Brazilians arrested in Cairo with 'Lieberman propaganda'
Roee Nahmias
Published: 21.05.09, 10:25
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1. Don't Understand.... WHY????
Christy ,   Boston, MA   (05.21.09)
If the brochures are aimed at Brazilians Jews living in Brazil, as it seems by the language brochures are written in ... why would these brochures be brought to Egypt? If The target audience is in Brazil, what good would they do in Egypt? Something doesn't add up. Perhaps a missing element of the story? Even if the brochures were printed elsewhere and were enroute to Brazilian Jews ... why the stop over in Egypt?!?
2. Explanation
Ruth ,   Beer Sheva   (05.21.09)
Hi Christy, I would assume that 10 Brazilians in this group had each an indivual brochure. Maybe they planned to continue to Israel after their visit in Egypt and had it with them for contacts. Egypt is paranoid.
3. They wanted to overthrow lord Mubarak!
Pal Pal ,   M E   (05.21.09)
4. most bizarre story I've seen in a while
5. That is life in a dictatorship!
jason white ,   afula,israel   (05.21.09)
6. Muslim Brotherhood must be getting bored
7. Well,
Aida   (05.22.09)
imagine tourists in Israel having Hamas leaflets with them!
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