Iran: Gunmen wound 3 at president's campaign site
Associated Press
Published: 29.05.09, 21:37
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1. on iranian occupation
Maximus   (05.29.09)
Time to focus on the rights of all those nations opressed forecefully by the nazi iranian state. What is the status of the azeris, Kuds, arabs, beluchis etc.. under the mullah regime ? Iran is a purely artificial state that is made to disturb all the region. Ther eis need to adress that issue and any further war should follow up with the dismanteling of the so called "iranian" occupying state. period. All the acts comitted against that occupying force are legitimate resistance against the nazi iranian state, and therefore is fully legitimate.
2. I'm the dirty American dog who hired them...
reaper ,   minneapolis, usa   (05.29.09)
...I am reasponsible for every ill that effects Iran. Especially the shortness and ugliness of their president. My monies are great and I wish to sow terror on the peacfull Iranian regime, especially those angels in the Revolutionary guards ............bwaahahahahahahahhahahahaha.....
3. Yup, They'll blame US n Israel if they have constipation
Zohan ,   Tel Aviv   (05.29.09)
4. YES,WE HAVE................................#1
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (05.30.09)
Endorsed your views.Now crawl back into the hole you came out from.
5. like a headache or toothache its become normal?
would miss him ? ,   if they shoot him   (05.29.09)
up to now he has been far more entertaining in his twisted way than bush/obama/olmert/abb ass or the rest of the kadima comedy team. hope G-D ends this whole circus soon so we can have some peace and last.
6. ahmadinejad
iraj   (05.30.09)
You live by the sword, you die by the sword. Ahamdinejad who insults the memory of cyrus. persians arise, and rip his filthy tongue out. Get the arabs out of persia, they insult iran. Mahmoud, next time it is you.
7. three mystery agents
John ,   Boise, Idaho, USA   (05.30.09)
silly people...didn't you know that the three were his own elite bodyguards?Read the fine print "they insulted and threatened people before opening fire" well trained and disciplined like the mad ninja himself.
8. Crocodile tears for Iran
Massouda ,   Monte Carlo, Monaco   (05.30.09)
I have crocodile tears for Iran. They have many enemies which includes Al Quaida. One day there will be Justice for Iran.
9. what's wrong mach mood...1 hit a nerve?
10. How fresh, Blame the Jews/Israel.
Aaron ,   LA, USA (formerly SF   (05.30.09)
Never heard that one before.
11. lawless province...nuke 'em!
I mean really Iranian president you have the bomb...have everyone in your country put their sunglasses on and take a giant step back while you go right ahead and discipline this "lawless province on the border with Pakistan" Heck since God is always on your side I am sure that the wind will blow the right way and the nuclear fall out will land on the peace loving Pakistanis and not on the God fearing peace loving Iranian people. In other words Mr. Dinner quote Tarzan: "go gettem Cheetah!"
12. to 4
Maximus   (05.30.09)
Poor ,poor mahmood, again with no valid arguments to defend your failed entity !Instead of giving us you useless taugths, Crowl back to you backward country that you so deeply love.
13. the Smell of Imam Khomeini pervades everywhere.
Red Temple ,   White Mtns.   (05.30.09)
14. to mahmood #4
zediker ,   israel   (05.30.09)
i live in the holy land of milk and honey. you live in filthy london and come to our site to write creepy talkbacks. pray tell, who needs to slither back to his wretched little hole now?
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (05.30.09)
Did not work!! They never will.Maximus,or whoever he is has been singing that song for four years.How long do you plan to do?
16. mahmood isma ya habibi
zediker ,   israel   (05.30.09)
this is the last talkback ill ever write you, regardless of what you say... i dont know anything about maximus, he is free to do whatever he wants. as for my plans, i doubt you could even comprehend them, much less cause them to fail. despair shall continue to be your domain, and yours alone. the only way you can stop me is by putting one in my heart; as for my people, the glorious jewish nation, you could never stop them. your people may be numerous now, but surely they shall fade away to wretched insignificance, like all the mighty nations that have chosen to align themselves against the jews - persians, greeks, asyrians, romans, spanish, german...the list goes on and on. have a great life in london, im sure its a lovely city. as for me, ill stay in jerusalem. :) salamat
17. Is Mahmood a subject...???
Franklin ,   Paris   (05.30.09)
Mahmood has nothing to say. a dog that barks for barking under the Pavlovian instinct instigated by his fanatic and stupid background.
18. THE FRENCHMAN....................#17
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (05.30.09)
Welcome to you.I still insist on saying that your subversive activities did not pay you.Sorry about it.I thought you accepted it without much regret but it looks as though you took it very seriously.I am not a fantic,by the way.Where truth has to be said,say it,Frenchman.Nor is my background stupid at all.
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