Initiative: 'Nakba law' to be softened
Roni Sofer
Published: 31.05.09, 09:49
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1. Truth Must Not Hurt!
Jewish Refugee   (05.31.09)
Israel stop living in delusion; you cannot continue to exist safely when your Knesset Members use free speech to tell Hezbollah where to fire rockets. You cannot let you Knesset Members to incite against Israel. Did U.S. allow Communist in the Congress during Cold War? Perhaps U.S. is going to allow Al-Qaeda members in the Congress? Why should Israel be that way in the neighborhood where respect comes from force not from goodwill? For more please visit:
2. Let them sign a loyalty oath to hamass and move them to gaza
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (05.31.09)
Let them sign a loyalty oath to fatah and move them to the west bank. Let them sign a loyalty oath to Israel and be good citizens. No one should take away their free choice of who to be loyal to.
3. VAT on food but money is spent on nakba promotion
zionist forever   (05.31.09)
The government NEVER had any rights to use my tax money to finance the promoting nakba. The government is talking about putting VAT onto fruit & vegetables but they currently spend tax money promoting nakba .. WHERE IS THE JUSTICE IN THAT? The citizenship law there should not have any amendments. Israel officially defines itself as a zionist jewish democratic state so anybody who wants citizenship of Israel should swear loyalty to the state as its officially defined. If there were jews wanting to be citizens of Saudi Arabia if it was demanded as a conndition they swear loyalty to the country as an islamic state then it would be quite reasonable to demand they swear loyalty to Saudi Arabia as an islamic state. Plenty of countries in the western world US included demand an oath of loyalty to the state so why not Israel. Lets stop being politicalally correct when it comes to the arabs and the left. Any ARABS OR THE JEWS who want citizenship must swear loyatly to Israel as zionist jewish state. We could even say if you want to make alliyah you get automatic permanent residency status but full citizenship & voting rights comes only if you swear an oath of loyalty Agreeing to do military service or alternative service changes nothing if the demands you do military service you do it, if the law demands you do an alternative service you do it and if the law says you don't have to do anything then you don't have to do anything. All this means you agree to do whatever the state demands you do as it should be now. Until the arabs start to get it into their mindset that they are Israeli citizens & Israel is a jewish state they will always be outsiders. To begin with it will be just words but eventually the idea will sink in & when that happens we might even loose all this nakba garbage without laws banning its promotion. So for now amend and pass the nakba law but pass the citizenship law in its current forn but specify it applies to everybody and even olim.
4. I had to say it before I became a citizen!
Jewish Refugee   (05.31.09)
I had to say in High School! "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands: one Nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all." Is this a crime on behalf of the U.S.A. the beam of light for the free world.
5. The "Nakba" commemorates the fact that Israel was not wiped
Amihai ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.31.09)
off the face of earth by the Arab armies that invaded it on 14 May 1948. In other words, the "catastrophe" was the fact that Israel was proclaimed and is still standing based on a UN resolution as a "Jewish state", the nation-state of the Jewish people. And when the "nakba" commemorations are being held under the flags of Hamas, PLO, Fatah, Islamic Jihad, PFLP and even Hizballah inside Israel, this should not be permitted.
6. all good and nice but who will enfource
ghostq   (05.31.09)
thos laws? I don't think anyone thought this through.
7. Jews
Gregg ,   Haifa, IL   (05.31.09)
Jewish people outside of Israel, living in non Jewish countries have the right to celebrate their holidays, their celebrations that have a meaning for them and nobody is complaining (and if they would the whole Jewish world would choke and call it antisemitism ) so why the arabs should not be allowed to celebrate their own beliefs in Israel. The TIKVA is already very agressive for non Jewish people.
8. TO #7 I have read the Tikva, and arabs
ghostq   (05.31.09)
r not mention there, do you want a line there ask from the Israely gov, but I don't see how conquering Israel 1600 years ago can be helpfull. but it won't hurt to try.
9. #7 - Hatikva most soft of national anthems
William ,   Israel   (05.31.09)
Almost all national anthems speak of war, fighting, beating away the "enemy" (whoever they are at the time, etc. - America's anthem is full of violent images as it was written during a great battle. HaTikva is exactly what it's name says - "The Hope" - it speaks only of the hope and belief in a place for Jews and self-governance. It mentions no one else nor does it speak of violence, an enemy, or supremacy. If people think HaTikva is aggressive then Israel might not be the place for them. Considering the songs I hear sung among the Arabs....I'm not sure I'd want them adding anything to anthem. Then again, I don't know one country who changed their anthem or flag because of a growing, violent minority. Though Germany might be first with their population of angry Turks.
10. With all due respect Minister Isaac Herzog
William ,   Israel   (05.31.09)
"...a law depriving Israel's Arabs of their legitimate rights as citizens of the State" Last I checked, Isaac, the right of citizens in Israel includes the right to a peaceful DOES NOT include the right of racist calls to destroy another group within the country, to incite violence, to create revisionism (like Israel is destroying Al-Aqsa, which was never true), to avoid pay taxes or doing national service, or to openly support a violent terrorist words and in deeds. Had the protests existed only as marches, then you'd have a point. There are dozens of countries that have specific laws against hate speech, incitement to violence, and conspiring with one's enemies....Israel should as well...even though it just happens to cover most of your voter base.
11. More celebrations, next to Arabs towns
William ,   Israel   (05.31.09)
Instead of paying Arabs to hate us through promoting their self-imposed loss, Israel should spend the money on massive promotions and celebrations of the many wars they won against Arab racism. I would have a 6-Day war event, an Independence Day that speaks of Jews win against planned Arab genocide, a Yom Kippur war event promoting Jewish bravery and tenacity even in the face of massive odds.... Flags, food, dozens of documentaries and programs outlining the racism and violence of Arabs leading up to such wars...and the repetition today in Hamas, Fatah, and among some Israeli Arabs. I would put it on every channel.... And books and publications outlining facts.... It's an information war, and Israel needs to dispense the truth.
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