The Jihadist's guide to the galaxy
Niv Lillian, Nir Boms
Published: 25.05.09, 19:24
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1. The internet is a tool of life and death just like any other
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (05.25.09)
media. You can search for info on fighting breast cancer and find life saving information. You can search for idiotic ways to end your life fighting for a violent cult, the internet cuts both ways. The good that comes from the internet is thousands of times stronger than the few freaks that learn to kill and be killed on it. Someday the third temple will be built and all these violent cults will disappear forever.
2. Nerds of a more tall scrawny one
Ypip ,   Canada   (05.26.09)
3. it's not the tec to blam it's
ghostq   (05.26.09)
the people behind the tec, not nerds even old people know how to use these machins, it's more of getting minors to cooperate(16~17 years old). they act by the real definition Pedophiles=Hizb the same methods.
4. They use the Internet to fight the ones who invented it
Chaim ,   A   (05.26.09)
I can't remember that any islamic country was involved in the development of the internet. Isn't all from the west evil? Why are they using it?
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