Ministerial committee: Ban Nakba Day
Aviad Glickman
Published: 24.05.09, 18:40
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1. about time but just 3 years????
Smith   (05.24.09)
2. for once the goverment is doing the right thing
ami ,   israel   (05.24.09)
3. Four cheers - now really get serious and start arresting
eli ,   haifa   (05.24.09)
Four cheers - now really get serious and start arresting anti-Israel professors at Tel Aviv University and at Ben gurion University!
4. narrow minded and undemocratic decision
zabarbie ,   R   (05.24.09)
It is correct that the Nakba Day demonstrations are usually violent and a ground for extemist islamic. incitements. Still this does not legalize undemocratic decisions of the extreme right goverment. To limit democratic rights of arabs is more than stupid and will result in intifadas and nurtures fundamentalists. More intelligent would have been to limit the size of demonstations and to invest in education and integration programs for arab. The decision is by purpose provocative. I have not expected anything else by such a goverment...
5. Nakba Day
DT ,   Ta Israel   (05.24.09)
Definitely ban it ! }presumably they don't want to lose again .
6. Ban Nakba Day
Nili ,   Jerusalem   (05.24.09)
Hooray!! It is about time. Now is the time for Israelis to stand up and be proud of this beautiful land--our land!
7. Just great
Omar ,   Haifa   (05.24.09)
now even freedome of speech it at risk, like you guys have Yom Shoa, ( where nobody banned it for you ), why cant we have our own day where we remember our dead and refuged people...
8. agree with Eitan
peter ,   amsterdam NL   (05.24.09)
Useless legislation that unnecesarily infringes on freedom of expression. You can't impose one version of history or rewrite it by passing restrictive laws. It's not a matter of whether you agree or not with what sections of the public say and do, but as long as they don't endanger the peace by rioting let them make their point peacefully.
9. Nakba
israeli ,   israel   (05.24.09)
I think that the real Nakba was not the creation of the State of Israel, but the fact that the Arabs rejected the partition plan. Had they accepted it at any point in time, they would have had a Palestinian state living side by side with Israel. So the fact that they were occupied by Jordan and Egypt for 19 years with no hopes of ever establishing an independent state was a blessing. Just as the fact that they were never accepted back by their Arab brethren into the countries were they orginally came from.Their real chagrin is the Jewish State. What can I say, dear Israeli Arabs, Merry Nakba day and Many Happy Returns. And don't forget to bring your hankie.
10. isn't Nakba denial ant-semitism?
observer   (05.24.09)
11. Anything Assad is involved in
Ypip ,   Canada   (05.24.09)
deserves a good measure of salt.
12. Agree
Lippy ,   Israel   (05.24.09)
The Arabs don't accept that Israel is a Jewish state. They lost a war when they attacked the fledgling state in 1948 and to this end they were advised to leave the area until the state of Israel was defeated. They can only blame themselves for having lost their properties, but nonetheless live in a democratic state where they have all the freedoms citizens enjoy. Have you tried purchasing a property in an Arab village in Israel? Do you know that Jews cannot own property in Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Freedom of speech cannot be equated with lies!
13. At last the Government is waking up
poppy   (05.24.09)
This is the State of Israel A Jewish State You should not be allowed to do or say things against the State. Can you image a Jew in Saudi Arabia (of course one cannot enter the country) says something against the Government, What would be done to that Jew??? He would be shot dead immediately for treason.
14. Now what am I going to do with all the Happy Nakba Day Cards
Alan ,   SA   (05.24.09)
I ordered from the Printers
15. What's insane is allowing people who recieve benefits...
Frankie Abulafia ,   Jerusalem   (05.24.09)
...from the country, without doing any form of national service no less, to parade around with the signs of our enemies and call for our destruction. That is insane, unforgivable, and it's truly a sign of our weakness, that we've allowed it to go on unabated for this long. Oh, and tell Dr. Tibi to have a Coke and a smile and shut the f@$% up.
16. Arm Jewish volunteers and we can
jason white ,   afula,israel   (05.24.09)
give them something to mourn for a thousand years!
17. i agree with 4
poppy ,   israel   (05.24.09)
i am jewish israelie love my country and all that but agreements should be signed rules made ect ect but banning somthing because we dont agree for the arabs israel was a desaster there lives changed most israelie arabs say in the long term for the better but this is not the point if you are going to say its very violent well even the gay prade had its share of violence i am afrade this country is becoming less democratic and that is a desaster
18. If Egyptian Jews had celebrated Israel Independence Day
EgyptJewRefugee ,   Geneva, Switzerland   (05.24.09)
What would Egypt have done if Egyptian Jews had celebrated Israel Independence Day? Israel should offer them free bus service to Gaza and the West Bank to celebrate.
19. About time
JAYJAY333 ,   Israel   (05.24.09)
The real NAkba is the 800,000 Jews from Arab countries that were FORCED to leave........unlike the Israeli Arabs that were NOT FORCED but asked to leave by their leaders, so they would be safe while their brothers in neighboring Arab countries destroyed Israel. This whole concepy of an Arab Nakba is a lie!....nothing but propaganda!
20. Wow, looks like there are still sane Jews left in Israel
21. nakba
TOM ,   BSAS,ARGENTINA   (05.24.09)
instead of waging war against Israel. How come the ¨palestinians¨did not do jihad against their fellow arab. In fact the very one who rejected a pali state in 47, where arab countries. and they put palis in refugee camps for the past 61 yrs. jajajaj if they don´t want Israel, how come they LIVE in Israel THE ONLY DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY IN THE MIDDLE EAST??? IF THEY DON´T LIKE THEN... OFF YOU GO. YOU HAVE 22 COUNTRIES TO CHOOSE FROM. LONG LIVE ISRAEL
22. Police State..Freedom for Jews only..and then maybe not!
Edithann ,   USA   (05.24.09)
And what happens when Israeli's march in Palestinian neighborhoods to incite hatred? Are the Palestinians to sit by and just watch? Israel is a police state..a state 'stolen' from the Palestinians... TATA
23. Oh Yes! This is such good news, now make it happen!
Johnny ,   Stockholm Sweden   (05.24.09)
This is a very important first step in dealing with satanic verses.
24. To all you lefties crying foul - it's only Public events
rebecca ,   modiin   (05.24.09)
If you want to sit in your cave and cry - do it alone.
25. MK Afu Aghbaria (Hadash)has a good idea.
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (05.24.09)
I would not say barring the use of the Arabic language,but I would say to remove that language from signs all over Israel including "arab"towns. Signs must be only in Hebrew and English for being a lingua franca.
26. Actually the decision is VERY democratic
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (05.24.09)
.. the MAJORITY has decided on it in order to prevent racist traitors and Islamo-Leftist and Anarchist goons spit us in our face and act for genocide and the destruction of the JEWISH state. I want to see how tolerant would be Hezbollah, Syria or Iran for demonstrations in Lebanon to oust the Syrian and Iranian invasion together with their Hezbollah dogs. Wait! We know how tolerant they are: THEY MURDER THEIR OPPONENTS, and that not as a result of a democratic vote, but as an order coming from dictators and murderers. This law will send a clear message: WE ARE FED UP WITH YOUR BACK STABBING, WAR MONGERING, RACISM AND COOPERATION WITH THE WORST ENEMIES OF ISRAEL. IF YOU DON'T LIKE THAT, MOVE TO IRAN OR SYRIA! RACIST INCITEMENT IS NOT TOLERATED HERE ANYMORE!
27. Nakba conmemoration
marcos ,   Massachusetts, USA   (05.24.09)
Has any country ever passed a law banning expressions of Jewish sorrow during Tisha b'Av? Israel has made the phrase "Jewish and democratic country" a grotesque oxymoron.
28. Against democracy
Gabriel   (05.24.09)
A basic part of democracy is that you have to put up with things you don't agree with. To criminilize a political event is incredibly dangerous and shows that Israel is moving away from the Western democratic model and towards the Iranian model.
29. #22 After you've polluted the talkback with racist slogans,
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (05.24.09)
...let's clarify: If you refer to "Jews march in Um Al Fahm" then note that "Um al Fahm" is NOT a Palestinian neighborhood: it is actually an Arab-Israeli neighborhood, just like Southern Detroint is not a "Saudia Neighborhood" but an "American Muslim neighborhood". So much for your stupid and lame slogan. Now, after we've larified that, let's explain another thing: when "Jews want to march in an Israeli-Arab hood", that event is usually stopped by the Police and/or a Judge. You know why? Because these "peace-loving Israeli Arabs" are rioting. They seem to believe that the right to march and speak against everything is reserved exclusively to them! So #1: there are no "Palestinian hoods" in Israel. and #2: these "Jewish marches" are very rare to begin with and then they are stopped. Last, #3 - ONLY ISLAMO-LEFTISTS AND ANARCHISTS "MARCH IN JEWISH NEIGHBORHOODS", INCITE TO GENOCIDE AND THE DESTRUCTION OF ISRAEL, FRATERNIZE WITH ISRAEL'S WORST ENEMIES, undoubtedly doing that following the many examples of the Israeli-Arab Members of Parliament. And allow me to laugh in your face for repeating the OLD and PATHETIC "Israel stole a state from the Palestinians". Since it is clear you were born and lived most of your life under a rock, Palestinians NEVER HAD A STATE (if they did, who was their first President?). Second, as the recent 10-year history proves, THEY ARE NOT ABLE TO BUILD A STATE even though the world poured BILLIONS of $ into their coffers. All they did was buy weapons trying to commit genocide of the Jews and of course, stuffing the rest of the $ in their corrupt and crazed "leader" Swiss bank accounts! They'd rather murder each other than build a state! The "Israel is a Police State" rant just proves that you too are a pathetic Anarchist who complains if somebody dares to stop his destructive rampage of public property, state value, heritage and public order, and as such, your talkback is just as crappy as the "values" you try to promote here.
30. #27 - Another religious "genius"
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (05.24.09)
The answer is YES. Jews cannot openly practice their religion in ANY ARAB COUNTRY! Try holding a Purim carnival in saudi Arabia! For that matter try openly celebrating ANY RELIGIOUS FESTIVITY OF ANY RELIGION in Saudi Arabia, Iran and Syria! And I don't remember Jews burning tires, attacking Police and damaging private and public property and calling for the destruction of their host state during Tisha b'Av! Your distortion of the truth and pathetic "analogy" (with the emphasis on "anal") did not work and it actually exposed YOU as the "oxymoron" ( with the emphasis on "moron")
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