Barkat meets with haredi councilmen over parking lot fiasco
Ronen Medzini
Published: 07.06.09, 23:02
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1. Compromise on G-d' law??? That says you don't create fire on
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (06.08.09)
Shabbat, cooking or inside a car engine. The charadi have a Torah observant neighborhood and the people who want to drive on Shabbat can go break G-d's law somewhere else. You will always have people who would spit on G-d if they didn't think HE would strike them down on the spot. You can't stop them from driving on Shabbos but you don't have to give them a parking spot in a Torah observant neighborhood. Keep the parking lots closed, keep the peace.
2. #1 go learn Jerusalem geography...
Neither the parking lot open last weekend nor the one in this proposed compromise are anywhere near the Ultra-Orthodox neighborhood. additionally dear Bunnie anyone who throws stones and excrement filled diapers at the Israeli police has lost all moral authority to come back and attempt to police the religious observance of others.
3. #1 - keeping peace
M ,   tlv   (06.08.09)
You are confused. There are no parking spots open on Shabat in 'charedi' neighborhoods, all streets are closed for traffic and nobody thinking to change this. Both locations in question are not in 'charedi' areas. The fight is about showing who in charge. Power. Politics. Peace - follow facts and look for solutions. Enforcing religious laws - check history books how it ends.
4. Hypocracy by the protesters
Besalel ,   Kew Gardens, NY   (06.08.09)
I am the first to stand up for the Hareidis in Israel but this small band of misfits, which do not represent Hareidi society have crossed the line. They cannot, at the same time, reject the Jewishness and holiness of the governing body in the the State of Israel and also call for a Halachik state. Either the National religious are correct and the medina is holy or the Satmar is correct and the medina is no holier than France. If the latter is true than why are they calling for a Halachik state? The parking lot is NOT in their neighborhood. No Jew will be Mechalel Shabbat on behalf of the lot as it will be free to park and operated by non-Jews. What do they want? I really do not get it.
5. Dear Bunny (#!):
Robert Hamond ,   Ashdod, Israel   (06.08.09)
The Jaffa Gate is not in Meashaarim. Also, there are many Arabs who reside and work in the Jaffa Gate neighbourhood. Before pontificating all the way from pious Las Angeles, try, at least, to become knowledgeable about the actual geography of Jerusalem. In order to get there from Meashaarim, you pass right by what used to be the dividing line between Arab and Jewish Jerusalem.
6. not everyone is shomer shabbas
Rebecca ,   Westport, MA   (06.08.09)
The parking lot at Safra Sq. is not in a Haredi neighborhood. Why should the rules in Jerusalem be determined only by the haredim? Other Jews and non-Jews live there or want to visit. It makes sense to close off a haredi neighborhood like Mea Shearim, not parking lots near the Old City.
7. Those Anti Israelis and LA guys want to dictate
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (06.08.09)
their lifestyle on everyone in this country . Jerusalem is Israel's Capital , anti Zionists and LA citizens can obey their laws at home . They don't want cars in their neighborhood on Shabbat ? LEAVE us , go to the places where you belong , your place is not in Israel you hate .
8. The Edah Charedit is
Robert Haymond ,   Ashdod, Israel   (06.08.09)
comprised of several Chassidic sects and factions of others as well as two or three Orthodox groups not affiliated with the Chassidic movement. What they all have in common is a non-recognition of the state of Israel because, according to them, no official state for Jews may exist until the Messiah has revealed himself. Nonetheless, many reside in Israel although followers do not recognize the state, do not serve in the military and, basically, do not accept funding from the government. As Aristotle pointed out so long ago, however, "Man is a political animal". By staging a protest, the Edah Charedit, whether individuals who belong like it or not, are actively engaging in politics with the rest of the nation and with its (Israel's) leaders. By default, they are recognizing the supremacy, or at least the power, of the selfsame state which they supposedly abhor. The point is, you can't, or at least shouldn't have it, both ways because your very integrity is at stake. It's more likely, I think, that "recognition" of the state comes about when it suits them.
9. # 1 Bunnie in LA LA Land
Avi ,   Rannana   (06.08.09)
How rich is that , Bunnie Boy sits in the comfort of LA dictating to us how to run our lives here in Israel. "Gods Law" do you belive in the tooth fairy and father christmas to? Or how about the trolls under the bridge?
10. Well excuuuuse me for not consulting my Jerusalem
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (06.08.09)
neighborhood map before I posted. I would still find it wonderful to not have any parking lots open on Shabbos in Jerusalem. I vividly remember my first trip to Israel about 15 years ago and staying at the Jerusalem Towers Hotel near Ben Yehuda street. I had a wonderful Shabbos meal with friends, walked home, walked up to the second floor, and went to bed. At one or two in the morning I awoke to constant horn honking, The bars across the street had closed and it seems no one could leave without blocking someone else and honking their horn until they moved. No one will die without driving their car on Shabbos in Jerusalem and why anyone can't trust G-d's directive to take a day off is beyond me. Its not like He is ordering you to work six days a week and double on Shabbos. And Avi girl, the tooth fairy left fifty cents under my pillow for every tooth, so there. I see all the Christmas decorations and all the Santas so unless my eyes deceive me, Christmas exists no matter who Jesus was or was not. I'm sure you could show me the trolls in Rannana the next time I come, I hear they hang out protecting people like you from the wrath of G-d. Such a lucky girl.
11. #10 Bunnie hasn't been in Israel for 15 years!!!!
Ofer ,   Hadera   (06.08.09)
The land that GOD gave you, the Jews ? the holy land that you love so much - the land you don't want parking lots open on Saturday?!?!?! why should you care The land she hasn't been to for 15 YEARS, THAT'S FIFTEEN YEARS!! Honestly, how dare you comment on what should be open and what should be closed on Shabbat. youve shown your true colours. butt out
12. Bunny and others...
Brana Lobel ,   Israel   (06.08.09)
Others, Most of you are so rude; why don't you go punch punching bags instead of mouthing off on the Internet? You are not the judges of why someone is anywhere in the world and not in Israel. Bunny, even in Biblical days there were nonJews in Israel. Where are they going to park on Shabbath? As for the Jews who do not keep the Shabbath, I don't know whether it is better to make things easy or difficult for them, but I do know that like the gentleman who wrote in, I too would in principle support Haredim but they can't have it both ways--medina and no medina-- and their use of disgusting tactics is deplorable. They really have nothing to say about a parking lot near the Old City. I am religious but I do not want Haredim dictating to me how to live my life as they do not have any more of a direct pipeline to Hashem than I do. B'seder.
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