Palestinians injured by veiled settlers
Ali Waked
Published: 01.06.09, 07:41
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1. Not accurate!
Ricardo Macher ,   KarneiShomron-Israel   (06.01.09)
I live in Karnei Shomron and I can tell you this info is NOT accurate, just arab propaganda. How strange you report just the arab side? Maybe the Jewish side is not important? Maybe we are pariahs for the Israeli press?
2. The truth cannot be told by Lie-NET
moriah ,   sacramento,usa   (06.01.09)
The real story probably goes like this: Balestinians hurl rocks at Jews. Jews get fed and have the audacity to defend themselves - G-d Forbid!!!
3. to #1 if it's not acurat please shed some
ghostq   (06.01.09)
light on what really happend, so every one will get full pic, other wise the article is correct.
4. That's it, US & Nato should drag them out of WB
Nour ,   Palestine   (06.01.09)
Obviously Israel and its government have been taken over by jewish fanatics. US, EU and NATO are sick and tired of the settler movement and its racist and violent attitude towards the natives. Get them out now !
5. More raw sewage from Ali...
Arthur ,   SF, CA   (06.01.09)
6. Maybe if the Arabs stopped attacking Jews there daily...
Justadude ,   Israel   (06.01.09)
There would cease to be any problems for everyone. That's my guess.
7. settlers are just like peaple but they are vampires
Jalal ,   Gaza   (06.01.09)
settlers are just like people but they are vampires
8. Undigested reporting
A local resident ,   Israel   (06.01.09)
A glaring ommission from Waked's report is that there was warning last night that the Gov. was to dismantle the well-established Jewish settlement of Ramat Gilad which has caused deep distress locally. I am sure this has a lot to do with any violence which will be seen in the area.
9. #4 - You will be thrown out of the land first..
Pal Pal ,   M E   (06.01.09)
10. on whom to rely ?
Michael ,   Haifa   (06.01.09)
When settler criminal thugs go on the rampage, it is impossible to rely on the IDF to uphold law and order in the occupied territoties, it is ridiculous to even think of relying on our present right-wing, nationalist-fascist government to do so. Sadly, only Obama and the EU remain the realistic alternatives
11. Maybe UN will provide camers to arabs and to settlers, then
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (06.01.09)
there would be a real record of what happened. And, Bibi is not going to evacuate the outposts for free, this will be a rebuilding and destroying cycle.
12. #8 Yeah?
Suddenly a terrorist's grievance is important?
13. to #4 the palestinian always had fanatics
ghostq   (06.01.09)
as leaders.
14. Settlers are Scum
David ,   Tel Aviv   (06.01.09)
Settlers are scum, no better than Hamas or Islamic Jihad. The World would be a better place without them.
15. What Settlers?
Haider ,   Sweden   (06.01.09)
If that is not a terrorist act then I donĀ“t know what is
16. Cup empty or full?
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim,   (06.01.09)
B"H The fact that illegal squatter Muhammad Khaled 21, who was delivering vegetables from one illegal Arab settlement to another illegal Arab settlement on the Jewish road and lived to tell his story to peace-partner Ali Waked of ynet, says a lot about Jewish patience and misplaced self-restraint, especially in presence of unprecedented Democratic State of Israel harassment of and violence against the Jews on their G-d given Holy Land. The Barak pogroms are to be condemned in the strongest of terms.
17. To Ghostq, Nour, Jalal and specially to Michael
Ricardo Macher ,   KarneiShomron-Israel   (06.01.09)
Please understand reality, everybody knew there was to be a blockade in route # 55 to protest Ramat Gilad's destruction. We are here to stay dear Nour and Jalal, so you have 2 options or you accept it or you feel unhappy forever. Michael, please! Why don't you emigrate? Fascism is contagious! What if it gets you????
18. to #7 quit whining there r no settlers in Gaza
ghostq   (06.01.09)
19. to #17 knew yeah but did you get permits to protest?
ghostq   (06.01.09)
20. Nice Pallywood picture
Josh   (06.01.09)
As a inner city firefighter, I have never seen blood miss dripping onto a persons gut or into a persons lap with head bleeding. It appears that somone smeared the blood on his shirt and pant legs but wanted to avoid the crotch area. If the person is standing blood hits whatever sticks out the most. If they are laying it drips towards the back of the head. Picture is wrong looking. Looks staged, I say.
21. Whatever the reason there is no excuse for plain violence!
S.   (06.01.09)
22. Real image? Two other things to add.
Josh   (06.01.09)
In an attack of trauma, the attending ambulance and medical staff are required to check for other injuries. DECAPBLTS This would mean the shirt would have been taken off. The disparity between the color and the dry blood is significant. There should be burgundy colored coagulated blood between the fresh and drying blood. I am more convinced the image is staged.
23. No. 22 Josh
NYC Girl   (06.01.09)
Your talkbacks were immensely informative. And if you're correct (and it certainly sounds as if you are) this sort of propaganda can very damaging, and needs to be countered straight away.
24. #18 Ah so Gaza is not Palestine?
Nour ,   Palestine   (06.01.09)
There are expanding settlements in the West Bank, so Palestinians in Gaza are deeply offended. Get it?
25. #17 Suggest you start packing, settlers are about to be
Nour ,   Palestine   (06.01.09)
EJECTED from the WB permanently, this unless you people will swear allegiance to the pluralist democratic state of Palestine. Capicce?
26. Jewish Squatters in WB: GO HOME!
Nour ,   Palestine   (06.01.09)
27. settlers should go back to where
Palestinian   (06.01.09)
they came from, converts or not it doesn't matter
28. To Nour
Israeli citizen   (06.01.09)
Your freguent spreading of PA or Hamas propaganda messages on an Israeli website does not give any good impression of your intelligence or veracity. It only shows that Israelis have true free speech - unlike your Arab brothers.
29. to #24 yeah right, like they care
ghostq   (06.01.09)
they don't have food and houses so they whould care what happend somewhere else, not likely.
30. So what will the settlers do when
Erastus CoupeDeVille ,   Ong's Hat, NJ USA   (06.01.09)
the UN troops displace the IDF in the israeli occupied west bank.
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