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Is this pop hit kosher?
Yoav Friedman
Published: 05.06.09, 14:50
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1. Catchy
Unknown ,   Little Sliver NJ USA   (06.05.09)
Very Very cleaver
2. Oh good grief get a life you sad people
Avi ,   Rannana   (06.05.09)
What ever next? Ive never heard anything so pathetic in my entire life !
3. sick, sick, sick, sick
so much ,   for tolerance!   (06.05.09)
4. Haredim not known in ancient times
MTV ,   Meah Shearim   (06.05.09)
The end have spoiled the show. Haredim are not similar to ancient builders and warriors. Hardly recognized as Moshe and Shlomo descendants. Regarding the musical part, the cover is lacking any kind of fresh idea.
5. A blatantly Jewish offering from the classic rock days
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (06.05.09)
One favorite from 1969 which I both enjoyed and had to smirk at is the song "Jewish" by the jazz-rock group Sprit. Written by its Jewish guitarist, Randy California, it was rock cover of the "Hine ma'tov u'manaim" meditation. Why the smirk? Because he got almost all the words wrong!
6. Lighten up
David ,   Rhode Island   (06.07.09)
It still sounded good.
7. avi, # 2....
fonky wurm ,   j-town BOI   (06.07.09)
im a jew, im covered with tattoos, and i listen to violent aggressive music because that is what soothes me. and yet, i recognize that you are the most pathetic part of this whole article. a jew wants to listen to something positive, and you ridicule him for that?? in my opinion, word for word, your talkback was best directed at yourself (how ironic)
8. #7 about # 2
Issac ,   Israel   (06.07.09)
I'm agree with number 7 you are absolutly right. avi from ranana is always saying bad thing about anyone who a bit religious or anything religious. Avi go back to were you come from - we dont need you in israel - you hate everything - maybe it you that need to get a life
9. Made me smile : )
Talula ,   Israel   (06.07.09)
10. 'Walk like an Egyptian
Bob Meyer ,   Cortlandt Manor, US   (06.08.09)
total schlock! just another example of the low level of Orthodox Jewish commercial music.. where are your standards?
11. Its a novelty that he asked permission!
Lemmings Hotline ,   sd usa   (06.07.09)
Mostly they dont. The most blatent are MBD version of Ghengis Khan (Yidden) and Schlock Rock. How could you call that music religious when its blatently misappropriated.
12. Bob, #10: Who said anything about "Orthodox?"
Low level?!? Have you listened to this? It's cute, the words work really well, the music is authentic, nothing objectionable, you can listen more than once without getting sick... When was the last time you heard "orthodox" jewish music done like that, even as a copy? It's also an extremely GOOD copy. You wouldn't know "standards" if they bit you.
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