Democrats to Obama: Ease pressure on Israel
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 03.06.09, 00:14
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1. We told you so!
Charles ,   Cleveland, USA   (06.03.09)
Jewish Democrats had their collective heads buried in the sand last fall, thinking that Obama would be a friend of Israel. His real colors are showing. American Jews, wake up to reality!
2. this guy is a novice
3. Some pressure if Israel has had 40years to comply!
lydia ,   Brisbane   (06.03.09)
Obama is asking that Israel comply Int. UN. Where is the pressure? do they need another 40years to comply, another 40years to circumvent the rulings of the Int. Committee? Jewish Democrats who feel Israel's illegal occupation supersedes the interests of the POTUS should pack and return to Israel.
4. Domestic policy?
Robert Firth ,   Singapore   (06.03.09)
Sorry, but continuing to build illegal settlements on stolen land is not "domestic policy". It is international provocation and a direct threat to peace. Obama is right to demand that Israel finally start to obey the Geneva Convention and UN resolutions.
5. SOME PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!
Robert ,   USA   (06.03.09)
Some people you cannot give power to, and Obama is one of them even the blind saw this coming , MAY THE LORD FOREVER BLESS THE PEOPLE OF ISRAEL AND THE JEWISH STATE.!!!!!!!!
6. Settlement Limitations
George Haas ,   New Orleans, LA USA   (06.03.09)
OBAMA eyes Israel as the REAL enemy. Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Hamas, Hizzbola, North Korea, China and Russia are just mere NUISANCES. Obama's equation to stop settlement growth would indicate that for every baby born in the settlements, one adult would have to vacate.This would then limit settlement growth. Tell that to the Native Americans!!! George Haas, Past Commander, Post 560, Jewish War Veterans, New Orleans, LA
7. Ease up Obama
mork ,   ork   (06.03.09)
The Americans don't want another USS Liberty or 9/11 false flag
8. Democrats?
JD ,   Washington, DC   (06.03.09)
Maybe these so-called Americans should quit politics and just move to Israel.
9. Yeah, Lets Keep Our Status Quo Cuz It Works SOOooo Well!
PunditRich ,   Wisconsin, USA   (06.03.09)
10. Wow, you call that PRESSURE?
Noor ,   Palestine   (06.03.09)
One word: PATHETIC
11. Israel Cry babies
george archers ,   toronto   (06.03.09)
Grow up folks and stop nagging America to death.Israel hasd it's way for over 60 years and along with America--the most hated countries on the planet. Times of change--gowith the tide or your ship wrecked.American folks have awaken and won't accept anymore lies :^(
PZ   (06.03.09)
Bibi knows he has zero relevant friends in Congress. These few politicans just want to impress a few of their Jewish grandparent voters. Everybody knows it is of no consequence.
13. Obama has nothing to lose
Mahlon Drumgoole ,   Newark NJ   (06.03.09)
Without a doubt, Israel's two greatest allies in the US are Christian Zionists and, to a lesser degree, American Jews. Thus, Obama's continuing hostility to Israel is a win-win situation for the president. He knows that Christian Zionists are overwhelmingly conservative and vote Republican. American Jews, on the other hand, almost automatically vote Democratic and a democratic president that shows hostility to Israel will not result in significant loss of financial or electoral support for the Democrats. Thus, supporters of Israel have little to bargain with on Israel's behalf. Jewish Republicans take the issue of Isreal's security very seriously. When Baker uttered the f**k the Jews response and Papa Bush showed his obvious disdain for Israel, Bush got the smallest Jewish vote in recent history---something like 8% against Clinton. American Jews decided to remain in denial about Obama's true intentions towards Israel. His longterm attendence at a virulently antiIsrael church, his association with extreme leftists who hate Israel, and his policy advisors such as Abig, Jimmy Carter. and statements about Likud were all minimized by the Jewish leadership.
14. Falling apart so soon?
Chrisona ,   Chicago   (06.03.09)
Obama's foreign policy is off to a rather horrendously bad start. He has a couple of faltering wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, North Korea is defying him, and the Iranians are playing him for a fool, as are the Saudis et al. And Obama seems to think that he can kick Israel, and all of his other problems will be solved. This is scapegoatism, and it worries me. Ordinary Americans are beginning to reassess Obama, and they don't like some of what they're seeing, particularly his rough treatment of a good ally.
15. Lovely
Firebird ,   Philadelphia USA   (06.03.09)
It must be nice to have a lobby tell our leaders in the US what to do. What a wonderful world it would be if there was a Palestinian lobby doing the same. So, I suggest to any US leader that unconditionally supports Israel to simply leave the US for Tel Aviv.
16. Iran & 4 of July
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (06.03.09)
Will the Iranian invited guests, include also, members of Hezbolla-Hamas ?
17. last the Democrats SPEAK UP!!!
David P. ,   Capitola, CA   (06.03.09)
What took you SO long to realize what's been happening?
18. Israeli attack of Iran's nukes: a spanking for Obama
Samuel Prime ,   Canada   (06.03.09)
Obama is going too far, too fast, and with little foresight. He's alienating the wrong friend. Could his 'Muslim genes' be misleading him as it has the Muslim world?
19. Israel a US ally?
David ,   Portland, Oregon, US   (06.03.09)
Give me a break. What has the nation of Israel done for the US? I have been sending letters to my congresspersons asking that all military aid to Israel be cut off. Stand or fall on your own.
20. What were they expecting???
Jeffrey ,   Boston   (06.03.09)
Barak Hussein Obama sat in the pew for 20 years listening to vitriolic sermons of Jew hatred by Reverend Wright. No one should be surprised by his aggressive treatment of Israel. When will leftist American Jews wake up to the disaster that they helped vote into office? Obama is no friend of Israel and he hates his own country also. He is determined to not only destroy the American economy, but he will destroy Israel also. Wake up my fellow American Jews before it's too late!
21. Did you know Obama went to Jeremiah Wright School?
e.m.Jordan is Palest ,   s.f   (06.03.09)
Despite that has been warning to you by the Fox and CNN and others news agencies The democrats elected the radical Muslim man for US Presidency; unfortunly it is time to pay the price for your blindness mistaken, let see what will be the
22. Obama attempts to lift America's immage in Arab eyes... at
Ada ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (06.03.09)
Israel's expense. We, Jews, constitute only a very small people and historically we have been trashed, but I think Obama's move to advance matters on our backs will back-fire in ways he has not even expected, within and without the U.S.
23. Is Israel a vassal of the U.S.A.?
Dave Ronen ,   Haifa   (06.03.09)
Most everyone assumes that, because the American people support small Israel, therefore, the State Department, the influential oil companies who make decisions for both State, the Oval Office, the Pentagon and other Intelligence units - also support Israel. These forces have different interests and different loyalties due to the Saudis and Egypt, with some connected to Syria and Iran. Israel is ‘used’ as a convenience that can be counted on - when needed - and dismissed when the decision for action lies between the Muslim Arab States and the Jewish State of Israel. More at :
24. obama is only pressuring on the seetelments issue
dee ,   haifa   (06.03.09)
and whoever thinks the settlers are a democracy , is a dictator himself , obama is waking up to reality , there could never be peace in the middle east ,or the world for that matter , unless the palestinians taste there freedom , and this starts with dissmanteling all illegal settelments ... israel is too smart to miss this importanmt point , and there are millions of israelis who are really ready to live in peace ..
25. "dictating to an ally" is just what US is doing
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (06.03.09)
Ackerman doesn't think "anybody wants to dictate to an ally what they have to do in their own national security interests." He should open his eyes! That's just what the US has been doing. In 2002, Bush, Rice and Powell were regularly discussing with Israel what the latter could and could not do during Defensive Shield. "Don't touch Arafat," was one such stricture. A similar process was ongoing during the 2006 Lebanon War and during Cast Lead. Gen. Jones would often brush aside Israel's security concerns. And Rice tried to derail the plan to hit Syria's nuclear site in 2007. Now we've got Obama's mouthpiece, Hillary Clinton, telling Israel they can't build even in the Jewish Quarter in the Old City.
26. ah, but 78% US Jews can't be wrong, now, ..can they?
diamond   (06.03.09)
US Jews, especially Democrats, think they will somehow be immune and protected from the coming attacks, isolation, humiliation and degradation of Israel by the Obama-led US administration. Go look at the pics on and see what awaits us.
27. boo hoo
G ,   Bedford, Tx   (06.03.09)
Perhaps Rep. Shelley Berkley should just move to isreal and let the US conduct it's business.
28. Obama
Gary Glaser ,   Hutchinson, MN, USA   (06.03.09)
I keep hearing how smart Obama is supposed to be. So, how long is it going to take before he realizes that all it would take for him to get Netanyahu to endorse a two state solution would be to get all the Arabs to sincerely recognize the right of Israel to exist as a Jewish state. Until that happens, there is nothing to talk about.
29. obama to stop preasureing
Ken ,   Australia   (06.03.09)
You are 100% correct, this guy should be better prepared to discuss with his friends than to continuously court his ennemies. There is a flip side to obamas game, and that is to pull his head out and see that his overtures to the whole arab world need to be checked and kept in check, OK he rallied the whole arab world but its time to say enough, he alrady put the work inn. And I think he should start demaning payment from them instead of exhusting israel at this time when they are ones doing all the work whilst the arabs give a absoulute big nothing, so why continuously court the arabs, when you negatiate if you are smart you get both sides to compensate, he on this hand is dealing everything at once to serve his own ego and purpose, he should focus on other details of life, like the 50 states he is supposed to be running.Afterall every president has not acheived much at all , it is between the arabs and the jews.
30. David @ 19; To answer your question
leo ,   USA   (06.03.09)
in simplest and shortest form. Israel has a lot of important know-how to share and it does not have to be with US. Practically entire amount of $3,000,000,000, which Israel gets from US goes right back into US economy and if you or any or your relatives or friends are working for military complex chances are they have a job just because of that. BTW, there is much more, but I am too tired and too lazy today.
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