Dudu Topaz attempts suicide in prison cell
Raanan Ben-Zur
Published: 04.06.09, 07:10
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1. Insulin is not how a suicidal person tries to kill themself.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (06.04.09)
This is calling attention to the amount of depression he is in, nothing more.
2. There is no easy way out...end
mark ,   ca   (06.04.09)
3. Narcissism personified
Talula ,   Israel   (06.04.09)
The egotistical Dudu Topaz just couldn't accept he is well past his sell-by date. These TV personalities have a shelf life of a few years, and that's it. We cannot be served the same old faces year in and year out - except in a few cases, Topaz isn't one of them. The Narcissistic loser couldn't accept it, to the point that he ordered a WOMAN to be beaten up because he didn't get enough air-time. What a CREEP! If his career had a glimmer of hope, all of that has been removed – because it’s well and truly over now. Thank God!
4. well he got the media attention after all
ghostq   (06.04.09)
he is the main star, and on top' in a year or two he will write a book about his crash down, boriiiiiiiing, seen that so many times, latly. neeeeeext. (actor that is)
5. tragic
oferdesade ,   israel   (06.04.09)
i remember topaz at the beginning - he played amnon in amonon & tamar for orna porat's theater. my mom worked there, so i actually REMEMBER him. he was a lovely guy, timid, honest, humble. and talented as they come... truly. then he started doing the hotels circuit with his "entertainment" bit. he couldn't understand what was going right. but the leches kept on taking advantage of his sexy looks, and being a great actor, he slipped into a part every night he didn't really like. unfortunately, like actors sometimes do, he let the persona take over, with the help of the lechers - the producers, the moneymen. then, when they squeezed him out, they threw him out. by then, there was no dudu topaz. little surprise that he couldnt understand it was happening. many people in the upper echelons of israel tv are worse than scum. letting them live is a sin in itself. it's just a shame that topaz couldnt make the leap from being a victim to being a teacher (i dont mean necessarily in a classroom) helping the next generation up, showing them how not to fall into a hole. maybe its not too late.
6. Everybody has ups and downs in life.
bruce david ,   hula valley israel   (06.04.09)
Everybody has ups and downs in life. What dudu topaz has done is a disgrace to him alone. He alone has to face the truth and pay the price. Now is not the time for his friends and enemies to bury him. He needs help
7. Wrong!
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (06.04.09)
What you should have done, Dudu, is tie your bedsheets together and hang yourself. Insulin? Insulin? How pathetic are you? Answer: very, No one -- but NO ONE -- feels sorry for you. Go away. Just... go...away.
8. But of course
enough already ,   TA   (06.04.09)
We all knew this. BUT the pretentious tzfonbonim really ARE awful, and so full of themselves.
9. we bring out guys like this
sdaf ,   asdf   (06.04.09)
and wonder why they are so disturbed. Then they do things like this and everybody speaks about them again, in the one or the other way. No 4 is very right and what will we learn by that? He will publish a book in a couple of years and then lets see how many people will buy it and that will show the level of shame in our societies! Lets see!
ANGELINA ,   HOLON, ISRAEL   (06.04.09)
'what a shame and pity for this truly talented artist who did not know when stop. he did bring us some happy moments with his shows even if some people will not agree. However, he did not understand that nothing goes on forever. He should have turned his talents to something else instead of becoming a mafioso. Yes, this is what he became. What a sad end for the son of the talented Goldenber. I amsorry for himthat he did not understand tha he is not meleh israel
11. pity for him
Eric A ,   mevasseret, Israel   (06.04.09)
Dudu, i never liked your shows nor you, but i did not really care either, now you have learnt glory never lasts, even for real kings and generals, i suggest you to use your life to be useful, Hashem gave you a lot, become a good jew, serve hashem, come back to our roots, and help poor jewish people there are many in jerusalem.
12. Only in Israel would the prison guards be concerned.
Rivkah   (06.04.09)
In America, prisoners are murdered by guards and THAT is called suicide when it should be called cellicide. So many prisoners in California prisons were murdered by prison guard who felt their ten thousand dollar a month salary was insufficient and needed murder for hire money, too, that the federal government had to take over the California prisons to protect the prisoners from the guards. It is the guards who should have been imprisoned and executed for being murderers. Routinely, when the newspapers reported a prisoner "hung" himself or herself in a cell, the public knew it was murder, not suicide. Cellicide. But here is a prisoner in Israel who really tried to kill himself without help from the guards. And people say Israelis are brutal. They don't have a clue. Killing oneself is self murder and may lead to hell, a worse place than prison. But if one is so inclined, the plastic blade of a plastic knife should be run up the arm so the cutting of arteries is more difficult to patch before death. With an insulin needle, take the syringe part off and leave just the needle with the tiny funnel. Insert into an artery or vein and let the blood run into the cell. That should be sufficient to send one to hell, a far worse place. At least in prison, most prisoners get three slops and a flop which is more than they get in hell.
13. What about his children???
Haya ,   Bat Yam   (06.04.09)
It is not only a boosha for him but for his children as well. He could have done something with his life if a future on tv was not in the cards for him - he could have opened a business for aspiring performers; or gone to a school and encouraged kids; or written a book. What a fool!
14. Ladies u can indeed commit suicide by overdosing on insulin!
Let's have a little think about it. Insulin in overdose injection will case the use generally a diabetic to go into insulin shock and just for the record you can die from going into insulin shock
15. Ladies & gentlemen the boy's down that's enough now!
I have never liked Mr. Topaz and/or his kind of "entertainment" but the man is way down in the dumps! He fouled up real bad and he knows it. For goodness sake at least have the decency to still your tongues for a few minutes until he recovers and then you can go back to your nasty little ways!
16. Insulin?
ALINE ,   ISRAEL   (06.05.09)
How come he was allowed to have an actual needle in jail? wasn't there a mistake here from the prison wardens? shouldn't a person empty his pockets when entering prison?
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