Rabbi slams Jewish 'hooligans'
Efrat Weiss
Published: 02.06.09, 16:47
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1. oh oh is he from Neturay Karta,
ghostq   (06.02.09)
2. Hooligans?
Haider ,   Sweden   (06.02.09)
Settlers are Hooligans. That´s a joke, right? Be fare. Had Palestinians done that, they would heve been called Terrorists
3. no he is a leading rabbi of the settler movement
me ,   here and there   (06.02.09)
4. Keep burning the fields!!!
David ,   Los Angeles   (06.02.09)
The more fields you burn, the more it will help the settlement enterprise, the more support the settlers will get from American Jews who will oppose Obama (who they voted for 80%) in support of the settlers. We love the settlers and want to send them more US taxpayer money. We think they are nice people who are not racist scumbags and we think they really want "Peace" and that this has not become a meaningless slogan of total hypocrisy for Israel and its governments! Keep burning!! It will help the Israeli Far Right get what it wants!
5. A little honesty Haider wouldn't hurt
Ilan ,   Ariel   (06.02.09)
There is a a great deal of theft and property damage by Arabs against Jews on both sides of the green line. You don't have to term it terrorism in order to condemn it be as a bad thing (which it is). Arabs are people no less or more than Jews and people just trying to live their lives should be left alone in peace to do just that. The government has a duty to enforce the law against both Jews and Arabs without reference to their nationality. All illegal building and property damage should be dealt with the same severity.
6. #2
Amihai   (06.02.09)
Note that if they were palestinian, they wouldn't be criticized, but encouraged. And it wouldn't be one burning at a time, but something more violent and more frequently. I hope and pray thoses guys will calm down. They are fortunately so few among the yesha inhabitants...
7. "An act of hurting humanity"
Rabbi, of which "Palestinians" do you speak off?" If you had said Arabs, you words would have some real clout. I wish I could meet this rabbi and ask him to identify the nation of "Palestinians" in Torah as my Torah lesson.
8. SOME of these rabbis would just lead their people
Needrolemodels ,   Lynn USA   (06.02.09)
to expulsion from Judea- they are passive and short sighted beyond belief. Just glad we have our country back, otherwise some of these "leaders" would just watch and pray as Jews were sent to their deaths in other holocausts. They are a far cry from leadership and wouldnt know King David's behavior if it was directly in front of them.
9. Blind leader of the blind
Observer   (06.02.09)
10. He's rabbi, and correct.
Ypip ,   Canada   (06.02.09)
11. The law
Jon ,   America   (06.03.09)
Just because you disagree with some policies and laws of the government does not give anyone the right to disobey them. Laws are not options. These settlers must stop these acts of violence.
12. Observer, so you insult...
Aaron ,   LA, USA (Formerly SF   (06.03.09)
...the leaders even when they do the right thing and condemn any attacks?
13. Good for Rabbi Frugman
Rachel   (06.03.09)
Now why don't we see the Muslim religious leaders condeming the terrorist violence and murder against Jewish women and children. It would be a nice and welcome change for sure.
14. Fruman is a total lefty rabbit not a rabbi! ROTFLMAO!
mic ,   Judea   (06.03.09)
To call this guy a leading settler rabbi is completely untrue. He is a far left fringe rabbi from Takoa that has few followers except meratz-ites and a few other wussies.. Nobody listens to this fruitcake. He is a Natura Karta- light... They are really scrapping the bottom of the barrel to find somebody to condem the 'Hill top kids' Remember what Arik said to the kids (before they "processed him") ,"Grab every place you can, if not you will lose it. And if I or someone else tries to force you out be strong. Every place you take will be ours" persistant .'Persistance Furthers' Have a nice day. mic Rav Kook, Rav Ariel etc. was a real Settler (Redeemer) Rabbi.
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