Tel Aviv protest calls to end occupation
Anat Shalev
Published: 06.06.09, 21:16
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1. Rabin,Baraq, And Sharon gave them...
Yehuda ,   Holit, Israel   (06.06.09)
What they asked. G-d help me I suported them. With Rabin hundreds died in attacks like the bus 5 bombing, the Dizengov center bombing., the Beit Lied bombing, The numerous Jerusalem bombings and shootings, the slaughter of the innocent at Kibbutz Metzer..ect. Baraq by pulling out of Lebanon unilaterally strengthened Hizbulla and set up the conditions for the second Lebanon war, Sharon gave us here in the south the legacy of years of missles and mortars and the spineless Baraq and indecisive Livni lead us into a fruitless war that we were more than capable of winning. When I came to this country I saw a nation that beleaved in itself. Now I see a nation that listens more to what the world tells us than our own inner trueth: We are the nation of Israel. We do not need to justifiy ourselves in a world that has yet to attone for it's own horrible crimes. You cannot occupy what already belongs to you.
2. This is a move in the right direction!
3. Ah, Israelis, there is simply no escape from reality
Cameron ,   USA   (06.06.09)
Obama will dither & fail as others have failed. Even with a 2-state arrangement, your Arab neighbors will still work unceasingly to make an end of you, by hook, or by crook. Keep your swords sharp for the next battle in the war which simply cannot end.
4. that banner says it all
david ,   new york   (06.06.09)
5. Meretz got all of three seats
Sidney ,   USA   (06.06.09)
I did not realize that this is a mandate to tell a country what to do. Maybe since these lefties were rejected by the electorate their new constituency is the Obama administration.
6. Where else would such a demonstration take place
Robert Haymond ,   Ashdod, Israel   (06.06.09)
except Tel Aviv? Does it not concern any of these protestors that after we left Gaza the missile launches increased in number? wait, they hit the south. No one in Tel Aviv was harmed.
7. Where is the Palestinian left?
Jay   (06.06.09)
If there is an equivalent of these people, politically, on the Arab side of the argument - then shouldn't they be able to make peace with each other? Too bad the right wing religious national political groups have a tight grip on both sides of the fence. It's sad, and of course very ironic that the 'holiest' place on Earth is plagued with violence. Of course, religion has no earthly boundaries and worshiping a land is little more than idolatry. The nation state of Israel is the golden calve.
9. Tel Aviv settlement in occupied Palestine
Ahmed ,   Ramallah Palestine   (06.06.09)
you think you fool us we want you out of our country. Tel Aviv is in occupied Palestine. Get out with all your gangsters in other settlements as well.
10. end the occupation
mark ,   jerusalem   (06.06.09)
immediately annex the entire west bank. the 1922 mandate for palestine created the jewish national home in the ENTIRE area west of the jordan river. tell obama's state department that the mandate was affirmed unanimously by the US congress
11. i would have joind if i would have known about it
Dee ,   haifa   (06.06.09)
all the respect to all the organizers and all those that attended this rally , calling for peace and the end to occupation , this proves that are good israelis , and that for israel to be a real democracy , we must stop all the settlers and the kahana suppoters , because some of us and thats the majority want to live in peace .... end the occupation and the settlers and the kahanas now ... long live israel free of occupation ....
12. #9 Is a troll pretending
Not fooling us ,   USA   (06.06.09)
to be Palestinian. Too obvious!
13. Left wing demonstration TA
Mark ,   Hackensack, USA   (06.06.09)
Just more aid and comfort to the enemy, when will they ever learn?
14. Stupid protestors! Take note of #9's response to you!
Tel Aviv is NOT ,   "occupied"   (06.07.09)
15. Dee, you are retarded! Israel isn't occupied, Jordan is.
16. "Thousands"? Barely one hundred!
Dany ,   Tel Aviv   (06.07.09)
17. #11
Shu ,   Ariel Israel   (06.07.09)
That fact that you truly believe that giving away more Israeli land will bring peace boggles my mind. It will cause more destruction and death. Just look at #9 he considers Tel Aviv and Haifa as part of his country, why don't you evacuate your home to appease him? Our neighbors hated us before the "settlements" and they'll continue to hate us if we give them up.
18. Protesters
daat y ,   jerusalem   (06.07.09)
How come no mention of how many thousands? Maybe if we give Tel Aviv to the PLO THERE WILL BE PEACE?
19. Less then 200 leftists! The Media lives in a fantasy world!
How sad.   (06.06.09)
20. Cede Tel Aviv to the PA and let them have all the Aroma and
Frankie Abulafia ,   Jerusalem   (06.06.09)
Coffee Time they handle. These yellow-bellied traitors dodged the draft, and have little or no meaning in their otherwise pathetic lives. Sippin' coffee and watching the dreams of their grandparents go up in hash smoke. With Jews like these, who needs Haredim to despise?
21. For a free Israel - free of occupation and racism
Ezra   (06.06.09)
Stop the Greater Israel madness before it is too late.
22. Winds of changes....
Gadi   (06.06.09)
Go for it. Go for peace. Gobama.
23. Dumb leftists
Alon Frank ,   Beth Shemesh, Israel   (06.06.09)
How long is the leftist circus going to last? It's obvious that these people are totally disconnected with the torah. We are the only people that have rights to live in the holy land that was given by G-d to us. It has been written in the Quran (surah 5 verse 20) and clearly in the bible. I agree that they can live here with us in peace (under our rules offcourse),but most arabs are rejecting this and wants us out of our land. Leftists,face the truth and repent. It's still not too late. The settlements are just there to protect you. May G-d bless the settlers and may G-d bless their struggle for Eretz Yisrael Hasleimah.
24. Thats right get out of occubied Tel Aviv
Ben ,   Gush Etzion   (06.06.09)
25. sell outs
Ari-Ben Canaan   (06.06.09)
What a bunch of sell outs! These loons are not zionists. They should put down their flowers and bongs and realize that they are simply giving more fire ammo to the anti-semites world wide that would like to delegitimize our Jewish State. Shame on them!
26. "Murderers in uniform"? Bolshevik traitors go home
Jake   (06.07.09)
27. #21. Greater Israel? Greater than what?
Jake   (06.07.09)
Let me guess. "Israel proper" is the size of Wales. "Greater Israel" is the size of New Jersey. Neither can be seen on world map without a magnifying glass.
Palestinian   (06.07.09)
I know that there are good Palestinians who would like to embrace their friends in the jewish side.
.............DACON9   (06.07.09)
30. End the ARAB Occupation of JEWISH Land!
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (06.07.09)
22 HUGE, OIL-WEALTHY Arab countries. More than enough oil money and land for PA Muslims! One tiny, global jihad embattled Jewish state-not enough room for Jews There NEVER was an Arab country of Palestine. Jerusalem was NEVER the capital of any Arab or Muslim entity. Jerusalem is mentioned over 700 times in the Jewish Bible, not once in the Koran. Millions of Muslims continually migrate from 57 Muslim countries colonizing the West. In Sweden, many Muslim youth wear a t-shirt proclaiming: "2030-then we take over" At the same time, Muslim supremacists are vehemently opposed to Jews living on their Land and Hindus living on their Land in Kashmir, India. Jewish cities and towns in the Biblical homeland, Judea and Samaria, are shining lights of freedom! In countries around the world, Muslim supremacists wage cruel jihad against non-Muslim innocents to VIOLENTLY drive non-Muslims from off their own land. Do Israeli Leftists plan to go to those countries and demand the indigenous people surrender their land to the Islamo Fascist supremacists?
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