Arabs: Nakba bill means war
Sharon Roffe-Ofir
Published: 30.05.09, 20:57
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1. "Historical roots are long and deep"
ME ,   USA   (05.30.09)
Israel/Jews roots are by far longer and deeper. The Arabs waive their 'history' as some kind of proof, yet deny the greater truth of the same catagory. Pathetic.
2. with moslems everything is cause for war
Marcel ,   Florida   (05.30.09)
Islam is about domination and submission to the false prophet Mohammed and his moongod allah. The fact that non moslem Jews occupy land once under moslem domination exposes Islam for the lie which it is. This is why Moslems will never make tue peace with Israel and why they seek it's removal from the crumbling house of Islam.
3. Comment
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (05.30.09)
Stop a minute and think, Israeli Arabs. Name ONE Arab country in which you could demonstrate or lodge similar protests. You might want to think twice before declaring "war." You could get your collective asses thrown out of Israel. Since none of you have left to go help build a Palestinian state in either Gaza or the West Bank, I suspect you live far better in Israel than you KNOW you would in any Arab country. Of course, your unwillingness to leave Israel to help build a viable Palestinian state calls your desire for one into question, but that's another matter. So -- give this some more thought. The chance of you finding yourselves needing to pack your bags is far greater than you may realize. We are, after all, really, really sick to death of you. And we CAN make you leave. Yeah; we can. We really, really can.
4. No Middle Ground
ESS ,   Florida   (05.30.09)
In the United States it is considered an honor to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, the idea that someone would mourn his own country's birth and accuse it of crimes is beyond comprehension. Think about it ... the Palestinians claim they are just staying in their homeland but the land is no longer is Arabic so how can it be their country. It is Israel. It is simply their physical land, which they can sell and use the proceeds to buy new land, some place far away from Israel. Or, they could become Israelis and be loyal to the state ....there is no middle ground.
5. Civil war
usa   (05.30.09)
If the government passes these laws, there will be civil war. Then everybody will have a taste of Nakba. Why doesn't the gov't have a referendum and let the people decide? I do agree that the gov't should outlaw the Palestinian flag in Israeli public places, but they should also let the Arabs determine which part of their history to mourn. A strong Israel should give the right for all of its citizens to protest, as long as it's not inciting violence (That will be up to the courts to decide.)
6. Ok guys, lets have a WAR !
Michael ,   Jerusalem   (05.30.09)
anyway, Israel welcomes arabs that accept to leave quietly. if you choose the other way, we will bulldozer you ! Hashem bless and protect our soldiers.
7. TIME TO CHOOSE SIDES: full citizenship & rights
TERRORISTCITIZENS? ,   Lynn USA   (05.30.09)
or hatred and molotv cocktails and shooting Israeli families on highways. You cant kill your fellow citizens, dance on the burning Israeli flag, and shout for the death to Israel and be expected to be rewarded with all the monies and benefits of citizenship. Of course there is always the country that is 78% of palestine, is 4 times Israel's size, is already 80% palestinian...or the other 25 arab nations and 57 muslim nations out there you can go to with you high level of living Israeli salaries....
8. Grab the good life with one hand and the other hand kills
Jae ,   Lynn USA   (05.30.09)
life. Its time to choose your side: loylaty or enemy. Jews in arab countries fought for those nations for 2000 plus years. why cant arabs fight for the one jewish nation?
9. Jews in Arabs and European nations fought for their country
onejewishcountry ,   Lynn USA   (05.30.09)
why cant arabs fight for Israel? If Jews could fight for their arab countries for 2000 plus years why cant arabs fight for the one jewish country? it comes down to a large voice in arab world that will never recognize a non muslim sovereignty in the middle of Islamic world. for them and their interpretation of islam its black & white- its islam and thats it. everything else is inferior eternally. there is little tolerance....
10. #3: you need to realize this:
Robin Van Creveldt ,   Rotterdam   (05.30.09)
"Name the ONE Arab country in which you could demonstrate or lodge similar protests"; ALL the arab countries allow and do hold parades to mourn the Palestinian Disaster. They are encouraged to do so - so, in fact, similar protests happen throughout the arab states in the middle east. What you mean to say is that if they held anti-government complaints in those countries, you doubt they would go unscathed. And that is the truth. Look at what happened in Hama when the fundamentalists were calling for Hafez al-Assad's head: he brutally crushed and eliminated the whole village. IF the palestinians really ARE different from Jordanians, Lebanese, Egyptians, etc. and not just the same people who lived in Palestine under the mandate... then they should hold rallies in Amman, Beirut, Cairo, etc. because THOSE countries kept them in REFUGEE CAMPS, and refused to integrate them since '48. Those countries CREATED the "palestinian" nation in order to use them to create anger, angst, and a potential 5th column. The arabs have been working since '48 to create this version of the middle east, and this version of the "palestinian" nation. I feel sorry for the people living in refugee camps, because the people who used to be their monozygotic twins are now refusing to house them, and instead say "look at those jews over there - they are the real reason you have nowhere to go!"
11. To: No. 5
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (05.30.09)
Okay. Point taken. Now hear this: The Israeli government can also make Israeli Arabs mourn thier history SOMEWHERE ELSE. I'm all for that, actually. You were saying?
12. Like American Indians, let the Arabs open up casinoes
JMK ,   NYC   (05.30.09)
on their reservations. We'll never hear about their wounded knee again.
13. Leave then, the door is open
Mike ,   ISRAEL   (05.30.09)
Israel is a Jewish state, given to the Jewish people from G-d for all eternity. If you Arabs, don't want to be part of it, the door is open, we will help you pack your bags. Go live with your brothers in Arab and Muslim states. Just relaize, you can't be here and slander this country any longer.
14. So the US is fascist?
Israeli ,   Israel   (05.31.09)
After all, every citizen there has to demonstrate his loyalty to the country. Every student in school is doing that once a day. So is the US a fascist?
15. Two countries
Sandy Shaw ,   Tel Aviv   (05.30.09)
The sooner the Palestinians recognize Israel and start working on their own country and problems the better we'll all be! You ain't getting Israel so start working on Palestine instead of wasting time.
16. The Nakba/Catastrophe in their eyes is Israel's existence
Ami-Hai ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.30.09)
They commemorate on the day Arab armies in 1948 initiated a war with Israel in order to extinct it and its Jewish residents, but were repelled by the IDF, thus the "catastrophe". It is time people all over understood the meaning of this day, especially when commemorated under the flags of the PLO, Fatah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad, all of which have had it in their Charters to wipe the Jewish state of Israel off the face of earth.
17. This will not be the first time Arabs in the country...
Ami-Hai ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.30.09)
...initiate a war against the Jewish community. At times it has been only economic while other times it has been military and in most cases it has combined both. And this goes back to 1920! In each of those confrontation the Arabs who followed their misguided leaders paid dearly. They will this time as well!!!
18. to #1: the "pals" have no history because they never existed
they are a made up ,   people!   (05.30.09)
19. Jews can say the same
JO   (05.30.09)
"Our historic roots in this country are long and deep," Zeidan writes. "There is no local law that can undermine our grip on the homeland, our national identity and our history." Jewish history and presence in the land is long and deep, Our roots long and deep. All attested to in historical documents, the towns, the places the presence of a Jewish community (take in Gaza long before modern times) and I am not talking ancient times. While I understand the fear that promotes this bill ( quote after quote by Arab Israelis and Palestinian leaders which are either anti Israel, anti Jewish) I do not believe this bill will pass. Israeli Arabs are not immune.
20. the arabs & the left think its unreasonable to demand loyatl
zionist forever   (05.30.09)
The left & arabs have a big problem about the idea of swearing loyalty to the state. Its attitude is more like we don't have to be loyal to the state and its wrong for the state to ask us to show loyalty all we demand of the state is they give us all the financial & political rights we get. You cannot and should not try and control peoples feelings but there is nothing wrong with making nakba day some kind of national day of mournings. If an arab wants to sit with his friends and say we will mourn nakba today but there can be no official day of mourning which involve demonstrations or protests. The ban prohibiting the publication of material negating Israel as a jewish democratic state should depend on the context of the material and who its being given to. If this material is being published for a good reason ( not just flyers to hand out ) and if its not in a hateful context then it should be allowed but handing out hate or trying to drum up revolution of some kind should be banned. Demanding citizens to declare loyalty to the state, its flag, anthem is perfectly reasonable and it goes on all over the western world. Demanding the arabs swear loyalty to these things is not asking them to like zionist values its just saying you want to be a citizen of this state you swear loyalty to it and its symbols. These bills apply to jews and arabs alike .. if a jew refuses to accept these laws they cannot have citizenship either Possibly some of the wording in the biils might need amending and they to define exactly what will and will not be legal so the bills can be practical but if they are fully thought through and worded right then I can't see any problem with bills demanding loyalty and stopping the idea of citizens holding an annual national day of mourning for the fact the country they now hold citizenship of exists. Its a crime to declare war against the state so they should think about that before they try anything stupid
21. what will obama do if the palestinians or saudis complain
zionist forever   (05.30.09)
what happens If the bill passes and the palestinians or his whabi masters complain and demand this bill be revoked? Will he say that I demand that a law passed by an elected government be revoked ... in the name of the peace process of course? If the arabs speak loud enough in or outside Israel Obama will probably step in just to show the arab world how he is on their side in all things concerning Israel.
22. funny that some of you think that you can win a war agi
mohanad   (05.30.09)
23. To hell with Israel
Mohammed Abbas ,   Riyadh, Saudia Arabi   (05.30.09)
Oh Israeli Arabs, you are welcome to live in Saudia Arabia. Leave this country, Israel
24. you're STILL crashing Mozilla Firefox
Browser Barry   (05.31.09)
25. No other country would let "Nakba Day" same as "National Day
Scott ,   Australia   (05.31.09)
That's right. Not even allowed in my country where under the British - the Aboriginal population was massacred and forced to capitulate for 150 years. Even now - our generation which had nothing to do with this disgusting behaviour, have said "sorry" to what is left , and many are in appalling circumstances - living on welfare from cradle-to-grave. That is another story. But there is no way they are getting a "Nakba Day". And one glaring observation is that rather than the population of arabs dwindle - as is expected under a true genocidal regime - as the Israelis have been dubbed. The arab population has instead grown. Like, how did that happen?? Those Israeli Arabs who dont like the idea of having to swear alliance should leave - back to the true Palestinian home - back to Jordan, or any of the other surrounding arab countries they came from. Israeli arabs show your loyalty - or leave.
26. The time has come
Daniel ,   Tel Aviv   (05.31.09)
I disagree with loyalty oaths, and prohibitions on freedom of expression. That said, the time has come for all the people wanting to live in Israel to act like Israelis. Serve in the military or perform public service. Sing the national anthem. If you must protest or mourn something do so peaceably. That way you can share in your national heritage and still have a cultural heritage.
27. "Our historic roots in this country are long and deep," Zeid
Mahmad al-Bahad ,   Pantasyland   (05.31.09)
"A TOUR OF PALESTINE; THE YEAR IS 1695" "Not one settlement in the Land of Israel has a name that is of Arabic origin. Most of the settlement names originate in the Hebrew, Greek, Latin or Roman languages. In fact, till today, except to Ramlah, not one Arabic settlement has an original Arabic name" "Most of the land was empty, desolate, and the inhabitants few in number and mostly concentrate in the towns Jerusalem, Acco, Tzfat, Jaffa, Tiberius and Gaza. Most of the inhabitants were Jews and the rest Christians. There were few Muslims, mostly nomad Bedouins. Nablus, known as Shchem, was exceptional, where approximately 120 people, members of the Muslim Natsha family and approximately 70 Shomronites, lived". Please read the complete article in
28. Congratulations #23!!!
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (05.31.09)
You are a good and sane guy! THATS THE WAY!!!!YOU'RE RIGHT!!!!!!
29. Palestinian flag
Maria ,   MD   (05.31.09)
It has black color means death?They must change the color of their flag, ALL WHITE!
30. If you don't like our laws, you are free to leave
Steve   (05.31.09)
Israelis have clearly had enough with a fifth column being disloyal to the state, and supporting our enemies. That is why Israel Beitenu did so well in the elections. It is time for the Israeli-Arabs to either be 100% loyal to the State of Israel, or get out. The Israeli-Arabs forget that they have more rights in Israel than the Arabs in any Arab country. However, if they still don't like Israel, they are free to get the hell out. Go to Syria, go to Lebanon, nobody gives a damn anymore. We've had enough of this bull----. You're either with us or not. Make a decision.
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