Nationwide drill to simulate war, intifada
Roni Sofer
Published: 25.05.09, 07:15
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carol ,   eilat   (05.25.09)
2. Drill on collapse of occupation & fleeing Palestine
JoJo ,   USA   (05.25.09)
It is coming, as it happened to all previous occupations of Palestine, all were super powers of their times.
3. The strength of democracy.
Dave Ronen ,   Haifa   (05.25.09)
If both political leaders and public opinion are convinced of the rightness and necessity of war, it is extremely difficult to withstand the wrath of a democratic country. The staying power of such countries does not depend on the damage they suffer in human lives and property. Their power lies in what defines their very existence–their belief in democratic values and their wish to protect them. If a democratic society believes in the rightness and necessity of its struggle, and if its leadership can provide a simple and clear answer to the question, “What are we fighting for?” the public will be willing to bear any burden required of them. At the most critical junctures of its history, the citizenry is not the weakest link in a democratic country, but its greatest resource. We will fight for our country because it is ours and we have no other as explained in 6 parts at :
4. it is very posible senario,
ghostq   (05.25.09)
Israely arabs did tryed to hurt others during cast lead-by planning car accident, so only logic to make such a drill.
5. to #2 lol palestinian history
ghostq   (05.25.09)
lol they don't have it do they?
6. @2 Remind me
gabriela ben ari ,   jerusalem   (05.25.09)
when was PAlestine occupied ?or when was it a nation? I mean a nation of arabs, given you have stolen the name "Palestine" given by non jews to jewish land. Remind me when was there a palestine made up of muslims, what were the borders of theat "country", its national currency, and line of kings ????
7. Israel flourishes on wars and fortification
Nour ,   Palestine   (05.25.09)
8. Israel flourishes DESPITE wars instigated by her enemies...
EST ,   Miami USA   (05.25.09)
That is why her neighbors are rabidly jealous. Neither peace nor war will bring develoment to those countries who thrive on feeding their citizens hatred and disrespect for human life ... while their leaders steal millions of euros given to them as humanitarian aid. It flows like sewage in the sewers ...
9. #7 Great Comment! Go have a Nakba Pill and a lie down ...
10. #7 Israel flourishes in spite of wars
Cynthia ,   USA   (05.25.09)
And still, the Palestinians have nothing to show for their armed struggle. Go work on your peace plan.
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