Report: Assad to change top defense brass
Roee Nahmias
Published: 04.06.09, 12:56
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1. Is he planning to replaces Nasrallah as head of Hizbullah?
zionist forever   (06.04.09)
Syria is an entity not to worry about under the little boy who wants to be a man. In the 60s & 70s Syria was a military power today they are a nothing. Tanks from the 50s & 60s Jets from the 60s & 70s with pilots that only know how to take off and eject. A few old ships for a navy, his entire submarine fleet was abandoned because they were considered death traps. Israel knows how to get round even their most advanced radar systems. Arrow & Partriot can deal with Syrian scuds. All it takes to destroy Hizbullah is to instead of attacking Lebanon go drop a few bombs on Damascus and send a message to Assad its you who will be feeling the effects of Israeli bombs next time not the Lebanese. Assad can replace as many of the top brass as he likes but it still wont make Syria a country to worry about.
2. assad
this regime replaces commanders often because of the fear of the commanders' disloyalty to the regimes. trust between army and dictator depends on the monetary value of generals in this uselss army. the heads are always changing because of trust issues and because assad is constatly fearful of a coup by top generals. he lives in constant fear of his people and of his government. what a life! assad, you can change anyone you want, your army is a joke, your airforce is dysfunctional and your generals are basic idiots who know nothing about strategy or warfare. you lost every war you started and we embarrased you on the battlefield time and again. watch out. do not attempt to start anything adventurous because next time, damascus will look like the bombed "milk factory" iaf destroyed some years ago. little boy. play with your little toys and stay out of wars you can't win.
3. Assad's new Army Chief-of-Staff
Gabriel ,   Washington DC   (06.04.09)
Assad di not appoint his brother-in-law. This goes to show how valid your sources are!
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