Haredi city in Negev – blessing or curse?
Ilana Curiel
Published: 27.05.09, 08:20
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1. Build it next to Tehran
Jonny ,   Raanana   (05.27.09)
That way they will feel right at home.
2. message for mayor of arad
beer sheva girl ,   israel   (05.27.09)
I think you should worry about the existing people in Arad and not try to bring more people into the community. You need to work on improving community living situation. I know people who moved away from Arad because it has problems.
3. No maps are needed
Hen   (05.27.09)
if you don't know where Kasif is, you're not an "insider" - and you don't matter anyway.
4. "Alien corn" - the latest Stephen King novel
Gur   (05.27.09)
Haredis from outer space land in a space ship and take over the desert, I would love to know what words exactly were used in Hebrew for this expression...
5. the haredi usualy make problems but here they are victims
zionist forever   (05.27.09)
We don't like alot of their isolation plans in Jerusalem like segregated busses and trying to control what stores sell like no MP4 players because those nice young yeshiva students might look at things they shouldn't instead of listening to Torah. Now they want to create a new town in a part of the country the government wants to encourage people to go live but then again they are being condemed. Condem the haredi when its justified but don't hound them. These are not the only jews who the government wants moving to the Negev let them settle in Arad if thats what they want but don't try force people to live somewhere they don't want to. Jerusalem might want more jews to move there to increase the demographic balance for political reasons but the people they want have chosen to go live in Tel Aviv. Does that mean we should condem them or say they have no right to live in Tel Aviv because Jerusalem needs them more? I wish Kasif alot of luck.
6. Build It Next To Hebron
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (05.27.09)
Where their Jewish neighbors will welcome them, where they will be in closer proximity to our holy cities of Jerusalem and Hebron (which they would want anyway), and where their presence will have a greater, positive demographic impact.
7. My beloved country
Sagi ,   Israel   (05.27.09)
is doomed, I am so sad.
8. No pleasing these seculalas
Sharon ,   Tzahalala   (05.27.09)
It's gevalt when they improve quality of spiritual life for the ramat avivelech. It's gevalt when they build their own towns. Just no pleasing these seculala teletubbies. Now scream parasites, u dont do army (neither do [most of] u lefties). Rest of us lets enjoy a tasty cheese cake. Kosher place, to be sure that chalavi and parveh aren't baked in the same utensils. I just added that last part to piss off the seculalas even more. I hope I succeed.
9. #4 how about 'sinat chinam', achi?
steve   (05.27.09)
10. Orthodox Jews wandering in the desert are a danger?
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (05.27.09)
Hey, how did Israel get started anyway?
11. Was this Ben Gurian's dream?
Ethan ,   Eilat   (05.27.09)
Building a ghetto in the desert.
12. #7 Cheer up Sagi!!
Talula ,   Israel   (05.27.09)
Our beloved country is not doomed - not yet anyway. It's better if the Haredim all move south. It gives us all a bit more breathing space up here.
13. #5 and #6 You're great. Inspiring.
ami   (05.27.09)
#7 is a bore...again
14. you guys are such bores
israel   (05.27.09)
always complaining. you don't want the haredim in your towns. complain. now they're going to build their own town far away from you. complain. . we know- whahever the haredim do it's going to annoy you. get over it already. can't you just mind your own business?
15. Chareidim, go south but stay in Tel Aviv too
netiva   (05.27.09)
16. To Sagi #7
Lobbus ,   UK   (05.27.09)
No it isn't at all, I see hope where you see doom. All you do when you post comments like that is give comfort and succour to our enemies, and encourage them to continue to seek our destruction. If the Haredim want to go south, let them, better them than nothing. Regards from you know where, Lobbus.
17. Hazak ! Hazak! Hazak !
Ezra ,   Canada   (05.27.09)
Haredim are a demographic asset for the jewish state despite their lack of integration in the society aka army. Good to see the government does use them the best way they can be presently used : settling the land.
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