60% of Israelis don't trust Obama
Published: 04.06.09, 15:13
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1. We had the proof today that b.o. is a half
jason white ,   afula,israel   (06.04.09)
out of the closet muslim and a member of the jihad! Hopefully today will open the eyes of the Americans and they will see that they elected the enemy as President! As for the territories,let us make them totally Jewish and evacuate the arab trespassers now.
2. what did you expect, the fist thing he did
ghostq   (06.04.09)
is to meet Abu Mazen, not Israel.
3. Do Israelis trust ANYBODY?
Avi-former Sruggie ,   Israel   (06.04.09)
Or anything? I guess Avraham Burg is 100% correct.
4. Forget "leaning" ...
MK ,   Philadelphia, USA   (06.04.09)
The Precedent hates the West and is working to destroy it, in order to reduce everyone to the level of his "people" in the third world. He is a product of the third world and has never forgotten, nor let wane, his hate of the West. He is attempting to drag the world back into the past, so that the primitives in the third world aren't so embarrassed about their lack of accomplishment, anymore. The usurper leading the US is one of the most dangerous forces this world has ever seen. Make no mistake about it.
5. unfortionatly
dee ,   haifa   (06.04.09)
those 65% are peace hating people who are happier with a world full of wars rather than peace between the nations and religons , and at the same time , its hard to beleive that 65% is the rite figure , but i guess time will tell !!!!!
6. Tragic Than 99.999% Of American Jews Do...
David H ,   Marietta USA   (06.04.09)
If you expect to survive until our next administration, you will need to grow up, and figure out what needs to be done militarily and politically, in the absence of $3B of American aid for the next 4 years. Your future, if there is one, is grim, and you need to take full and complete responsibility for own survival. The Marxist State of America won't come to your aid any longer. Some of us with half a brain predicted this a year ago. The catastrophe is almost at hand. Well done liberals!
7. to #6 finance wont be problem Russia can pay very well.
ghostq   (06.04.09)
8. Settlements
Kevan ,   Clearwater   (06.04.09)
Israel should absolutely not abandon the settlements in either Judea or Samaria. I do not believe for a minute that it will bring peace. The arabs have one goal and that is to destroy Israel thru a consistent squeeze play.
9. to unfortunatly 5
Steve ,   usa   (06.05.09)
When they say peace and safety then sudden destruction cometh upon them. Do you think the devil is going to protect you?
10. Obama and Israel
Larry Sayer ,   Dallas United States   (06.05.09)
Anyone that doesn't see that Obama is totally against Israel needs to really read between the lines and take a look at the true Obama. Sorry days are ahead if he is left to carry out his objectives.
11. Barack Hussein Obama cannot be trusted
Steve   (10.20.09)
In a speech to AIPAC, Obama stated that "Jerusalem is Israel's capital and must remain undivided." Then he changed his position, and now supports giving the terrorist organisation known as the 'Palestinian Authority' half of the city. He lies, he twists facts, and will happily abandon Israel after years of close US-Israel relations. This man cannot be trusted and should not be made welcome in Israel.
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