IDF force kills 4 gunmen on Gaza border
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 08.06.09, 08:16
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1. Israel understands PR tactics, too
Alex ,   UK   (06.08.09)
IDF was ready to repell this provocation - designed to distract attention from electoral defeat of Hizballah today. Well done IDF.
2. Shoot to kill - we don't need prisoners
Israel   (06.08.09)
Well done lads!
3. Thank you Israel!
Curtis ,   USA   (06.08.09)
We in America are very appreciative of Israel's role in fighting terrorism. Thanks, Israel!
4. They were the hamass negotiating team o-bum-a sent.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (06.08.09)
Now Bibi will have to answer to o-bum-a for killing the negotiating team just as hamass was ready to accept Israel as their Jewish neighbor and renounce all violence. Oh well, there goes the peace process.
5. 4 Dead Gunmen
Neal Rothner ,   Hashmonaim, Israel   (06.08.09)
Hamas who is "responsible" for what goes on in Gaza has many associates with all kinds of different names , but the same agenda. " Kill as many Jews as possible". Neal the Hasmonean
6. knights on horseback
observer   (06.08.09)
does anybody have the video
7. gunmen
tom t   (06.08.09)
this is the only language these scum understand. the US wants them to have their state and kill more Jews ? like Gaza Obama , you are a good talker ,but I hope Israel has learnt to be strong and do not give in
8. they played with fire so they got burn.
ghostq   (06.08.09)
9. i was there believe me
rashid ,   palistinian   (06.08.09)
we done nothing wrong just collecting flowers to give israil and then they come with f16 and f17 and f18 and start shooting at us believe me masacre why yaanee way
10. This is how it qorkd
Eli   (06.08.09)
First we give land to PLO for peace Then we give land to Hamas for peace Then the open a new organiztuon and we give them land for peace Then we give Syria land for peace then we give Lebanon land for peace Then we borrow some land form somehere and give that to someone else for peace Then we run to the shelter becuse as are being bombed by our peace partners
Marcel ,   Florida   (06.08.09)
Instead of defeating the threat in Gaza once and for all ,Israel plays little defensive measures which leads to the never ending attacks israel under orders from her pervert masters in Washington is no longer permitted to defeat another Arab army and so the limited games go on.
12. still think you can tallk with the other side oobama?
dude ,   dude land   (06.08.09)
13. And the UN continues with its bogus war crimes investigation
Cynic ,   USA   (06.08.09)
14. to no. 9
pinokio   (06.08.09)
be carefull! your nose might get bigger from your lies
15. #13 Israel didn't send those to blow up war crimes probe?
observer   (06.08.09)
16. #15 No end to your stupid comments
17. Well done!
Michael ,   Dresden, Germany   (06.09.09)
Let Allah sort them out. Go IDF!
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