5 leave america
aiman ,   USA   (05.19.09)
If you dont care about us then leave!!!!!!!!!!
26. Last week Obama said there was a deadline
zionist forever   (05.19.09)
Last week he said that he wanted to se diplomacy but the US wouldn't wait forever. Another example of Obama saying one thing then doing something else. Now Just days later he is saying there is no deadline. If your telling then there is no deadline then Iran doesn't have to do anything except say we want to talk and at the same time carry on enriching uranium & developing their nuclear program until the day arrives when they test detonate their first nuke. For years now Iran has taken the world for fools where they are made an offer which Iran rejects and so the west threatens sanctions Iran then says they want to give diplomacy another chance. Now its going to be even easier for Iran to play the world for fools. Bush wanted diplomacy but he left all options open whist Obama as part of his election campaign ruled out any miliitary action. The europeans will follow Obamas lead and if he starts ass kissing instead of threatening so will they. Before deiplomacy meant carrot & stick under Obama it means carrot and bigger carrot leave the stick at home. Obama might make some good speeches but he isn't a good president.
27. the "two-state solution" is neither!
tom ,   toronto, canada   (05.19.09)
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