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All-women religious band Tofa'ah still rockin'
Josh Lichtenstein
Published: 08.06.09, 17:18
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JESUSALEN ,   JESUSALEN   (06.08.09)
2. These ladies are the BEST!
Elana   (06.09.09)
The first time I saw Tofa'ah was in Rehovot about 15 years ago and I am still a major gruppie to this day. Only the purest music and joy comes out of this band. May HaShem bless you with many years of sharing yourselves with us, your loyal fans.
3. Lovely article!! Keep it up ladies.
Talula ,   Israel   (06.09.09)
4. You ladies sh/do bandstands for the school girls
Ypip ,   Canada   (06.09.09)
It'd be fun and educational for them. Create workshops for them...that sort of thing.
5. YNET correcting itself-hell froze over?
svietka ,   eli,shomron   (06.09.09)
really good article and thanks for posting the link.
6. Why hide his identity?
Motic ,   London England   (06.10.09)
I am saddened that the leading Rabbi who encouraged them is afraid to be named! What a pathetic reflection on the Israeli Rabbinate with its stiff neck from looking over its shoulder and fear to innovate! Our Sages say we will have to account for all permitted pleasures we have denied ourselves. Women are no less musical than men and should be encouraged to develop their talent within the framework of Halacha.
7. tofaah
I would love to know the names of the band members today I listened to their music it is beautiful
8. Another Tofa'ah member here
Linda ,   Atlanta, GA   (01.18.11)
I'm one of the people in that old black and white photo, and played on Tofa'ah's first album (also wrote one of the songs), but was not named in the list of their original members. I am Linda Levine, and was the bass player! I played with Tofa'ah for about three years.
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