Yesha Council: We were told no evacuation before talks
Efrat Weiss
Published: 01.06.09, 11:51
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1. Yesha is about to destroy Israel
Avi-former Sruggie ,   Israel   (06.01.09)
Are the settlers so blinded by their dream that they can't see the danger of keeping the shtachim? The Jews of WB are already outnumbered and the demographic tendency goes against the settlers as a ticking bomb. There is no wat to reverse the demographic reality. There is no way to expel the WB Arabs. There is only one way: abandon the shtachim and separate us from the Palestinians. NOW!
2. Yesha Council what hypocrits
Avi ,   Rannana   (06.01.09)
They voted for Bibi and now as usual they are crying. Once again they play the victim when it is these very people who are the root of the problem. Thsy should be packing their bags and getting ready to evacuate Palestine.
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