Soldier indicted for looting in Gaza
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 20.05.09, 18:11
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1. Moral Army
Palestinian ,   USA   (05.20.09)
Its bad enough the people of gaza have very little to feed there kids and now you take there money...what a moral army u guys have i would love to take the ethics class you teach in the IDF
2. To: No. 1
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (05.21.09)
If you're that hungry, ask Hamas what it has done with the billions of dollars and billions of euros in aid that has poured into Gaza? And if Gazan parents love their kids so much, why have they sold so many to be used as suicide bombers. One miscreant does not an immoral army make. On the other hand, pretty much all Gazans are miscreants. The leadership certainly is. So tone down your sarcasm -- Gazans and Hamas have way too much to answer for in the morality department.
3. If you are not happy.....
Bill ,   China   (05.21.09)
4. Oh Dear.....!
Bill ,   China   (05.21.09)
Joe America   (05.21.09)
USA is with you.
6. publish his name
Ivan   (05.21.09)
don't protect him
7. The tip of the iceberg
Jerrold Cohen ,   Seal Beach, USA   (05.21.09)
Read the Palestinian online media starting January 3, 2009. This soldier is just one of many who looted Palestinian homes. When do the rest get indicted?
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